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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1568 You cannot marry daddy.

"Is it very painful, mommy? Then, I won't touch it anymore. Let me blow it for you."

Ran Ran rested her head against her mother's neck and puffed her cheeks to blow at her wound.

"Little sister, you should come down."

When Ji Chi heard his mother's cry of pain, he quickly put on his slippers and ran over. In his black hoodie, the boy was like a black gust of wind as he reached his sister's side fast and proceeded to tug at the bottom of her pants. The concern in his eyes did not escape Pei Ge's sight.

"Sis, come down; our mommy is in pain." He repeated himself.

"Let me down, mommy. I don't want you to carry me anymore."

The girl was convinced by her brother and requested to be brought down.

"Okay. I will put you down now."

Pei Ge squatted so that she could kneel on the ground easily. Seeing how nervous her younger son was, she turned to look at Ji Ziming. Her eyes seemed to be saying, 'See?'

"Son, bring your sister in your room to play. We have to speak to your granny."

Even though the man seemed to be looking at his son, his eyes were actually on his mother, who was standing not too far away.

"Alright. Sis, let's continue practicing our dance."

The lad obediently led his sibling away, yet the latter kept looking back at her mother every few steps, causing the woman to be torn between laughter or tears.

"Go on, my baby girl. Go play with your brothers; I will come find you later."

"You must come, okay?"

She blinked her eyes forlornly. As her grandmother walked over, she entered the room with her brother.

"What do you wanna speak with me about?"

Madam Ji stopped in front of her son. Seeing the couple having such a grave expression, she could not help asking in confusion, "Did the person who had harmed Pei Ge get executed by firing squad?"

"That's not it, mom. We plan to fly out of the country with the three children."

She opposed it immediately.

"Fly out of the country and with all my grandchildren to boot? I don't agree to this."

Her resolute expression surprised Pei Ge. Although she had been busy with Red Star recently and had neglected the three children, she still did not expect them to become this important to the older woman.

"Mom, you should know about Ge Ge's friend, Tang Xiaoyu, right? She has gone missing, so we've decided to look for her over there. We want to bring the children with us because we've decided to bring Ji Chi to see a doctor."

"See a doctor?"

Madam Ji asked skeptically, "Why bring all the three children if only one is required to see a doctor? What should I do if you bring them all away?"

"Those three are inseparable. If one leaves, the other two will definitely be unhappy."

"Then, how long will you guys be away?"

She finally relented.

"Might take some time. If we find Ge Ge's best friend and completely cure Ji Chi, we can go back fast. After all, I am still needed to hold the reins of the company here."

"Your dad is overseas, and now, you and Pei Ge are also going there with the kids. Are you just letting an old lady like me stay home alone?"

"Auntie, how about you come with us? My mom is there so you two can catch up. I will also accompany you from time to time," suggested Pei Ge. After hesitating for a bit, the older woman answered, "Okay, then; let's all go overseas. When are we leaving?"

"Tonight. That way, we can reach the US by tomorrow morning."

She decided after thinking for a bit.


Madam Ji nodded. Even if they were to leave now, there was no need to pack anything. They had everything at their villa in the US, and the furnishings were all European-style.

After obtaining her approval, Pei Ge entered the room to talk to the three children about this. It went unexpectedly well with Ji Chi not even saying anything before agreeing.

After packing their things, Ji Ziming immediately gave his subordinate a call.

"Arrange an itinerary for me. I'm off to America tonight."

"Yes, sir; I will come get you later."


He hung up and turned to look at the woman standing beside the children. They gave him of a warm and happy family. A smile appeared at his lips, making his features become softer.

"Daddy, are we going to visit grandma tonight?"

Pei Ge packed a few dresses for her daughter. The temperature abroad was a few degrees higher than here, and the ever-vain girl would surely insist on wearing a pretty dress before leaving the house even if it was hotter there.

"Yes. Are you happy?" The man squatted and pinched the girl's cute cheeks as he smiled. "Shall I bring you to visit grandma?"

"Hng! No! I don't wanna go with you; I wanna go with mommy."

The lass then took a few steps backward and hugged her mother's calf. She looked at her father with a look that said, 'I will not join you' and raised one of her little eyebrows. "Daddy is a bad person; I don't want to marry you in the future."

The man was dumbfounded. He had only left for a bit, so how did he suddenly become a bad person? "Come here; tell daddy how he became a bad person?"

He did not understand why his lover, who kept crying and insisting on marrying him last night, suddenly treated him with this much disdain after only leaving for half a day.

"I won't tell you. Anyway, I don't want to marry you anymore."

The girl acted petulant like a princess, making her father not know how to react.

"Fine. Since you don't wanna marry me anymore, I won't marry you, too. I will go marry your mommy."

He would rather the girl not cling onto him. Still, her attitude perplexed him.

"No, no! You can't marry mommy!"

Ran Ran nudged her little lips and her aggrieved expression surprised her mother. "Hey, what's wrong?"

"Mommy, can you not marry daddy?"

The girl blinked her large and watery eyes, seemingly about to burst into tears if her father threatened her again.

"Tell mommy what's wrong. Didn't you say yesterday that you wanted to marry daddy? Why do you dislike him now?"

"I can't say it; you will hate me if I say it."

She seemed to have grasped proof of her father's crimes as she blinked her eyes at him and refused to let him get near her.

"I won't hate you, so tell me what is wrong."

Pei Ge could not understand this and turned to look at the man, whom she saw was equally helpless.

"Mommy, I… I saw the news this morning."

"News? What news?"

The main point was here. The girl saw news regarding her father on TV.


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