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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1565 Going Back to the US

"Thank you. Thank you for always being by my side."

Her voice choked a little. Feeling secure and safe, she rested in his embrace.

"You are my woman; is there a need for thanks between us?"

His eyes were still cold on his face, which was bathed by the golden hue of the sunlight, accentuating his kingly aura. A butterfly seemed to have stopped atop his eyelashes and was flapping its wings regally.

"I did not mean that. I just simply feel that it's a blessing to stay by your side."

She chuckled and did not rush to explain herself.

"You said that you're going overseas."

The man's cold eyes darkened a little as he hugged his woman tighter in his embrace.

"Mhm. I want to go overseas to look for Xiaoyu; I am worried about her and am afraid that she will think of taking her life while alone."

She looked up at him with a face of worry. While originally intending to disagree, Ji Ziming suddenly changed his mind.

"Okay. Go, then, but I'm coming with you."

He did not feel safe. If she went overseas alone and met that guy again, then would it not be akin to him sending her directly to his side? Pei Ge was his woman, and no one could snatch her from him.

"That's fine. Since we are going overseas, I am thinking of bringing Ping An along, too."

Upon obtaining his approval, she lowered her head and rested it against his chest to listen to his strong and familiar heartbeat.

"Are you thinking of bringing him there for treatment?"

As long as she was not bringing Ji Chi to look for that person…

"Yes. I think that his condition has considerably improved. He is already starting to talk to me, and sometimes, when I talk to him, he will also smile. I think that he remembers me a bit inside just not fully."

"His health is fine, but I think that his memory has become a little mixed-up. He remembers you at times and doesn't in other times. He gets affectionate whenever he remembers you, but when he doesn't, he hides from you."

His logic was so structured that she could not help but agree.

Her younger son was affectionate with her this time because of the wound on her neck; last time, it was because she almost got scalded in her effort to protect him from boiling water; the time before that was when she had an accident at the aquarium…

"Do you feel that he is rather affectionate with you when something happens to you?" he asked, as though reading what was on her mind.

Pei Ge released him but was pulled into his embrace again.

"Let's hug a bit longer. I like having you in my arms."

His sudden display of affection earned him an eye-roll from the woman.

"You are right, so our son will be affectionate with me as long as he sees me injured, and it is only when I am injured that his memory will be triggered and he will remember me."

The man's eyes turned sharp. It seemed that it was not a simple matter with how volatile Ji Chi was being.

"I don't know how to handle this issue now. It appears that everything has something to do with me, but I still don't know where the connection is."

The woman revealed a helpless look. She was unable to believe that her beloved son would treat her as his enemy, but when she was injured, he would appear in front of her quickly. Although he did not speak much, when she recalled the concern in his eyes, she wanted to get closer to him. Even hugging him now was a luxury.

"I will return a perfectly fine son to you."

Ji Ziming's low voice gave her a sense of security.

No matter what the boy would become, she still hoped that he would remember that she was his mother. It was fine if he could not recover. She had already agreed to Qu Jingwan staying in the Jis' house; she would not chase her away, too, as long as his sickness was not cured.

"Ge Ge."

The man called her back to the present in his hypnotizing voice.

"Mhm. What is it?"

"Should we—"

Before he could finish speaking, the phone in his pocket rang. He Yun's call came at such an inopportune moment.

"What is it?"

His voice was so cold that it seemed to have originated from hell.

"Sir, I've got the result of the investigation of the number you gave me. The person who owns it is called Yang Hua. The last time it was used was on the 25th of last month. He dialed an international number. I am still investigating that one."

"International? Then, is the number within the country or overseas?"

Ji Ziming narrowed his cold eyes at the window. It was currently the brightest time of the day.

"The last call showed that it's within the country—in the capital, in fact. Sir, may I ask who this person is? He appears to be nearby."

He Yun flipped through the records and could not help feeling puzzled. What was he supposed to find? Why was it that all the information found indicated that he was in the capital and was somewhere close by?

"Find the records for the past, too. I need them."

The subordinate felt a layer of cold sweat drenching his spine the moment his boss gave that order in his icy voice. He originally planned to tell the man that he would take a leave tomorrow, but he no longer dared to do now so because of this development.

It was only after the man hung up that Pei Ge finally released him. She raised an eyebrow and looked at him perplexedly. "You found something?"

"The number indeed belongs to Yang Hua, but my subordinate said that he had last used it to place an overseas call."


The woman sifted through her memories and could not recall offending anyone abroad.

"Do you know some who have a feud with you abroad?" asked the man. The trial was stopped suddenly, just like that incident at the aquarium. If not for Huang Zhian spilling the beans at the last minute, he might need more time before he would have suspected the man.


She thought about it more carefully, but no one came to mind.

"Think some more."

His hoarse and magnetic voice was so hypnotizing at this moment.

"There really isn't someone like that. I will definitely remember it if there is."

She was very certain that, not only was there none, she did not have an existing quarrel with someone.

"Okay, then. I'll have my subordinate continue the investigation. I will definitely get to the bottom of this."

His eyes remained dark, cold, and sharp as he stared at the scenery outside. His voice was tinged with ruthlessness when he said, "I will catch those who harmed your loved ones and then use my methods to make them all suffer."


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