Rebirth in Bleach
11 Shin“o academy
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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11 Shin“o academy

The group of teachers had a similar dress code like students but wore a grey outer shirt, black trouser and had a black robe draped over it. Leading them was a slightly tanned, stout man with a bald head and small eyes who gave a rather fearsome expression. He had a small gold necklace and wore a pair of thin glasses.

Different stands were set up with a board next to them. Each was respectively called Class 1, Class 2 and so on. There were four of them each holding a list of around 100 names. The teachers went to stand behind the stands and a voice rang out

"Find your names and line up in front of the stands. You will get your I.D cards along with the dormitory you will be assigned to"

As soon as that was said all the recruits started moving, most of them went to the Class 1, hoping to get in. Class 1 was known as the elite while class 2 and 3 were known as the average class and class 4 was the lowest. Amidst disappointed sighs, Itsuki and his friends pushed their way through and found their names.

Class 1

Minamoto Itsuki – 100%

Ichimaru Gin – 98%

Matsumoto Rangiku – 95 %

"Wow, Itsuki you got perfect marks" Rangiku was clearly excited for her friend as Itsuki replied

"You guys did well too"

Gin just carried on looking lost as they lined up.

They waited for a bit before there turn finally came. Gin and Itsuki were assigned a room together and Rangiku was with another girl. Although they could meet in class, they weren't able to meet in each other's dormitories as males and females were separate and the opposite gender not being allowed in.

They could still hang out, but it would be different as they had barely left each other's company in the past month. After getting their I.D cards they were then sent to a room so the academy can collect their measurements for the uniform. Itsuki made a special request to see if he could get a mask joined to his undershirt, similar to Hatake Kakashi's undershirt but in white. His hat wasn't allowed. His request was accepted but he had to pay his last remaining Kan for the undershirt. He didn't need the Kan as everything would be provided by the academy. Itsuki, however, didn't like covering up his face as he thought it was a waste but had no choice because it would just attract too much attention.

Once all this was completed, they were shown the directions to the dorms. Rangiku's mood was noticeably down but Itsuki and Gin knew that she would return to her usual cheery self tomorrow.

The male dormitories were towards the east side of the school just next to the Zanjutsu hall. They could hear people training their swords in the hall but refrained from going in as they were too tired. There were six floors in the dormitory with each floor representing a year. Itsuki and Gin found their rooms just as the sun was about to set and instantly went to sleep.

- The next morning-

Itsuki woke up to an unfamiliar roof, remembering that he was now at the academy, he got up only to notice Gin was already awake and putting his uniform on. This was when he got a good look at the room they were given. It was a simple room, two beds, a desk that had two chairs, two wardrobes and a small bookcase. Itsuki then noticed a small parcel at the end of his bed, taking a look he realised it contained two pieces of uniform and a piece of paper. Donning the uniform, Itsuki looked at the piece of paper and found his timetable for the day on it.

Day 1 – Introductory lessons

7-7:55 – General Knowledge in Room ##

8-9:55 – Application of Reiatsu in Hall ##

9:55-10:05 – Break

10:05-11:25 – Hakuda in Hakuda Training Hall ##

11:30-12:50 – Hoho in Hoho Training Field ##

12:50-13:50 – Lunch

13:55-14:15 – Kido in Kido Training Field ##

14:20-16:00 – Zanjutsu in the Zanjutsu Training Hall

You weekly timetables will be given at the end of the day

Itsuki looked at the clock and realised it was already 6:15.

Technology in soul society was unusual. Although the lifestyle and culture of Soul Society can be comparable to feudal Japan, they possess technology of a level exceeding that time period. Things such as touch-screens and databases are in use for files and historical documentation storage, so it is normal for things like clocks to exist.

Gin then called for Itsuki

"Itsuki, let's leave now and familiarise with the academy. We would be able to find the room by asking fellow students."

After clearing his thoughts, Itsuki nodded in acknowledgement and followed Gin out of the dormitories. Only the first years could be seen as all the lessons of the other students had been called off for the day. This was because the academy wanted all the facilities available for the first years. Although they could visit certain areas to train, the main teaching areas were closed off.

After having a brief tour of the academy, they then looked for the room they had their general knowledge class in. They had found out that the Zanjutsu training hall was located next to the male dormitories while the Kido hall was behind the academy. The library was located in the middle of the whole school, but they weren't able to enter it yet.

Due to the immensity of the school it was quite easy to get lost, however after receiving a few directions from the seniors they were able to reach the classroom. Only half an hour had passed before they arrived at the classroom. Although it was just 6:45, half the class was already filled.

This was less of a classroom and more of a lecture hall. A blackboard was at the front along with a podium. Three columns of rows could be seen with two flight of stairs between them. They noticed Rangiku already here alongside her new roommate furiously waving at them.


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