Rebirth in Bleach
17 Day off
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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17 Day off

Arriving home he found out that Gin wasn't home and realised that he came home earlier than normal. Usually when he arrived back from training, it was already night and Gin was already off to sleep. Thinking that Gin was off training he decided to meditate on his mental abilities as he had made no active progress on it. Although his thought acceleration was slowly speeding up and was achieving a faster acceleration speed, there was absolutely no sign of another memory partition.

Itsuki just decided to carry on meditating, slowly improving as there was no point in rushing things. A few hours later Gin came back only to see Itsuki meditating, although he was surprised, he decided to leave him alone and also started meditating on his sword. The night passed with both of them falling asleep after a session of meditating.

- The next day -

Itsuki woke up around noon, Gin never woke him up as it was their day off. He decided to spend his time leisurely and just relax. Dressing up he went for a walk only to be approached by a group of people wearing a black armband with the academy's crest imprinted on top. Their leader spoke up

"Are you Minamoto Itsuki-san?"

Itsuki just gave a cold nod as he observed the group of people. The leader's mouth twitched at the cold reception as he continued,

"We would like you to please come with us to the disciplinary office, it's about an incident yesterday concerning yourself and a couple others."

Realising what he was talking about, Itsuki complied and started to follow them to the disciplinary office. Along the way they did attract some attention as people saw the genius of the first year surrounded by a group of disciplinary officers. The disciplinary officers still kept some distance to Itsuki though, remembering Sasaki-senpai's state and Itsuki's current frosty look caused some fear to appear on their expressions.

As the disciplinary office came into view, their fear slowly resided and confidence started appearing, a feeling of safety wafting through them. Inside Rangiku was already here with Yuroe whose face was full of worry. Reassuring her with a small nod, Itsuki was taken to an interrogation room where he was asked about yesterday. Itsuki just told them that he overpowered Sasaki-senpai with his reiatsu and nothing else as he had some malicious intentions for Rangiku.

After getting Itsuki's account he was told to wait on the side as a judgement would be passed through. Waiting for around an hour, Itsuki was called in a room alongside Rangiku and the now deranged Sasaki-senpai.

It was judged that Sasaki-senpai had untoward intentions to Rangiku and was proved guilty, he had surprisingly confessed it himself. It seemed he really feared Itsuki wanting to get away from him as soon as possible.

Leaving the place, the three met up and the girls decided to accompany Itsuki on his walk.

As the three were walking a Jigokucho (Hell's butterfly) appeared and brought them a message. It was about practicing Soul Burial, otherwise known as konso, in the real world. It seemed that the practice would take place in two months.

Yuroe and Rangiku shared a look before the former excused herself leaving Itsuki alone with Rangiku. Knowing she had to say something, they found a bench to sit and Itsuki waited for her to speak. With a red face and continuously fidgeting, Rangiku sat there twiddling he thumbs as she found it hard to speak.

"Um… Itsuki…uno…um…"

She kept on glancing in Itsuki's direction while unable to complete any of her sentences. Knowing what she wanted to say Itsuki took the lead.

"Rangiku, I know what you want to say"

This caused a sudden jolt in Rangiku as she felt her heart skip a beat.

"You do?"

"Yes, you want me to start your training today but you're just embarrassed to ask"


'I haven't fallen for a blockhead, have I?'

Rangiku looked dumbfounded as she looked at Itsuki who seemed really sure of himself.

"We will properly start tomorrow as its getting quite late, I'll drop you off to your dormitory"

The walk back was quiet with Itsuki not being a talker and Rangiku looking despondent, with her arms flailing about and a hunched back.

"We're here, I'll see you tomorrow, come to training ground ## after class"

Rangiku just gave a grunt as a response as she started making her way towards her dorm


Hearing her name she turned around only to feel a soft sensation on her forehead, but before she could think Itsuki was back in his position, putting his mask back on to cover his blush and a smirk. The only change you could see were his ears which had turned red.

"We will see what the future holds"

After saying these words Itsuki seemingly disappeared as he shunpoed away. Rangiku could be seen gob smacked as her mouth was left wide open, enough to fit a whole egg inside. Remembering what happened, she straightened her back as her face flushed red and a smile crept on her face.

She ran to her room and jumped on her bed squealing in delight. Yuroe already there, realised that it must've gone well and felt happy for a friend. But before she could ask her anything her friend shot up as if she realised something.

'He played me. He was capable of that. That son of a…'

As Rangiku was slowly pulled into her own thoughts a dark baleful aura surrounded her scaring her roommate.

Itsuki was oblivious to this as he merrily made his way home. Gin was surprised at his sudden jolly mood and started questioning him but Itsuki just smiled in response. Irritated by his friend's attitude Gin went off to meditate with the intent on later finding out.

Itsuki did the same as he thought about what happened today. He didn't want to go in a relationship this early on as he still felt he was too weak. He just wanted to get strong enough to protect his close ones, that's when he will think about it.


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