Rebirth in Bleach
2 Waking up
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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2 Waking up

As his house came into view, a melodious shout was heard as a young girl exited the house anticipating his return. She had wavy blond hair that reached her shoulders, blue eyes and a beauty mark located under the right side of her mouth. She was wearing a tattered and torn green kimono that showed bits of skin, and although she was still growing up her nascent curvaceous figure and modest chest indicated that she would be a head turner in the future.

"Gin! Who is that?" The young girl questioned, noticing the extra baggage Gin was carrying.

"Someone I found Rangiku" Replied Gin seemingly short of breath.

It was only then she noticed the tired expression that adorned his face and rushed over to help fearing the worst case possible. As the two carried the boy into their own home, they gently placed the unconscious boy onto a makeshift bed. Rangiku got a better look at the boy as a small yet subtle blush crept onto her face gazing at the boy's immature yet immaculate features.

Rangiku wasn't used to being in close proximity with another boy her age. As it was only her and Gin that lived together for as long as she can remember.

This didn't go unnoticed by Gin as he loudly cleared his throat bringing Rangiku back from her daze, turning her head away while blushing deeply.

Noticing the mockery on her best friend's face, she was able to clear up her thoughts and started to reprimand him

"What happened and why did you leave once again without telling me?"

"Nothing happened, I just went to get some food and found him unconscious on the road" Gin smiled as he took out some staple bread and a handful of persimmon seeds.

Rangiku wanted to smack the smirk off Gin's face seeing that he always left without telling her but held back as her face lit up when she noticed the dried persimmon seeds. These seeds were her favourite due to it being what her best friend fed her when she had collapsed from starvation. They have been living together since.

As she was about to dig in, she heard Gin adding,

"He seemed hungry"

This revelation shocked Rangiku as this meant that the unconscious boy was in possession of spiritual energy, in other words reiatsu.

"You mean..."

"Yep, I think he possesses reiatsu"

Still shocked by what she heard, they continued eating the stale bread and then proceeded off to a peaceful sleep, unknown to them, the mind of the young unconscious boy was anything but peaceful.

Rewinding time when the boy just fell unconscious for the second time.

'AAAAAAGGGGGGHHH' A soul rendering scream could be heard in his head as he felt indescribable pain.

Accompanying this pain were visions of his past life from the moment he first set sight on his previous world to his completely random and spontaneous death after answering a harmless looking questionnaire.

An above average life you could say, as it wasn't anything special. Above average looks and with above average grades and finally going to an above average university. Being an introvert, he had no girlfriend, but he did watch anime, read manga and light novels. You couldn't call him an otaku, but he did spend quite some time with engrossed in them. One day, whilst browsing the internet a pop-up questionnaire appeared, with nothing better to do, he completed it. Who knew that the submit button would be the harbinger for his death.

As the young boy cleared up his thoughts, innumerable curses went through his head as he organised his thoughts.

'Where am…'

Another shot of pain went through his brain as he could feel his brain splitting in two, creating another 'room' where a whole different set of thoughts were being processed. Once again, he came to his senses and realised he had the ability to accelerate his thoughts to twice the speed than normal. Partitioning and accelerating his thoughts he tried to understand the situation he was currently in, which resulted in a single word.


Remembering the first face he saw when he woke up briefly, he concluded that he was in the world of bleach as that was undoubtedly Ichimaru Gin, former 3rd division captain of the Gotei 13 and a traitor of soul society. However, that was the least of his worries as he could vividly remember seeing lines cluttered across the body of the future traitor.

Seeing this he tried recalling what he last did, faintly remembering completing some sort of questionnaire. Slowly the memories started coming back to him.

*If you had a choice, what anime would you like to be reincarnated into? *

He remembered he answered 'Bleach' as he was extremely dissatisfied with the end, feeling that it was unjustly rushed with many unanswered questions.

*What powers would you like your zanpakuto to possess then? *

- ^&*%&$£$"£$%

For some reason he couldn't remember what he had typed as he felt the question strangely interactive. Feeling that he won't get an answer anytime soon, he tried remembering the last question.

* ... … . .. . 3 wishes .... … . .*

Having difficulties remembering the last question he recollected the answers he gave.

- Mystic Eyes of Death Perception

- Memory partition paired with thought acceleration

- Hiten mitsurugi-ryu

After pressing the submit button he was immediately blinded by what seemed a pair of headlights while a faint horn of a truck passed into his ears. Still confused by what was happening he never got a chance to adjust to the sudden light before he felt something impact his body followed by a painful spreading across his body and immediately blacking out.

'An instant death, huh, but what was that noise. How did a truck get there?'

Knowing he wouldn't get an answer anytime soon, he pushed aside these thoughts for now as he noticed that he had received the first two wishes but there were no signs of the third one. He tried focusing on this aspect which ended up causing a tremendous amount of information to be planted into his brain. He saw how to train in Hiten mitsurugi-ryu along with the experience of the technique's predecessors. Although, this time, there was no pain, the sheer amount of information caused him to black out. As his brain tried to process this information, unknowingly his reiatsu slowly increased and he partitioned a third room allowing him to have 128 different thoughts, all trying to work towards a single goal, sorting out the information in his head.

Once all the information was sorted out, he finally tried to wake up.


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