Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1546 Threaten him; she is not that important to you.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1546 Threaten him; she is not that important to you.

"Ji Ziming, don't you really like Pei Ge? Come; if you dare to take one step closer to me, I'll let this woman you love leave the world immediately. This day next year will be her death anniversary."

Huang Zhian's eyes were overflowing with viciousness, yet he feared those men at the back who were carrying guns.

"Do you think by holding me hostage that you can threaten Ji Ziming into letting you go? He won't! You're simply dreaming!"

Pei Ge was not a bit frightened by the guy's scare tactic. Although she felt suffocated by his grip on her neck, she could only do this to agitate the guy and find the right opportunity to escape. However, from the situation, it seemed that Huang Zhian had seen through her tricks.

"Shut up, you sl*t! You should've died back then when I ran you over! Why aren't you dead? You caused me to receive only two million! If you speak another word, I'll kill you!"

The ruthlessness in his eyes caused the knife to press harder against her neck.

"Ji Ziming, are you letting me go or not? If you don't let me go, your woman is gonna die!"

"Let her die, then," replied the man coldly as he looked at him calmly. He seemed to be looking at a monster, except that he himself was a stranger monster.

"What did you say?"

Huang Zhian dared not believe his ears. This man had actually told him to kill Pei Ge; could she really be worthless in his eyes? Could what the world had been saying about this woman merely a plaything to this man be true? It was an easy task to change one, so what if one person died?

Pei Ge looked coldly at Ji Ziming, only to realize that the latter was not looking at her at all. It seemed that, to him, the value of her existence could not surpass that of a criminal; furthermore, it was a criminal in handcuffs.

"Don't you understand what I said?"

His aloof voice rang from opposite Huang Zhian, and it frightened the latter, causing his hand to tremble. Pei Ge's face twitched slightly as anxiety flashed across the man's eyes, which he quickly suppressed.

In truth, the man's heart was in pain because of her, but in order to save the woman, he had to act like this and pretend not to care.

"Are you really not afraid of losing this woman?"

Huang Zhian could not believe that this woman was worthless to the man. Back at Red Star, they acted very lovingly, so how did it become like this? Were the rumors outside real that it was not true love between this couple? He was unwilling to give up and wanted to attempt further.

"Didn't I let you kill to her? Didn't you blame her for not dying in the car accident? You can kill her now and get your remaining three million. If you think that amount isn't enough, I can give you another five million as long as you tell me who's behind all these; I may even consider getting you a car and another five million. What do you think about this offer?"

Ji Ziming's heart hurt inside as he watched the sharp knife cause a thin bloody line to appear on his woman's pale neck while he could do nothing but negotiate with the guy.

"Why should I believe you?"

The guy wavered slightly.

"Do you think you can still trust anyone else now? Without my order, do you think you'll be able to leave this place, or do you think that by killing this woman, you can get a car and ten million from me?"

The man did not let any of Huang Zhian's expressions escape his eyes. He knew that the other was starting to calm down; as long as the latter put down his small knife, he would be able to rescue Pei Ge from him. By then, the guy's fate had nothing to do with him because he only wanted his woman to be safe by his side.

"Sure. I'll believe you. Give me a car right now. I want fifty thousand in cash, including the five million. How do you agree to it?"

Upon hearing that the man was willing to take a step back, Huang Zhian subconsciously loosened his grip on the knife. The offer was so attractive that he instinctively accepted the man's conditions and even considered freeing the woman.

"There's no issue if you want money; I have nothing but money, but you have to tell me who's responsible for all of these." A crafty look flashed across Ji Ziming's eyes.

"Hmph!" Huang Zhian harrumphed, finally understanding why the man would make such an attractive offer. It turned out that the latter was after his employer's identity.

"You're doing this on purpose; you don't plan to let me go at all. You just wanna know who's behind me and don't care about this woman's fate at all. Even if I kill her, your heart won't ache even by a bit. If that's the case, I'll fulfill your wish. You're truly heartless; Pei Ge's been with you for so long, yet you can bear to do this to her."

As he mumbled, he failed to notice the two police officers creeping up his back. Right when he lowered his head, they quickly shifted. The officers behind swiftly filled their previous spots. Since he was so tense while threatening to kill Pei Ge with a knife, he did not register anyone's face aside from Ji Ziming's.

"That's right; I'm heartless, but aren't you the same? You said earlier that you love Pei Ge, so why is your love unable to withstand a bit of torture? You're even quick to threaten me with her."

Ji Ziming snorted. The confidence in his eyes made the other feel as if he were confronting a scarier monster. An average person whose loved one was being threatened would be in distress, but he was different. He could even make small talk with Huang Zhian.

"You said that, back in middle school, she and the rest would laugh at you for falling even when you're walking."


The guy nodded. Since his arm was up for a long time, it had gotten sore at this point, so he could not help but wish to shift his arm while holding Pei Ge hostage.

With an eye-signal from the man, the two officers pointed their guns on Huang Zhian's head. The guy was so frightened that he threw his knife away. Pei Ge swiftly escaped from his hold and hid in the arms of a sturdy person.

"Quickly let me have a look." Ji Ziming embraced the woman. The police officers behind him immediately subdued Huang Zhian.


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