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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1541 Choose, table and me?

"How's that possible? I trust Jingwan. As her future mother-in-law, if I'm suspicious of her, how will that do?"

Madam Ji explained, her eyes on the lady, who was sitting next to her grandmother, and smiled. "Lass, don't you think so, too?"

"That's right. Auntie here treats me very well, so you can be at ease, grandma. I don't have to go to the Ji Group as the company will do fine with just Ziming and Pei Ge. I'm just an outsider who shouldn't cause more trouble to them by trying to help. I shan't go to the office; accompanying auntie and Baby at home is the best.

Qu Jingwan's smile further proved her exceptional good mood. Although entering the Ji Group was not as enticing as marrying the man, it was still a pretty good option. As long as she entered the company, she would be able to crush Pei Ge completely. She would show that woman what it was like for a young mistress to be working; it would be different from a country bumpkin like her. That woman would not be on par with her.

"Lass, stop refusing; as long as there's nothing happening at home, I shouldn't trouble you. You're a young lady in her prime, and to spend all your time here with an old lady like me is…"

"Auntie, what are you talking about? Why will I think that way?"

She quickly interrupted the older woman's words, though she truly did not wish to stay here with the latter all the time and do nothing while the couple spent time together outside.

"Alright, alright. Since Madam Ji wholeheartedly wants you to work at the company, as your grandma, I have nothing to say. The only thing I want to tell you is that you're now the Ji Group's CEO's fiancée, so whatever you do, you must have his best interest at heart. For matters that will hurt the company's interest, you need to talk to him, and if he has any criticisms about you, you ought to listen to him."

"I got it. Don't worry, grandma. I will do everything to my fiancé's best interest."

She explained earnestly how she would refer to the man about everything, including eating and sleeping. Although they were living under the same roof, she rarely spoke to the man.

In actual fact, it was the man who could not be bothered to speak with her. Ever since the hotel incident, their relationship had deteriorated to the point that he no longer bothered faking cordiality with her. Compared to before, he was way more aloof now. She was, sometimes, terrified of this kind of aloofness. The iceberg-like man gave her pressure and made her unable to do other things.

Ever since the hotel incident, the couple's lovey-dovey acts kept increasing, whereas, she seemed to have become a joke in this family.

"That's great, then; you are a lady and should consider more for your fiancé. If he's tired, you must bring him refreshment. It's best that you learn how to cook for when he's craving to eat something. It'll be you and him living together in the future, and cooking occasionally is a pretty good choice to become closer, too."

Old Lady Qu spoke softly, while Madam Ji, who was sitting on the side of the sofa, listened quietly. The dimming smile in her eyes seemed like a falling meteorite, which was slowly losing its brilliance, in the dark sky.

The elderly woman went on and on until she finished speaking what she had wanted to instruct her granddaughter. She turned to face Ji Ziming's mother and smiled. "I seem to have lost track of the time while I was advising my granddaughter; I hope that you don't mind it."

"Why would I mind it? All your words of advice are in the interest of my son and our Ji Group. In fact, I couldn't wait to praise you, so why would I mind?"

Old Lady Qu smiled. She had finally achieved her goal today, and all she had to do was wait for Madam Ji to send her granddaughter to the Ji Group. By then, Pei Ge would naturally be kicked down the ladder by her granddaughter. Two tigers could not share one mountain, and no matter how intelligent the man was or biased to the other, he would be unable to be impartial when inside the company.

"It's getting late, and I should go back. Jingwan, remember to take good care of your would-be mother-in-law and fiancé while you're here."

She instructed her granddaughter one last time as though she was afraid that the latter would not know the importance of it, purposely beating Ji Ziming's mother to it.

After Madam Ji saw Old Lady Qu off, she and Qu Jingwan spoke for a long time in the living room. Meanwhile, the couple at Red Star was executing the last stage of personnel reshuffle.

"Ge Ge, if I hand this company to you, do you think it'll be too tiring?"

After Ji Ziming instructed Cheng Liqing to announce the personnel reshuffle, Pei Ge became the one with the second highest authority at this company. Red Star, which had overcome the crisis under his leadership, could now be considered a new company with a brand-new image, as well as resources, while possessing the channels of an old company.

"Why would I think that it's tiring? I wouldn't; don't worry." She sat at the desk next to the man in the CEO's office and examined it carefully. It was hundred times more exquisite than the man's desk.

"That's great, then; I'm just afraid that it'll tire you out. I initially intended for you to become Red Star's chief executive." Ji Ziming paused and looked at the woman with deep eyes, but the latter was currently not paying attention to him as her mind was on the desk. He could not be compared to a desk in her eyes. If this news was to get out, the people in this company would be laughing until their teeth fell.

"Ge Ge." He cleared his throat and finally snapped the woman out of her state of being utterly mesmerized by the desk.

"Mhm. What is it?" She lifted her head. Her beautiful eyes focused on the man, who was looking down at her. The love in his eyes flashed across before being replaced by flames.

"I'm talking to you; are you not listening?"

He tried to control his voice as he spoke to the woman. He did not wish for the desk to outshine him, but unfortunately, the reality was that it did. He probably had to find who the desk's designer was; who let this table be designed to attract the attention of his woman?

"How's the table?"


Pei Ge was suspecting her ears. She indeed heard the man talking to her, and it was definitely not that question.

"I'm asking you how's the table?"

He looked at the woman's dazed expression and her pink lips opening slightly. He really wanted to do it with her in this huge office, but his reasoning prevented him from doing so.


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