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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1571 I am very, very satisfied.

"Oh? A failing grade?" He stroked her slender and long arms before exerting a little strength as a sly look flashed across his eyes. "Then, I will continue until I pass."

"No—no! I was wrong; please let me off."

Hearing that he wanted to continue, the woman, who was already hurting all over, wanted so much to open his head and see what was in it. Were her words that hard to understand?

"Why are you begging for forgiveness already? Didn't you say I got a failing grade? Failing means that you are not satisfied. As my woman, is there something wrong with me continuing until you are satisfied?"

"I am very, very satisfied. It's the truth."

Between revenge and life, the latter was more important to her.

She ingratiatingly lay in bed and acted cutesy to him. "Mr. Ji, I was very satisfied with your performance last night. Is that fine?"

"Then, do you want to give me another 500 yuan?"

His dark eyes narrowed at her, but his voice was tinged with an almost unnoticeable chill. "You used 500 yuan to pay for my service last time. Since you are this satisfied, why are you not using another five hundred?"

"I… I was young and naïve; I couldn't see the greatness in you. Please forgive me."

Pei Ge decided to choose her life until the end. She could not endure it again, or else she would have to forget about seeing her mother today.

"How did you forget such an impressionable memory this quickly?"

His smile deepened as he watched her expression turn more desperate. He could not help but find this little woman even more adorable and sexier than before.

Because he had her, his boring life as a CEO was finally invigorated somewhat. Sadness or chaos, they were all the happiness she had brought to his life.

"Pei Ge, promise me that you will always stay by my side."

The woman nodded her head like a chicken pecking for rice grains. She hid beneath the thin blanket with reddened cheeks. Her slightly messy hair gave her an unexpected allure.

"I will never leave you again. I promise, and this time, it's for real."

She reached out one of her slender arms, and it ended up being interlocked with Ji Ziming's. "I don't want you to promise. You only need to remember that I am your man and you are my woman."

He really doesn't play according to logic. Can I even be someone else's woman?

The plane was still in air and there were three more hours left before it entered the America airspace. From the airport, it would take them another half an hour to reach the villa where the Ji family's house was located.

The house was a manor which took up more than a thousand acres of land. It had a private landing, a horse stable, and a greenhouse. Compared to the one in China, it had larger land space and more housekeepers.

"Ziming, should we be getting up?"

Seeing that sunlight was streaming in through the windows, she realized that she did not know what the time was right now.

"No need. You can sleep a while more. I'll wake you up in two hours' time, okay?"

He shook his head and looked at the furnishings in the suite. They were the style he used to like in the past. Now, it seemed that he had to change it to a style which his woman liked.

"Okay, then."

She nestled herself in the blanket and wrapped it tightly around her, leaving only her head sticking out. Blinking her beautiful eyes at him, she asked in a sweet voice, "When we reach, I want to stay with my mom; is that okay?"

"Why? Do you not like staying at my place?"

"No, it's not that. I just want to be with my mother as I haven't seen her in a long time."

She acted cutesy and sweet. In truth, she wanted to find out everything before her father's death from her mother, and that included some people and things her father had met with. Ji Ziming was a tycoon in their country and was rather famous, international; thus, she did not want to implicate him. Now that he had Qu Jingwan too, and these were her family matters, she thought that it was better not to involve him so much.

"Then, what about the children?"

It was fine if this woman did not stay over at his family's manor; he could go stay with her at Zhang Manhua's.

"Of course, they will go with me."

She poked out her head and gave him a matter-of-factly look. "Of course, the children must go with their mommy."

"Then, what about me?" he asked.

"You… You will evidently have to stay at your family's villa."

She did not find any part of her answer wrong.

"Say it again."

The man's eyes darkened as he narrowed them on her. She could not see through him.

Startled, Pei Ge retracted her head into the blanket and said in a muffled voice. "If not, you can go with me to stay at my mom's."

"You just said that you won't leave me, yet you're already chasing me away to stay on my own."

With his large hands, he pulled her blanket away and lowered his body. The man proceeded to give her a few bites on the lips.

"This is punishment."

She covered her lips and blinked her beautiful eyes.

"Just come with me to stay at my mom's."

"You dared to say it again!"

He lowered his body as though he wanted to kiss her again, but she quickly hid under the blanket. "I'll stop; I'll stop."

This person is absolutely petty. He doesn't even want to part for a second.

The plane finally entered the American airspace. Both had already tidied themselves at this point. Pei Ge sat on the sofa and did not dare to change her posture, afraid to be found out by the man's mother.

Unbeknown to her, everything was already found out by the older woman. From when she walked out of the room, Madam Ji had already noticed that her gait was different from usual. As a woman herself, how could she not understand?

"Sir, the kids and your mother have had their breakfast. Would you and young madam like to have us serve your breakfast now?"

"Yes. Give your madam a bowl of red dates glutinous porridge with less brown sugar. She does not like it too sweet."

The air stewardess dressed in a red cabin attire stood on the spot, stunned, attracted by his attention and concern for his wife.

"Do you not understand?"

Seeing that the air stewardess had still not given him a reply, he cocked an eyebrow at her and said clearly, "If you did not hear me, you can pack up and go back home."

"Ah… Yes, yes, yes! Sir, I will have the kitchen prepare that for young madam now."

The air stewardess quickly left. It was true that the more dangerous an item was, the rarer it was, yet the dangerous things were always more appealing.

Roses were bewitchingly beautiful. Although they had thorns to protect themselves, it was a fact that roses represented love the most. As for love, it was such a rare and precious thing to have.

"Ziming, you've scared her."

Hearing him order a nourishing breakfast for her, she decided to treat it as his apology for last night.

"I don't keep people who skive."

His voice remained cold as he lowered his head to read his document. Seated beside him, Pei Ge looked at him and could not help chuckling. "Do you think my mom will ask you to return home the moment she sees you?"


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