Rebirth in Bleach
20 Shikai
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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20 Shikai

Itsuki carried on hunting hollows. Although he had a faint feeling of something not being right, he brushed off this feeling and got back what he was doing. Each time he fought he tried out many ideas which he couldn't do at the academy as he slowly got used to a hollow's fighting pattern. Each hollow was unique, but they all had a similar trait in fighting. They took advantage of their body, if they were small, they were fast or if they were big then they were tough. Although this was a vague concept it was quite close to the truth. However, there were still some hollows that had some sort of special ability.

Like the one Itsuki was facing now. Acid could be seen dripping from his fingers as Itsuki confronted the Hollow. Dodging his attacks, Itsuki looked for ways to take it down in the most efficient manner. There was only one. Dodging an attack, Itsuki quickly drew his sword as he activated his eyes. Seeing the death lines, Itsuki slashed at the Hollow, only to completely end up missing the intended target. His sword instead slashed across his chest, not digging to deep.

Although he had trained his eyes, it was either on idle targets or small projectiles, not on anything too big or on an active target. There were too many things to take into consideration when attacking a living target.

Itsuki, however, did not lose composure as he continued looking for chances. Noticing the hollow about to retaliate he quickly backed up and waited for a chance to counter attack only to see the hollow backing up. A gruesome slash wound could be seen on the hollows chest as it prepared something big. Gurgling sound came from its throat while a bad feeling crept into Itsuki's heart.

Itsuki immediately dodged to the side as a massive acidic spit landed where he was previously standing. The acidic spit started to dissolve the ground at a considerable rate as the hollow turned towards Itsuki. Noticing the hollow charging at him, Itsuki quickly got into the Iaido stance. This time Itsuki concentrated on the hollow's line of death rather than just glancing at it. Doing this proved to be quite effective as the Hollow suddenly stopped with fear flashing through its eyes

"Hiten mitsurugi-ryu, Soryusen (Twin Dragon Flash)"

Itsuki quickly drew his sword and slashed through its line of death, his scabbard followed after, landing squarely on its chest pushing its back.

The hollow gave one last scream before collapsing and disappearing into a myriad of particles.

It wasn't a hard fight, it was just getting accustomed to fighting Hollows and learning how to use Hiten mitsurugi-ryu with non-human creatures

The sword style, in the end was made to battle other humans not hollows. Itsuki needed the sword style to suit him more so he was still adjusting it, so it was comfortable to use.

'Still, how did a mid-class hollow get into the designated training area'

This was the second genuine hollow Itsuki had encountered and something wasn't right.

Shiba Aiko, who was watching Itsuki, also felt quite suspicious. Trying to sense her peer's reiatsu, she came to a shocking discovery. Using Shunpo, she quickly made her way to the nearest guard post. Searching around she found nothing, apart from blood on the walls and pieces of the school uniform here and there. Looking through a few guard posts, she found the same thing. While she was searching, an extremely loud hollow scream was heard accompanied with the scream of the first years.

Quickly making her way towards the scream, she came across a group of first years running away while some of her peers confronted a gigantic hollow while more were showing up.

Bodies could be seen blanketing the ground as more piled up.

Itsuki arrived some time later and saw Gin confronting a mid-class hollow while Rangiku and Yuroe tag teaming another one.

It seemed as if the former could handle it while the latter were starting to lose ground. Itsuki immediately fired off a kido to support them,

"Bakudo #4. Hainawa"

A golden rope created by reiatsu was discharged from Itsuki's hand as it tied around the hollow's limbs. Rangiku took this chance to stab the mask of the hollow, effectively purifying it.

While this was happening, more and more hollows were surrounding the area. Shiba Aiko noticed this and immediately tried to send a distress signal to Soul Society however, for some reason, never worked. Noticing that they were trapped, Shiba Aiko, quickly ordered the retreat of the first years while her peers stayed behind.

Sadly, there were only around 5 of them that survived the sneak attack and were currently holding off a few hollows. The situation was dire.

Itsuki joined the front lines and easily took care of a few mid-grade hollows. This time he went in just for the kill and with his speed, he racked up quite a few kills. He restrained from using kido as it would use up too much reiatsu in the long run. He continuously killed hollows as they flocked towards him like moths to a flame. Slowly his mastery of Hiten mitsurugi-ryu progressed to higher levels. This was, in a way, the sword style's home, where it was meant to be and the situation where it should be used. One against many enemies. Itsuki never stopped killing as he started to take only one strike to kill one mid-class hollow. A smile slowly started to appear on his face at this one-sided slaughter. His blood started boiling as he got more and more excited with the feeling of battle.

This went on for quite a while until there were only him, Gin, Shiba Aiko and another sixth year left standing. All the other first years had retreated while the group was confronting the attacking hollows. The group of four could be seen surrounded on all four sides as they panted for breath.

"Still no response from soul society?" Questioned the sixth year,

"No" responded Shiba Aiko as she surveyed the surroundings.

"Wha…" The sixth year was suddenly cut off as his head flew through the air. The other three quickly backed off as Itsuki turned his mystic eyes on. From the reactions of the three, it could be seen that they didn't sense the attacking party in any way. Looking around, Itsuki could see a group of lines of death getting closer to them as light distorted behind them. Realising it is a hollow, Itsuki immediately thrust his sword into that direction hoping to hit the hollow. Feeling his sword entering something, the space in front of Itsuki distorted and a hollow appeared before disappearing.

Seeing this as some sort of signal, the other hollow rushed at them before another round of chaotic fighting ensued. Shiba Aiko then slipped up as an opening appeared, which the confronting hollow noticed. Taking advantage of this the hollow punched her causing her to fly towards another group of hollows. Before the group could attack a voice was heard.

"Shoot to kill, Shinso"

A flash of white was seen, as the hollows were cut in half. Itsuki took this chance to quickly catch Shiba Aiko and bring her to the shelter where the first years were. Noticing Itsuki enter, the first years regained some hope which quickly diminished once they saw Shiba Aiko's injured form. Itsuki quickly put her down and turned around to leave once more when he felt someone tug his sleeve

It was Rangiku and Itsuki could see the worry evident in her eyes. Itsuki just gave her a small smile before he gave a reassuring nod. Turning back around he left a shocked group of students.

"So that's what he looks like"


A sudden grunt was heard as their attention was once again on the newly injured. They quickly moved her to where the injured were before someone came and started to treat her.

Returning to the place, Gin could be seen struggling against a few hollows. Once Itsuki joined in, it laid off a load on Gin before they wiped out the remaining hollows. Taking a breather Itsuki started speaking,

"Awakened your Shikai, huh?"

"Just did. Seems like I one upped you in this aspect"

They started laughing as they slowly regained stamina.

While resting, Itsuki suddenly stopped what he was doing and started to look in a direction. A single hollow could be seen there. It looked completely normal, but alarm bells were ringing inside Itsuki's head. Seeing the serious look on Itsuki's face, Gin also got up and pointed his sword at the other party. This stalemate lasted for some time before Gin made the first move,


Once again, a flash of white appeared as his blade expanded to the intended target. Seeing this Itsuki made his way to the hollow appearing right behind it. Just as he was about to swing his sword three sharp claws came flying out impaling Itsuki thorough his torso.

"Itsuki!!!!" A worried shout came from Gin, trying to once again attack the hollow. A smile could be seen on the hollows mask as it suddenly appeared behind Gin and backhanded him. Gin continued to struggle with the hollow while the other party continued playing with his prey.

Back to Itsuki, he could be seen lying there with three gruesome holes in his torso. His right hand was still holding a zanpakuto as he refused to let go. Perhaps due to fate, another asauchi could be seen next to him peacefully lying there, having clearly lost its previous author. For some reason, Itsuki got the sudden urge to grasp the sword. Struggling to move his hand, Itsuki was able to grasp the sword albeit with difficulty.

Holding the sword, Itsuki felt complete. As if his soul was now one. All traces of fog had vanished in his inner spirit world as he finally entered it. Itsuki was there standing, on the top of a mountain while wearing a tattered school uniform and traces of blood here and there. Feeling two pairs of eye baring into him, he turned around and was immediately shocked. Two monstrosities were behind him. One was hidden in a cluster of thunder clouds, and with the faint scales that appeared, Itsuki could tell it was a dragon. The other was a massive white tiger majestically looking down at him as it sported the symbol of wind on its forehead. They slowly moved forward as they came in front of him, both having an apathetic look masking their expressions. Something they must've got from Itsuki. Three apathetic faces confronted each other while faint voices were heard in Itsuki's ears. A smile appeared as he started disappearing.

Opening his eyes, Itsuki slowly got up as he stared into Gin's direction. It seemed only an instant had passed when he was inside his spirit world.

Itsuki's reiatsu just spiked up as he instantly attracted the attention of Gin and the Hollow. There was only one reason in why he hadn't made progress on his zanpakuto. It was one simple reason, how could one asauchi hold two zanpakuto spirits.

Itsuki stood sideways while holding one sword in a backhand grip behind him and holding one properly in front of him. His reiatsu continuously grew stronger until it broke through to the lower great amount of reiatsu. While this was happening, a faint voice left his mouth

"Reign from above…"

"Shred to pieces…"


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