Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1550 She still has her brothers even if daddy is not around.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1550 She still has her brothers even if daddy is not around.

Old Lady Qu came by specifically, not just to have her granddaughter join the company but also to have her and Ji Ziming get married earlier. Only with the official names could both families become the most outstanding in the capital. Alas, the man was unwilling to let the elderly madam have her way.

"Miss Qu expressed her willingness to start from the bottom at the Ji Group; in what way did I force her into it?"

His cold eyes were like poisonous knives stabbing right into the lady's heart. The moment she took a breath, she could sense his vicious glare, which seemed capable of piercing through the dark night.

"Auntie, it's fine; I can only earn respect by doing that. Only by letting more people know of my capabilities can the company get better."

"I'm afraid that you're mistaken. My company doing so well isn't because of you."

He pointed out the flaw in her words, his smile making her feel more awkward.

"Alright, alright. Son, let's stop here. Since she agreed to your condition, I won't say anything more. Handle it yourselves. I'll get Zhang to make soup for Pei Ge. You bring the children over first. I'll get the driver to send me and Jingwan there later."

Madam Ji could not stand being wedged between these two. If she were not here, she wondered how intense their quarrel would be. Since she could not do anything, she should just prepare some soup for Pei Ge in the kitchen as the woman was, after all, a part of their family and Ji Chi's mother.

Once his mother was gone, the man's eyes and voice became terrifyingly cold and grim. "Miss Qu, think properly before going to my company; it isn't for fun. Don't do things that damage its reputation just because we're fiancé and fiancée in name. Otherwise, there's definitely someone there who'll tell you what to do."

He sat on the sofa while narrowing his eyes at the lady, who was standing opposite of him.

In a purple yoga uniform, her chest was not as erect as Pei Ge's, nor were her arms as toned and smooth as the latter. The man also found her legs too slim, as though a breeze would topple her over, for his liking. She was lacking way too many things when compared to his woman.

If the person Huang Zhian had kidnapped today was this lady, it would not have been as simple as merely tearing her skin.

"I'm not afraid of working. As long as I'm with you, it doesn't matter whether I work or not, but please be at ease that I'll safeguard the company's welfare for you."

Qu Jingwan uttered a seeming promise. She did not know how to speak to him right now. Without his mother by her side, she only had one aim in mind, and that was not to anger him.

"Oh? Does this mean that you are very capable? Since you're capable of helping me safeguard my company, it'll be a waste to start working from the bottom. Why don't you come work as my secretary?"

His eyes darkened, showing a hint of evilness and mockery, as he continued. "What a pity for you, considering your education attainment and capabilities. I've merely thought earlier of letting you experience work from the bottom as this family's future daughter-in-law and haven't considered letting you become a manager or a secretary."

Looking at him, the lady felt that it was not wrong to say that he was a demon. That was because she could never figure out what was going on in his mind. One minute, he wanted her to work from the bottom; in the next second, he wanted her to work beside him. If only she could be closer to him slightly, she was certain that she would be able to capture his heart and kick Pei Ge, that sl*t, out of this family.

"Can I? I'm fine with everything as long as I can follow you." She smiled. Alas, her beautiful eyes were seen differently by the man.

It could not be compared to Pei Ge's.

"That'll do, but I'm unsure what you're good at or suitable for. It seems that working from the bottom works better for now."

Ji Ziming silently assessed the lady and saw fury in her eyes.

"That sounds good, too. One day, when you witness my capabilities, I believe you'll bring me by your side." She spoke as though she could captivate any man. Unfortunately, this one before her was no average man.

This lady was clearly not simple. He had already blatantly insulted her, yet she could remain calm when speaking to him. Moreover, she could even tell him in her sweetest voice that she would accept any of his requirements wholeheartedly.

The calmer she appeared externally, though, the more flustered she was internally.

He raised his brow and saw her hands, which were behind her back, curled tightly. Without the need to guess, he could tell that this was her way of expressing her discontentment.

The atmosphere surrounding the two instantly turned awkward as she stood in front of him in a yoga uniform, which made her appear graceful and charming. If the average man saw her like this, they would definitely fall for her, but this one unfortunately remained unaffected.

The two remained silent until Madam Ji brought the three children down.

"Daddy, daddy!"

Ran Ran was running excitedly toward her father, who was on the sofa. She hopped in his embrace to kiss and hug him to her heart's content.

The man quickly carried his daughter before tapping her head. "What if you fell?"

"I wasn't scared of falling because I knew that daddy would catch me!"

The little girl stuck out her tongue, blushing profusely thereafter.

"What if daddy isn't by your side next time?"

He chuckled while looking at the lass in his arms, the unhappiness in his heart dissipating at once.

"If daddy isn't there with me, I still have my two brothers; they'll protect me. Big brother even said that, because I'm a girl, he'll think of me first for everything."

His daughter tugged at her pigtails as she looked at him seriously; her clear eyes were teeming with innocence.

"Alright. If daddy isn't around, you must play with your brothers."

He hugged her as he gazed at An An and Ji Chi. He could not help asking, "I'm bringing you guys to stay with your mommy tonight; are you three willing to come with me?"

"What's wrong with mommy?"

His eldest son was immediately anxious, for their grandmother had already told him earlier that his mother was at the hospital. Therefore, they were bringing them there to see her. He had no idea, though, what was wrong with her.


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