Pursuit of the Truth
1193 Berserker Body in Death Realm!
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Pursuit of the Truth
Author :Er Gen
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1193 Berserker Body in Death Realm!

"These numbers…" Su Ming mumbled.
When he came into contact with the 781st position, his heart trembled. He did not sense any danger. Instead, there was a warm feeling that surged into his body from that position. It filled him in the blink of an eye and fused into his soul.
'These numbers… are the order exchanged for with the blood and lives of the members of Great Berserker Tribe's blood. It is… the most precious knowledge of the entire tribe!' Su Ming's heart trembled. Many thoughts rose in his mind when he considered the set of numbers.
At that moment, all those not involved would not see Su Ming's body since he had already fused completely with the Ancestral Spirit in his chosen position. As the world roared, a powerful light erupted from All Spirits Hall. It covered the area and charged into Su Ming's body as if it wanted to make Su Ming's body go through a metamorphosis.
During it, a familiar feeling rose within Su Ming's body. It was… the feeling of a Berserker's Initiation! He would could not mistake it for anything.
At the same time, the one hundred million Berserkers' souls who had returned to the ground beneath him worshiped the sky. Their murmurs could not be heard clearly, but when their voices reached Su Ming's ears, a loud bang echoed in his head as if he had returned to the moment his elder performed the Berserker's Initiation for him when he was in Dark Mountain!
'It's the Berserker's Initiation! It's the Berserker's Initiation which allowed me to step foot in this place, to become the God of Berserkers… and to obtain the will of this land belonging to the Berserkers!
'It's also the Berserker's Initiation which gave me the possibility to have my spirit ascend right now!'
Su Ming's heart trembled as he sensed the presence of the Berserker's Initiation in his body. In fact, during that moment, he had a strong feeling that even if he had not chosen the 781st position but another one, he might have failed, but he would not be wiped off and turn into one of the insentient red figures.
The Berserker's Initiation in his body was more like a form of blessing and protection. It came from Great Berserker Tribe, and it was a legacy from the ancient Ancestral Spirits… and had a strange form of connection with the All Spirits Hall.
But what was more… it was a blessing from all lives!
When the presence of the Berserker's Initiation rose in Su Ming's body and he went through the metamorphosis while his spirit ascended, he suddenly came to a complete understanding. He could sense that there was not just one presence of the Berserker's Initiation about him… but thirty-seven!
'That's right. I once went through thirty-seven cycles of life and death in Yin Death Region, which means that I've received thirty-seven Berserker's Initiations… I… have at least thirty-seven chances to fail!'
When this understanding came to him, nostalgia rose within his eyes. He remembered his elder's kind gaze as he looked at him, the smell of the land where he lived as a child, the Berserker's sky, and everything in Dark Mountain.

'781, 563, 371, 248, 79, 32… These six numbers are the order for Berserkers' spirit ascension. They had only found six successive spirit ascensions before the disaster arrived. They did not have time to search for the seventh, eighth, and ninth numbers.
'But… the elder performed the Berserker's Initiation for me thirty-seven times. He gave me thirty-seven chances. Even if I tried all of the positions left one by one, it would be enough for me to find a path to successfully have my spirit ascend through the seventh, eighth, and ninth rows. Then… once I succeed in all nine spirit ascensions, I will turn into an Ancestral Spirit!'
Su Ming's heart trembled. He had now completely understood the numbers and the indescribable expectation and love his elder had for him.
'But he's by Su Xuan Yi's side… I understand now!'
If Su Ming still did not understand the schemes between the elder and Su Xuan Yi, he would not be Su Ming.
'The elder had long since chosen the Abyss Builders as the hope for Great Berserker Tribe to raise to power, because only the Abyss Builder's innate talents could allow the soul to withstand these many reincarnations!
'He created a path to guarantee my success in becoming an Ancestral Spirit…'
Su Ming threw his head back and roared. As his body fused with the Ancestral Spirit and went through a metamorphosis, he sensed himself becoming much more powerful.
It was a transformation of his physical body. While he was fusing with the Ancestral Spirit, the power of the Ancestral Spirit changed his body so that he could obtain a true Berserker's body.
Based on what the old man from Heavenly Spirit Tribe said, the strength of the Berserker's physical body was so great that they could fight against the Gods in Shu. In truth, even the Gods there could not compare to their physical body in certain aspects.
'If that's the case, then since this Ancestral Spirit is already transforming my physical body, I might as well make this transformation more complete. I will fill with even more madness!'
Determination appeared in Su Ming's expression. At the instant his body was changed, he lifted his right hand without hesitation and struck his storage bag.
As he was fusing with the Ancestral Spirit and his body was being transformed, he went to open his storage bag.
The old man in Heavenly Spirit Tribe saw from the distance, and his expression changed. He found that he had no idea what Su Ming wanted to do, but even if he did, he could not do anything to stop him at that moment. If there was any interference from the outside world causing any sort of instability on Su Ming's side, there was a high possibility that his spirit ascension would be affected, and this was something the old man from Heavenly Spirit Tribe could not accept.
At the instant Su Ming struck his storage bag with his right hand, the body of his clone that practiced the Art of Swallowing Hollow Shadows Whole appeared in front of him. A sleeping soul also appeared on Su Ming's right palm. It was the soul of the clone which had become independent due to the Heavenly Incense Rune.
At the instant the soul was extracted, madness burned in Su Ming's eyes. He had come to understand that he absolutely could not waste the serendipity provided to him by spirit ascension. He wanted to fuse with the Ancestral Spirits and transform his body according to his own will.
While holding the independent soul of his clone with his right hand, he struck the top of its head to send it straight into the clone's body. A red glare shone in Su Ming's eyes, and he executed his second Possession on on his clone!
In the past, when he brought out the clone and his soul, the fog would immediately change color, and numerous red figures would be attracted to him, but while he was going through his spirit ascension, not a single shade of red appeared under the golden light of the All Spirits Hall. Everything in the outside world was normal.
This was the first time Su Ming had attempted a second Possession. At that moment, as his spirit ascended, he swiftly split up a little of his soul and had it charge towards the clone. He was already incredibly used to this sort of Possession, and he had already completely broken the clone's soul. Even if it resisted, its power would not be enough for it to put up a fight for more than ten breaths before it was completely devoured by Su Ming.
In an instant, his soul occupied the clone's body, and once he turned him into his clone again, Su Ming did not have time to check whether any changes had occurred after he Possessed the clone a second time. Instead, he immediately sent a thought to his clone, telling him to fuse with his current body.
'If the power of spirit ascension wants to change my body, then let's make this transformation complete. I will have this clone of mine fuse with my current physical body and have it go through this transformation together with me… so that I can form a body that will possess extreme physical strength!'
Determination appeared on Su Ming's face. The power contained within the Ancestral Spirit descended on him with a bang and enveloped him once he merged his clone and the body of the black-robed man he had Possessed. He was wrapped up in the golden light formed by the strange power.
At the same time, pain which made him feel as if he was being torn apart instantly filled his body and soul, but it was nothing to Su Ming. Instead, he sensed the great changes in his body.
The first to change were his bones. They were instantly crushed and reduced to powder. Then, rays of golden light fused into them, turning into specks of golden light that formed the bones again. They were golden in color, and they were the foundation of a physical body filled with a powerful aura!
An incredibly thick presence that belonged to Berserkers spread out from them. They were Berserker Bones, bones that only true members of Great Berserker Tribe could obtain!
They were much stronger than the Berserker Bones from the Bone Sacrifice Realm. They had been lost in the passage of time and came from another powerful Realm that belonged to the Berserkers! They held a completely meaning compared to those so-called Berserker Bones Su Ming had obtained in the past while he was in the land of Berserkers.
When all of Su Ming's bones turned into Berserker Bones shining with bright golden light, he sensed his veins shattering. They then swiftly grew back from the Berserker Bones. In an instant, they covered Su Ming's entire body, and wherever they went, his flesh and blood would melt, and a presence which belonged to the Berserkers that was much stronger than before erupted with a bang.
Su Ming now possessed Berserker Veins, which were another Realm that surpassed Berserker Bones. It had also been submerged in the dust of time. Only at that moment when Su Ming went through his spirit ascension and the metamorphosis as well as the serendipity provided by the golden light did it return to the universe.
Su Ming threw his head back and roared. As he did so, the blood in his body surged up. It had originally turned black from drinking too much blood of the offering beasts.
At that instant, however, golden light erupted from his blood. It melted Su Ming's flesh and blood, but even while it was doing so, new skin and flesh grew to become a body that could support Su Ming's Berserker Bones, Berserker Veins, and Berserker Blood!
The body created after Su Ming fused his clone and the body of the black-robed man he had Possessed thoroughly transformed while he was enveloped by the golden light formed by the power of the Ancestral Spirits. Yet the next instant, a power he had never imagined erupted from him.
His body had become an extremely powerful Berserker Body that would never perish, had endless life force surrounding it, and looked like it had become one with the world. As long as all lives were not destroyed, it would not die!
It was Death Realm!!
A Berserker Body in Death Realm!
It could be said that this was the first true body in every literal sense that Su Ming had ever possessed over the thousands of years he had practiced cultivation. Its strength surpassed everything that he had ever had, and it was his first clone after he had reached perfection—a Berserker's body!


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