Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1555 The hoodlum was born in your family, too.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1555 The hoodlum was born in your family, too.

"Don't cry; I was just joking with you. How could I not make good of my promise?"

The one who hadn't made good of her promise was your mommy and not me.

Ji Ziming thought to himself. The person lying on the bed was completely unaware, though. Her attention was on feeding her sons with slices of apple as they fed her.

"Okay, then."

Ran Ran finally gave in; her daddy would not abandon her.

Time passed fast, and soon, stars were twinkling in the night sky with the moon above. The girl kept blinking her tired eyes as she incessantly yawned.

"Nurse, bring the kids to their rooms and take good care of them."

The man instructed the nurse who came over to change Pei Ge's gauze.

Just as she was cleaning the woman in bed's wound, the nurse heard him talking to her. Her hand trembled and pulled the gauze roughly as a result, causing Pei Ge to wince from the pain. The man's eyes immediately turned cold as he glared at her. "If you're this unprofessional, get someone who can do their work well."

"Sir, I'm so sorry! I'll clean madam's wound more carefully."

The nurse apologized profusely. She was just reveling in the joy of the man talking to her when she was sent crashing down by his cold remark.

"Bring the kids to their rooms once you're done here; are you able to do it?"

"Yes, yes, yes!"

She hurriedly nodded and dipped her head, not daring to look at the man's beautiful features. His stare on her back always made her shiver, yet she was still tempted by his looks and oozing charisma. The man, meanwhile, got so nervous when his woman's skin was accidentally stretched.

The nurse was, again, filled with delight because of the man. If only she could find someone caring like this man, she would be willing to do anything.

"Ziming, I'm fine; it doesn't hurt either, so why are you getting agitated?"

Pei Ge knew what the nurse was thinking but did not rebuke the latter for it.

"Even if you don't feel pain, I do."

Not knowing what to say in response, she chose to keep quiet and to stop defending the nurse. Anyway, why should she help a woman who was eyeing her husband?

"Sir, I'm done cleaning madam's wound. I'll be bringing the little masters and mistress to their rooms."

The nurse kept the medical kit in the last drawer beside Pei Ge's bed.


The man nodded in acquiescence.

Once the children were gone, he took out a set of pajamas from the closet. Upon seeing him entering the bathroom, Pei Ge asked, "What are you doing?"

"Showering. Can't you see?"

He waved the pajamas in his hands and signaled that he would be showering. Could she not see something so obvious?

"No. I'm asking why you are showering in my room when you have yours next door."

The woman emphasized the words 'next door,' but the man merely ignored her and walked straight into the floral-themed bathroom.


She sat up on the bed and watched the man enter her bathroom. Even though they had already done the deed several times, she was still quite shy about certain things. However, the shier she appeared, the more he could not hold back.

When the man finally exited the bathroom in a bathrobe, there were still water droplets on his tanned skin. It was like a painting. Both looked at each other before her shriek broke the peace in this room.

"You're a hoodlum, indeed! Why aren't you wearing any clothes and why do you only have a towel wrapped around your body?"

"Haven't you seen me like this before?"

Ji Ziming smiled. He had finally convinced their kids to sleep, only to realize that this adult required more convincing.


Pei Ge covered her eyes and, for a moment, could not find the right words to retort.

As she was covering her eyes, the woman did not notice that the man had crept to her bed. The water droplets on his skin seemed to heat up the room.

"Until when are you gonna hide from me?"

Hearing his voice right beside her, Pei Ge hurriedly put down her hands. Before she could see how many strands of hair were on his forehead, he pinched her chin as his tongue ravaged the insides of her mouth.

She resisted at first, but he had a way to open her mouth completely. The man domineeringly savored her taste. Ji Ziming always seemed to know her weak spots and the way past her defenses.

The towel fell to the ground, and he pinned her down. It was a night of passion.

The next day, an earth-shattering thing happened in the Ji Group. Before Qu Jingwan even arrived at the company, her name was spread all over. Every employee came to know that the Qu family's eldest daughter and their CEO's fiancée would be working from the bottom of the company.

Everyone had a different opinion about it. Some were nervous and were tempted to show off in front of the new mistress, while others started gossiping about it…

"Miss Qu, sir has instructed me to tell you that you must go for an interview with the HR Department's Manager Wang. After that, the manager will tell you more about your assigned role."

"I got it; I got it."

Sitting in the car, the lady gave an impatient reply. Her eyes were on her pair of heels, worth over 500,000 yuan. Her outfit today was the most expensive in her cabinet. As the CEO's fiancée, she had to appear in front of others in this high-and-mighty ensemble. She wanted everyone to know that she was a hundred or even ten thousand times better than Pei Ge.

"Madam, sir also said…"

Seeing the importance this lady was placing on her outfit, the driver fearfully relayedx Ji Ziming's words.

"What else did he say? Shoot!"

Qu Jingwan touched her crystal heels worth 170,000 yuan. She loved these heels, yet she could not bear to wear them, too. Right now, her eyes showed greed.

"He said that the job assigned to you requires you to wear office attire, so you shouldn't wear clothes or accessories worth over 10,000 yuan in the office."


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