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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1549 Quarreling the Moment They Mee

When Ji Ziming reached his family's mansion, his mother and Qu Jingwan were practicing yoga in the living room. They asked as they saw him enter. "You're back; where's Pei Ge?"

"I'll be bringing the kids with me to the hospital."

He stood behind his mother and studied the beautiful figure of the young lady nearby. Compared to Pei Ge's, this one here was rather lacking.

"What? Why are you going to the hospital? What happened to Pei Ge?"

His mother looked worriedly at him, almost forgetting the lady beside her.

"Nothing serious; she's okay now."

After he recounted what Huang Zhian had done to his woman, his mother looked back at him in shock. "This won't do; I must go check Pei Ge. I'm worried she'll feel lonely in the hospital."

"That's right; let's go there and accompany her. Since she's gotten injured, she must be feeling shocked. If we're not by her side, she'll definitely—"

Qu Jingwan stepped forward and expressed her support, but the man quickly turned her down. "No need. The nurses will take care of her there. I'll only bring the children with me."

"If you bring them there, what will happen to me and Jingwan? This really won't do; I should go with you, too. I'll get Zhang to prepare some soup to bring over."

The man's mother was unwilling to follow him and insisted on going to the hospital with him to visit Pei Ge.

"No need. She only suffered a minor injury—nothing life-threatening."

He did not allow his mother to head upstairs and adamantly rejected their cook's offer to prepare some soup. Inwardly, he baffled, though. His woman and mother's relationship had gotten better without him noticing it. It just suddenly got better.

"What do you know? How could she merely be suffering from a minor injury? I just wanna go there to check. Even if you stop me, I'll get the chauffeur to send me over."

The older woman insisted. Qu Jingwan had no choice but to step up. "Hey, just let us go with you. If you don't let us go, I'm afraid that auntie will get the driver to send us there tonight."

Ji Ziming's eyes darkened and he shot the lady a side-eye as his thin lips moved. "Miss Qu, no need to concern yourself with my family's affairs. You should just care about your own."

"What do you mean?"

She could not be uncaring in front of this man's mother. When they were practicing yoga then, the older woman hinted that she was not too interested in her. Instead, her focus was on her three grandkids.

"Don't you understand what I mean, or do you need me to put it across clearly?"

The man sneered. There was no need to hide anything in front of his mother. He looked at the lady with ruthlessness in his eyes, as though a lion in the grassland were looking at a naïve deer, making the lady feel terrified.


Her eyes darted about, not daring to speak further.

"Alright, alright. Why do you guys quarrel the moment you two meet?"

Madam Ji sensed that something was off and quickly pulled her son to one side and urged, "Son, tell me honestly: What happened between you and Jingwan. Why do you both quarrel the moment you two meet? Every time I see you two alone, you're always quarreling."

"Mom, nothing happened between us. I just feel disgusted by her."

The man comforted his mother, still not wanting her to know what had happened between him and the lady for the time being. If his mother learned that the Qu missy had tried drugging him, she might be unable to stay in his family for long. If she could not stay here, his son's condition would not improve.

Putting the interests of all above his, he could only suppress his disgust for the lady.

"You only know how to comfort me every time by saying that nothing is wrong, but the moment both of you meet, you guys quarrel. Do you really think I'm deaf or blind? Can't I see or listen for myself?"

She turned around. Upon seeing that the lady was standing in place, looking aggrieved, she whispered to her son, "Old Lady Qu came looking for me to have Jingwan work in our company."

"No problem."

The man's voice was neither too loud nor soft, but the lady heard it.

She looked up, and when her eyes met his frosty orbs, she dipped her head immediately; still, her ears were sharper than ever. He said 'no problem' earlier, but what was he referring to? Did he mean that he was allowing her to accompany him to the hospital or join him in working at the company?

"I've promised before to let her join the company, but I'm afraid that it might be a waste of her abilities."

Ji Ziming's eyes darkened as an evil glint flashed across them when he shot a glance at the lady.

"Are you agreeing to it?" Qu Jingwan was taken by surprise. She pursed her scarlet lips slightly and smiled. "Ziming, are you really agreeing to it?"

"I agree with it, and there's no problem, but in the Ji Group, everyone has to work from the bottom. What do you think about it, Miss Qu? If you can't accept that condition, you can choose not to work there."

His lips curled into a mocking smile.

She kept her hands behind her back as her long fingernails sank into the tender flesh of her palms. She, a mighty eldest mistress of the Qu family, had to work as a small clerk. Putting aside that Pei Ge was well-respected in the company and well-taken care of by this man, he never had any regard for the Qu family. However, for the sake of her plans, she had to swallow this insult.

"Why wouldn't I? Starting from the bottom was my plan, too. A person's best ability is developed by understanding the people at the bottom and slowly working their way up the ranks. Ziming, I'm very happy that you agreed to it."

Her light smile revealed her accession; Madam Ji's heart hurt when she saw this.

"Son, how could you let her work from the bottom? Assigning her the role of a manager is better than working from the bottom."

She felt indignant for the lady. While her son did agree, he unexpectedly wanted the lady to work her way up from the bottom. Since the average person took years—or even decades—before landing a leadership role, what more of her family's future daughter-in-law?

With him in the company, her promotion would be much tougher than the average person's.

The older woman knew what was going on; hence, when she saw the lady accepting his condition wholeheartedly, she felt rather guilty.


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