Rebirth in Bleach
16 Rangiku“s pligh
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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16 Rangiku“s pligh

When Itsuki was returning home he noticed a commotion happening at the back of the Zanjutsu Hall. Walking towards the source of the noise he saw Rangiku being confronted by a group of boys as he used Shunpo to get onto a nearby tree.

'Who are they?'

His thoughts were soon answered as he saw a group of boys make a move and try to capture Rangiku.

Rewinding the clock a little.

Rangiku had just finished classes and was just heading home when she noticed a letter among her belongings. It seemed to be just a normal letter until she opened it.

'Another love letter'

Giving out a mental sigh she just kept it and started making her way towards the Zanjutsu Hall. Rangiku was really beautiful and this became more prominent due to the constant training she had to do in the academy. This naturally attracted the opposite gender as she received a lot of confessions and love letters. She was a kind person at heart so she just rejected them politely.

This was supposed to be the same when she arrived at the back of the Zanjutsu hall and saw a group of boys already there.

"Hey, Rangiku you came"

Their leader seemed to be the one that called Rangiku. He looked around 17 had short trimmed hair and overall, an average face. He wore the typical academy uniform and had his zanpakuto strapped to his back. The others, which seemed to be his lackeys, were typical thugs with big lips, big nose and generally looked like delinquents.

"So what is your answer?"

Rangiku looked at the three delinquents then at the boy in front and disgust went through her eyes. This person had been different, although she had rejected him before but he never gave up. It would have been nice but she hated the way he looked at her. Rangiku knew he wanted her as some sort of trophy to show off to other people and he never really liked her. If she was useless then he would just use her and throw her away like trach. Besides, she already had someone in her heart.

"Sasaki-senpai, don't call me with such familiarity and my answer was and will always be, no" She said with determination

Anger slowly surfaced on Sasaki-senpai's face while a possessive glint flashed through his eyes. This didn't go unnoticed by Rangiku as a bad feeling slowly crept into her heart. Just as she was about to leave a voice rung out behind her,

"Get her"

This genuinely shocked Rangiku as she never expected the opposite party would do this. She quickly turned around shouting,

"What are you doing?!"

"I've been pursuing you for the past two months, yet you have continuously ignored me. Time and time again you've ignored my advances, but no more"

A maniacal grin surfaced on his face as he spouted his 'grievances'.

"Don't worry about the academy finding out. This place has been cleared out and I doubt you would say anything once we've finished with you"

A look of despair flashed through her eyes which was then replaced by determination

'Itsuki wouldn't want to see me like this'

Looking at the lackeys charging at her, she put both of her hand forward

"Restrain my enemy, Bakudo #1 Sai"

Two of the lackeys found their hands behind their back, while the third one was able to evade by hiding behind the other two. Rangiku was quickly overwhelmed as the restrained ones threw themselves at her. Although she was able to dodge them, the final one lunged at her mid-dodge, fully intent on capturing her.

Hopelessness filled her body as a streak of tear threatened to fall out.

'I'm sorry, Itsuki'

She closed her eyes waiting for her impending doom, but all she heard was an impact, a grunt and the sound of a body hitting the ground.

Slowly opening her eyes she saw an all too familiar back, white hair adorned into a high ponytail and a back that gave her a sense of security.

Happiness flashed through her eyes as a meek voice came out but got no response


Itsuki was really angry as his eyes slowly activated and reiatsu increased. Luckily he was there otherwise who knows what would've happened.


Sasaki-senpai tried saying a few things but he was immediately struck by fear as he started shivering uncontrollably. The world turned black and all he could see was two gigantic eyes staring down at him, judging whether to kill him or not as he slowly fell back.

Itsuki just looked at the sorry mess in front of him before he reigned in his reiatsu and turned around deactivating his eyes. Just as he turned around he felt a pair of arms wrap around him as Rangiku buried her head in his chest.

"Thank you"

Itsuki could feel her voice and arms trembling as he hugged her back. Itsuki said nothing as a disgusting smell slowly wafted through the air. Turning around it seemed Sasaki-senpai had wet himself as he was stuck in a daze with a frightened expression.

"Let's leave"

Itsuki finally talked as he led Rangiku away from the situation.

Settling her down he asked

"What happened?"

Rangiku started explaining what happened amidst the occasional sobs as Itsuki's eyes grew colder and colder. Sighing lightly, Itsuki got a good look at Rangiku and came to a conclusion.

"Come train with me"

Itsuki wanted Rangiku to be stronger so he decided to invite her to train with him. In the anime she wasn't able to achieve Bankai and now Itsuki would like for her to achieve it.

Rangiku was shocked by Itsuki's declaration as he was always secretive with his training, choosing to just do it all alone. Apart from that, she was feeling quite blissful as she felt she just took a huge step in getting closer with Itsuki.

After dropping Rangiku off he told her to meet the day after for training and went off home.


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