Rebirth in Bleach
1 Prologue
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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1 Prologue

Soul Society

North Rukongai, District 64

The sun was setting as the citizens of rukongai retreated to their humble abodes after a day of work while the vile of the district slowly crept out of the shadows.

In a deserted area surrounded by dead trees, a young boy that looked around the age of 13 could be seen lying on his back seemingly unconscious. His silky, snow white hair arranged in a chaotic manner covering the upper half of his face. The lower half of his face consisted of a partially revealed cute but straight chiselled nose that sat atop his beautiful lips akin to a budding strawberry. Donning a tattered kimono and normal straw sandals had no effect on hiding the boys slender yet fair white arms and his partially revealed ankles that could even put ladies to shame. This picturesque scene could have anyone marvelling at its beauty for days, unfortunately the one who stumbled upon this scenery couldn't be bothered to appreciate it.

The intruder was another young boy whose head was covered in unusual silver hair and sky-blue eyes narrowed into slits, making it difficult to discern his thoughts. He appeared unusually tall for someone his age and was quite thin with sharp features giving him a skeletal appearance. He was wearing a ragged black kimono which indicated his modest status and was carrying a handful of persimmon seeds.

Just as he was about to nudge the boy awake, a grumble was heard, presumably due to hunger, and the unconscious boy voiced out a groan slowly opening his eyes. Azure blue eyes with a red/pinkish circle was what came into view of the silver haired boy sending chills throughout his body as his blood froze twice over. Those beautiful yet indifferent eyes scanned over his body as if death itself was breathing down his neck. After a short silence which felt like hours for the silver haired boy, the young boy slowly sat up voicing his thoughts out.

"Who are..."

A childish yet icy voice rang out as he interrogated the silver haired boy only to be stopped by an expression of pain as the boy once again collapsed and fell unconscious only this time with a sliver amount of pain appearing on his face.

As the silver haired boy watched all this occur, a myriad of emotions masked his face unsure of what to make of this situation feeling a hint of déjà vu though not completely. He then just released a defeated sigh, proceeded to place the persimmon seeds into a pouch he was carrying and went forward to pick up the collapsed boy and carry his surprisingly light body home.

'How should I explain this to her'

Thought the boy leading to another sigh escaping his lips and slowly retreated into the distance.



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