Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1548 You actually doubted my love for you.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1548 You actually doubted my love for you.

The warm sunrays crept into the spacious ward bit by bit. Pei Ge's face was pale as she lay on the bed. Her beautiful, watery, and expressive eyes were shut. Her slender, fair neck was wrapped in a bandage stained with blood. The bandage even had remnants of yellow disinfectants. Ji Ziming sat by her bed as he looked at her with sad and hurt-filled eyes. How he wished to suffer in her place, instead.

How he wished to have been the one kidnapped earlier instead of her, too.

The woman on the sickbed moved her fingers slightly, causing him to bolt upright. He asked softly, "Ge Ge, are you awake?"

In the depths of her subconsciousness, she heard someone calling her name. Alas, the person's voice was near and far, loud and soft. It seemed that her spirit was wandering in the realms of dream shrouded in a thick fog. She could not see anything else other than herself.

"Are you awake? Open your eyes and look at me; I'm here."

Ji Ziming anxiously called his woman. He wanted to wake her up but realized, to his dismay, that he was unable to do so.

In the white world in her dream, Pei Ge found a narrow path and walked on it. As she walked further, the path seemed to stretch far as the fog thickened. She could not see the end but could hear a man's familiar voice ringing. "Ziming, is that you?!"

She was unable to produce any sound no matter how hard she screamed. The man was just nearby, but she could not see him.

"Is that you?! Where are you?!"

The white fog thickened even more, and as she moved forward, only to realize that she had not advanced at all. Other than his voice, she could not hear anything.

"Quickly wake up!"

Ji Ziming's heart skipped a beat upon seeing her this way, having not seen her like this before.

"Please wake up. I'm right here; just open your eyes and look at me."

He sounded exceptionally anxious, the coldness and detachment on his face gone. There was a rare worry in his eyes. Even when the Ji Group was facing a crisis, he was never this flustered.

"Where are you?!"

Pei Ge narrowed her eyes at the hazy figure which was before her. She walked over fast. Just as she was about to reach the person, a large river materialized right in front of her. Out of the blue, Qu Jingwan appeared on the other side of the river and stood there in her red dress with a sweet smile on her face.

"What are you doing there?!"

She glared at the lady. Even though they were separated by a large body of water, she could see the slight changes in the other's facial expression. The lady had a bright and sunny smile seconds ago, and in the next moment, her eyes narrowed sinisterly at her.

"All your things belong to me!"

The missy viciously spat from across; right after, Pei Ge was jolted awake. When Ji Ziming saw the woman's eyes open, he quickly walked over and touched her forehead. "You're finally awake!"

"What happened to me?"

Having just woken up, her mind was still chaotic. She did not think of telling him about her recent dream.

"You had nightmares."

The man's eyes finally regained their usual frostiness as he poured her a glass of water. "Drink."

She slowly sat up and looked at the familiar ward. "You've been here all along?"


He nodded as he brought the glass to her mouth. His eyes only slowly regained gentleness when he saw her having a few sips. "Don't do such dangerous things again; I won't be able to take it."

"Really? Didn't you get Huang Zhian to kill me earlier?"

She snorted mockingly. "My ears must have gone deaf, for I clearly heard your every word then."

"Are you getting mad at me?" The man suddenly got close to her, sounding vicious when he spoke. "Woman, you dared doubt my love for you?"

She gulped. "Shouldn't I?"

"What made you doubt my love for you? Did you want to die in that guy's hands then? If he really did kill you, I'd slice his flesh, piece by piece. I have hundreds and thousands of ways to torture him to death."

The woman was taken aback by his declaration. She actually knew that this man would use all of his family's resources to capture that guy but did not expect him to be so serious to the point that his eyes had become bloodshot.

"I-I… didn't do it on purpose."

She was softhearted and swore not to lie to him in the future.


Not on purpose? What do you mean? Ji Ziming narrowed his frosty eyes, the passion in his eyes silencing the woman.

"You purposely lied to me earlier?"

"I didn't; I…"

She tried denying this but could not find the right words to do so. Seeing that his eyes were fixed on her, she attempted to give up her excuse. Why did she provoke him when she had known, all along, that he was not someone like that?

"What then?"

The man lay on the bed and looked at her pale face. His heart going soft, he spoke in a clear voice. "It's enough as long as you believe in me."

He stood up while keeping his eyes trained on her. "Let's not head home tonight. You have another round of checkup later; plus, I wanna see your injury recover fast."


She nodded. As long as she was with him, it did not matter where they were.

"Then, I'll have to call the children over. I've been busy settling Red Star's matters these past few days that I haven't had time to take care of them."

"If you miss them, I can bring the kids here later," offered the man. Upon giving it a careful thought, he could only agree that she had indeed not been spending much time with their children.

"Can I?"

She lifted her head, her eyes suddenly bright. Seeing her expectant look, he nodded. "You must promise me, though, that you'll properly rest. You're now a patient."

"My injury is just minor."

Pei Ge was unbothered. The thought of being able to see the children tonight excited her. As long as she could see them, she would agree to all the man's requests.


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