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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1556 Miss Peacock


She widened her eyes. Why does Ji Ziming want to meddle in everything?Now, he's even commenting on what I wear. What's the point of me coming to work in the Ji Group, then? A rich missy like me is already giving him a big face by working as an entry-level employee, yet he even wants to supervise my getup!

Her eyes burned in anger as she shrieked at the chauffeur. "Are you crazy?!"

"Those were the CEO's orders. They've got nothing to do with me."

The chauffeur could not help feeling wronged. He was merely passing Ji Ziming's message, yet he became her outlet for her outrage.

"Do you think I don't know that all of you are the same? You are merely a dog working for him, so why are you being so smug about it? Is it very funny to you that I'm working as an entry-level employee? Do you think I don't know that you are secretly laughing at me…"

She incessantly berated the driver. The latter was at a loss. He could not remain silent but also could not defend himself. If he defended himself, he would suffer under her continued scolding and it would only make matters worse. Finally, he knew that those rumors floating around were real. In fact, this lady was scarier in person than what the rumors made her out to be.

The car finally stopped at the entrance to the Ji Group's headquarters. It was the peak hour of the morning. Just as she was hesitating on pushing the door open and alighting, she spotted a few ladies looking in her direction before whispering to one another.

"I heard that the Qu family's missy will be coming to work today?"

"They said that her temper is terrible. She's a total princess."

"Who cares about her? Let's just do our jobs well. She can make a fuss all she wants."

The public had different opinions.

Qu Jingwan forgot about Ji Ziming's order when she saw these women's envious gazes. He was in the hospital, accompanying Pei Ge now, so he would not know that she was wearing an extravagant outfit to the office today. If anyone were to snitch on her, with her status as the Ji Group's future madam, she would kick that person out sooner or later.

"Ma'am, we are here; are you alighting?"

Seeing that she still refused to step out of the car, the chauffeur grew impatient.

"Of course, I am. Get down and open the door for me."

Her eyes twinkled seductively. Her special choice of beauty lens today was purple-red.

It was all for the sake of showing off in front of these unsophisticated women and to make them understand who the real madam of the Ji Group between her and Pei Ge was.

Upon hearing her request, the chauffeur quickly got down from the car. He had specially chosen a yellow Ferrari from the Ji family's garage. In accordance with his boss's order, he had chosen the most eye-catching color, yet he did not expect this lady to be more eye-catching than it.

As expected, a commotion could be heard the moment she alighted from the vehicle. Men or women, they all stopped to look at her outfit, which was worth over 10 million yuan.

"Is she the Qu family's missus? Her outfit is super expensive! I've seen it in a magazine before."

"Yes, yes, yes. I've seen that, too. I heard that the designer never makes a second piece of an outfit."

"This missy is so rich."

"How could she not be? They all said that she's our CEO's fiancée. Who is the boss? He's someone who doesn't even bat an eyelid at this outfit."

Qu Jingwan was very satisfied with their reaction. She parted the crowd and walked into the company. The moment she passed the door, someone stepped forward to lead her to the waiting Manager Wang of the HR department.

"Miss Qu, I believe that the CEO has already informed you of the rules here."

The manager stood up and flashed her his trademark smile, reaching out a hand to shake hers.

She ignored his outstretched hand, though, and directly sat down on the sofa beside him before crossing her legs. "Since you know his orders, you should know who I am, too, right?"

"It's precisely because I know who you are that I must repeat the CEO's request again."

Seeing that her threats were useless, she angrily stood up. "What right do you have to say such things to me? I know that I'm merely an entry-level employee, so just directly tell me what I should be doing. Why must I wear such business attire? They are so tacky. I've never worn such terrible clothes before."

"Your business attire is one that the CEO specially requested the famous fashion designer, Jennifer, to make for you. If you are unsatisfied with it, then our company may as well—"

"Who did you say?"

Her eyes lit up. Did I hear it wrongly? That man actually had Jennifer make clothes for me, and they're for office!

"You didn't hear it wrongly. The maker is truly called Jennifer—the fashion designer who only accepts orders from royalties and aristocrats."

"Ziming treats me so well, so how can I possibly reject his kind intentions?"

Flowers seemed to bloom in her heart.

Her face, with exquisite makeup, was tinged with happiness and her red lips were slightly parted open. "Where is the business attire he had others prepare for me? I will go change into it before coming back to report to you."

"The clothes in that box on the sofa."

The manager pointed at a green carrier on the sofa, which had Jennifer's designer logo. Qu Jingwan hurriedly picked up the bag and took out the clothes in it. The material was one that she liked—the design, too; even the buttons were of the design and style that she liked.

"Are you still not satisfied with this business attire?"

Manager Wang saw her expression change from nitpicking to satisfaction, and from an overbearing person to an easygoing lady.

"Satisfied. Very satisfied. Of course, I am satisfied with something gifted by Ziming to me."

She smiled back at the manager with a smug look. "Then, I will go change into these clothes in the changing room now."

"Wait a minute. You don't need to rush to change. How about I bring you to your workstation so that you can familiarize yourself with it?"

"Take a look around the company in these clothes now?"

She was a bit in disbelief. Didn't that man instruct me to avoid being conspicuous? Why would he let this balding donkey—probably in his sixties—to bring me around the company looking like this?

"It is fine. You are Miss Qu, so no one will dare say anything about you."

"That is true. He will definitely help me if anyone dares to say anything bad about me."


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