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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1542 I like you the way you are.

"Why are you competing with a desk?"

Pei Ge widened her eyes at the man while feeling baffled.


For a moment, Ji Ziming did not know what to say. He stood in front of the woman with narrowed eyes. "If you're not satisfied with this desk, I can get people to change it."

"No need; no need. I'm very satisfied with it."

She hurriedly rejected, her eyes full of mist. Through the mist in her eyes, she could see the man's handsome features and the cold aura he was exuding, yet these could not stop her from nearing him.

"No need?"

His voice had a hint of viciousness which made a shiver run down her spine.

"No need; no need. There's really no need."

She knew that she should not have compared the man to this desk earlier as doing so had dug her a hole to be buried in.

"Are you certain?"

The man bent down; his face was only a few inches away from hers. His cool breath fanned her face. "I see that you're very unhappy with this desk!"

His voice rang in her ears, and she shuddered. Just as she was about to sit up, the man grabbed the back of her head and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. His lips ravaged the insides of her mouth in a punishing kiss laced with gentleness. She was unaware that his skills were this great.

Ji Ziming only let go of the woman after a while and when he saw that her face had become flushed and her eyes had moistened. "You can't even last for a short time?"

"Do you think everyone's the same as you? It's been so long, and there's no opportunity to catch my breath."

Pei Ge rolled her eyes at the man, feeling indignant inside. He was clearly the one who was acting like a rouge, yet he dared to belittle her stamina for being weak. Did he get it wrong? Who should be scolding who here?

"You've been with me for so long, yet your endurance hasn't improved at all."

The man's lips curled into a playful smile, and his gaze, which was on the woman, turned more sinister as his deep, clear voice sounded. "But I like it."

"You pervert! You actually like—"

"I like you the way you are—innocent yet enchanting, with a mix of surprise."

She sat up, just in time to see the man's frosty gaze softening. Even his facial expression became affectionate, and this was something she had never seen him show before.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Ji Ziming inquired when he saw the woman staring at him.

"I'm looking at what kind of person you are," answered the latter truthfully. When faced with the matter of Huang Zhian framing her, he settled it more calmly than anyone else, but when it came to her, he seemed to be a completely different person. He often acted rouge and took advantage of her.

"Then, what kind of person do you think I am?"

The man let out a soft chuckle, and the way he gazed at her became more affectionate and focused. His curled lips revealed that the man was currently in a really good mood, and she could see the joking look in the corner of his eyes.

"No idea."

She turned around and walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows. Before Red Star was saved by this man, this office was renovated according to his taste using the best materials and manpower in the shortest time possible. Unable to find a flaw to this place, Pei Ge was exceptionally pleased with it. Standing by the floor-to-ceiling windows and overlooking the entire city, what she saw improved her mood.

She enjoyed such a vast view as it made her feel like a bird soaring in the sky.

"Why did you say that?"

Ji Ziming walked to the woman's side. He reached out and circled his arms around her waist to embrace her; like this, he seemed to be embracing the whole world.

"I really have no idea," she reiterated.

He buried his head in the nook of her neck and greedily sniffed her spring-flower-with-a-hint-of-winter fragrance. His woman was finally back to his side. This time, he would not let her leave.

"You're my woman, yet you don't even know what kind of person your man is. What will people think if this gets out?"

He closed his eyes; half of his facial features were buried in her hair, so his aloog and doting voice sounded a bit muffled.

"You're a good man. Is this answer enough?"

The part of her neck which was stuck to the man's head made her ticklish. She turned her head to see what he was doing but realized that she could not extricate herself from his embrace.

"Don't move; let me hug for a bit. Let's go visit Huang Zhian this afternoon. I instructed He Yun to send all the evidence there this morning."

"So fast? Why didn't you let me know?"

Pei Ge was taken aback and lost the interest in looking at the skyscrapers right before her eyes as her whole mind was occupied with that guy's matter.

"Why are you so uptight about him?"

Ji Ziming embraced her waist with slightly more force and opened his eyes with a look of viciousness.

"How am I uptight about him? I'm just curious about what will happen to him."

She knew that if she said that she was worried about Huang Zhian, this man might do something to that guy. Although the guy was actively trying to frame her for his crimes, she still wanted to give the guy a second chance and let him have an opportunity at a good life after serving in prison.

"I know what's on your mind." The man finally let go of the woman's waist. He looked outside and asked, "Do you see that building?"

Pei Ge directed her gaze onto the opposite building that the man was pointing his hand at. There was nothing special about it, nor was it particularly well-known.

"I see it."

"I bought that building in the year that you left me."

His deep gaze shifted from the building to her, and he captured the guilt that had flashed across her eyes.

"What do you want to say?"

Although she left him without a goodbye five years ago, she already explained the reason for it to him after ascertaining her feelings. She was only starting to realize now that her sudden departure then had left an indelible wound in this man's heart.

"I want to tell you that, if I can buy that building, I can sell it too. As for Huang Zhian, if you're willing to believe in me, I can make him spend the rest of his life in prison or let him get out of it fast. I can also make his time torturous inside, but the key is that it all depends on you. I want to know your answer."


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