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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1557 The Overbearing Qu Jingwan

"Yes, Miss Qu is right. You are someone whom the CEO takes special care of. No matter what, I will also inform you about some of the company rules that you must follow, as well as some special requests from the big boss."

The manager stood at the door and looked at Qu Jingwan, who was extravagantly dressed, and could not help but feel a bit perplexed. Why did the CEO put emphasis on me bringing this lady around the company before she changed out of her clothes? Could it truly be just a way to satisfy her vanity and ego?

He could not be certain and did not dare to think too deeply into it. While the lady's temper was still fine and she was willing to converse with him, he should quickly bring her to all the common departments here.

After exploring the company, Qu Jingwan also had a brief understanding of its internal operations. Standing outside the department she was going to work in, she asked, "Manager Wang, if I want to get promoted here, do I also have to be like them?"

With a look of disdain, she eyed the work desk, which had supposedly been tidied for her. It was only less than three meters from the pantry.

"Yes, the CEO places importance on abilities."

The manager stood at the same spot.

"Then, I…"

She moved closer to him. Her breath escaped from between her red lips and tickled his ears, giving off an ambiguous feeling. "Miss Qu, please respect yourself!"

The manager quickly took a step away. He, who already had a family of his, did not dare try to touch the Qu family's missus, who was far beyond his station.

His sudden and low roar startled her. She merely wanted to ask him if he could open a backdoor for her so that she could quickly get promoted to a managerial position. Seeing his reaction, he had likely thought her to be someone who would do anything to achieve her goals.

"You old dog, what are you thinking?!"

Her furious roar attracted quite the crowd in the HR department. The murmuring of the crowd made the manager feel extremely embarrassed. "I did not mean that. You—"

"Did not mean that. Then, what did you mean? You think that I don't know what you're thinking? You are being fed by the Ji family, yet you still think that I will be interested in an ugly old man like you? Why don't you go take a look at yourself in the mirror!"

"No matter what you say, I still hope that you will complete your tasks properly according to the CEO's orders. I beg for your understanding if there is something I did that made you misunderstand me. As an old employee of this company, I do not have much to say to you. I have already apologized to you, and it is your choice if you want to accept it."

Seeing that the crowd was getting larger, the manager had to prove his innocence. However, the lady did not bother holding back and continued berating him about his character, looking like a resentful and bitter heiress.

"Miss Qu, you have been quarreling here with the manager for the past half an hour, debating if he has any wistful thoughts about you. Today is your first day at work, so I believe that you don't want everyone to see this scene, do you?" Ellie lowered her head and whispered, "It will be bad if you continue behaving like this and the CEO finds out."

Qu Jingwan looked up at the woman standing in front of her. She had a nametag which read, 'General Manager, Ellie'.

She was just about to transfer her scolding to this Ellie when she noticed her confident smile. She could not help but recall the latter's last statement.

If she continued making a fuss, would Ji Ziming be waiting at the house for her when she returned home tonight? If she continued making a fuss, the scariest scenario would be that she would be unable to enter the Ji Group nor the family.

"Manager, I apologize; I must've misunderstood you just then."

After thinking this through, she decided to look at the big picture. No matter the reason, she should not offend the ones above her yet. Otherwise, that man would only need an order to make her leave the company forever.

"I do not need your apology as long as you believe my words."

The manager finally let out a breath of relief. This was his first time getting such unjust treatment after working in this company for so many years.

Apologize? How could I, the Qu family's missus, possibly apologize to you?

Her red lips parted slightly. A light look of mockery surfaced on her exquisitely drawn face. "An experienced person like the manager will of course not haggle with a small nobody like me."

"I wouldn't dare. You're very humorous."

His sparse fringe was lying limply on his forehead. As he had been too anxious to prove his innocence, he had already forgotten that the person this lady was most afraid of was his boss. He did not even want to stay there for a second longer.

"Alright, alright. Everyone, disperse; quickly go back to work."

Ellie stood behind the rich lady as she dispersed the crowd.

After the short ruckus, Qu Jingwan had a very deep impression of this woman called Ellie. It seemed that, as long as she appeared, everyone would listen to her. This employee might be the main person in charge as there was nothing which was not under her purview in this company.

"Ellie, how long have you been the general manager for?"

"Miss Qu, it is now the working hours, so please call me general manager. We are in a superior-subordinate relationship."

The general manager subtly pointed out what she had done wrong. Her light-orange lips pressed together lightly as she looked at her with a stern yet light gaze.

"Yes, general manager."

Qu Jingwan could not believe how contradicting this woman's attitude was. While she addressed her respectfully, she was unwilling to give her even a look.

"I want to ask: What is my job description?"

Her red lips lifted slightly. She vowed to dismiss everyone who had been disrespectful to her once she officially became the CEO's wife. She would let them know the consequences of offending her.

"Your manager will let you know what your job is. Now that there is nothing else, I will return to my office."

The general manager walked past her with a confident gait. The sense of superiority she exuded made the other ball up her fists.

She was being picked on by Pei Ge at the house. Who knew that there would be another female picking on her in the company?

There's a saying: 'More haste, less speed.' As she thought of this, she slowly released her fists. She had already entered the company; there would definitely be many opportunities for her to show her worth and capabilities.

"Miss Qu, since you have now become an employee of our company, please change into your business attire. You should always put the company's interests first. Today is your first day at work. Hence, we are colleagues. When you are in the company, please set aside your status as the Qu family's missus."


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