Rebirth in Bleach
22 Aftermath
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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22 Aftermath

Itsuki could be seen lying down on the ground with sweat covering his body. Next to him were his zanpakuto's in a similar situation. The confrontation allowed Itsuki to better grasp their abilities as he felt closer and more connected with them.

Noticing his zanpakuto sitting up, he also sat up, only to see his zanpakutos sitting either side of him. Byakko started speaking with Ryurai following after,

"I will be your shield"

"While, I shall be your sword"

"You should have realised the abilities you used were just the tip of the iceberg"

Suddenly, Ryurai came quite close and hugged his arm,

"We have many things to show you" teased Ryurai.

Getting no response from Itsuki slightly disappointed her. Although they were part of Itsuki's soul, they were ultimately their own entity and were capable of having their own thoughts. Byakko seemed to have a similar personality to Itsuki, a cold, apathetic one while Ryurai had a teasing one. She tried teasing Itsuki in many ways but eventually failed garnering any response for him. Itsuki thought of them as partners and sisters, not as girls of the opposite gender while they thought of him as their master.

Getting up, Itsuki saw Ryurai's expression become apathetic once again as she and Byakko changed back to their animal forms and headed off to rest.

Itsuki just stayed there for a while and started meditating, reviewing all the moves and thinking if there were better ways to combat them than what he did. After this session, Itsuki left his inner space and drifted off to sleep.

- The next morning -

Itsuki woke up to realise Rangiku was gone and everyone else in the recovery room were having their breakfast. He also saw Gin in the bed next him digging in. A nurse who was nursing him noticed his now opened eyes and quickly ran out of the room. Presumably to bring someone.

Noticing the commotion, the nearby students turned over to see Itsuki awake and the ones that could stand started making their way over to his bed. Some of them were on crutches while some had a broken arm, but they all came around to give their gratitude. One student came out of the crowd and started speaking for everyone

"On behalf of everyone, thank you, Itsuki-san, thank you for saving all of us"

Everyone bowed their heads

"Thank you!!!"

Itsuki was surprised by this commotion and didn't know how to respond. Luckily, he came back to his senses and replied with a small smile,

"I did what I had to"

All the students were suddenly dazed by his smile as the boys previous negativity in their hearts vanished.

One boy in particular came forward and said

"I'm sorry for calling you a stuck up"

He was a big lad, with an honest expression masking his face. Itsuki could see he was a simple guy with a goofy smile and a face that screamed all brawn no brain.

Itsuki forgave him as he never really cared what his classmates called him. Returning to his usual expression, his classmates never left his side. Itsuki couldn't say anything because they were expressing their goodwill to him, but he never really liked attracting attention and started to get irritated by the crowd. It seemed his cold look was not enough to drive them away as Gin started to gloat on his misfortune. Fortunately, a voice interrupted his classmates,

"Ara, ara, everyone seems very energetic"

Abruptly everyone stopped speaking as a few students started sweating.

"Why have you guys left your beds, you've not fully healed have you"

Some injured classmates started shaking as they returned to their recovery beds, allowing Itsuki to get a clear view at the one who spoke. A youthful woman came into view as she walked towards Itsuki. She had black hair braided in the front of her and carried a gentle yet kind demeanour. She wore the standard Shinigami captain uniform, using an obi instead of a sash and having her zanpakuto tied over her shoulder with a string instead of the waist. Currently she had narrowed her eyes as she addressed her patients, slowly opening them revealing her blue eyes.

Arriving next to Itsuki she started asking him in a soft yet polite voice,

"How are you feeling?"

Itsuki looked at her as she looked back. He started feeling pressure when he looked at her, not because she was a captain or the first kenpachi, but simply because of the question. Itsuki finally realised why many captains feared her, it was somehow her gentle and kind manners that let the others know that she shouldn't be taken lightly. Itsuki replied,


"That's good then"

Even though she said that, she still took some extra precautions and made further checks on him. In the middle of the checks, the door to the room was opened fiercely as a shadow darted him.

"Itsuki, huff... I…huff…heard you…huff…are…huff…finally awake"

Barely brining out a sentence Rangiku realised that everyone was looking at her. Her thick skin prevented her from getting embarrassed as she continued to look at Itsuki. However, she seemed to have neglected someone

"Matsumoto-san, can you please not run in the hospital. You can get hurt or hurt someone"

Finally noticing why everyone was on their best behaviour she realised that she was being disrespectful, quickly bowing her head,

"Sorry for my impudence, Unohana-taichou"

Yes, the one who had been treating Itsuki was Unohana Retsu, 4th division captain and the best healer in soul society. She is also one of the oldest captains currently serving in the Gotei 13. She had been specially requested to help heal Itsuki due to his talents and the fact that he would be a great asset to soul society in the future.

While Itsuki was calmly recuperating, it was not so calm in the 8th division of the Gotei 13.

People were bustling around as they tried to get any clues to what happened during this year's demi-hollow training. This year's training took part in a town in their jurisdiction and they needed to find answers to give to the central 46

In the captain's room a middle-aged man could be seen sleeping on his desk. He had long brown wavy hair tied into a long ponytail and was donning a pink flowered female's kimono. A sugegusa straw hat laid next to him including a bottle of emptied sake while a smile was plastered on his face. He had high cheekbones and facial hair present on his upper mouth. The was the current 8th division captain and future 1st division captain, Kyoraku Shunsui.

Suddenly a hand interrupted his sleep

"Lisa-chan, what are you doing"

"Waking you up"

"Yeah, but why are you touching me there"

"I wanted to wake you up"

Sighing at the antics of his lieutenant, he removed her hand and got up. He looked towards his lieutenant, a young woman sporting red squared glasses and two braided pig tails with straight bangs. She was wearing an altered version of the Shinigami attire with a shortened hakama resembling a skirt. This was Lisa Yadomaru.

"So, what are the reports, Lisa-chan"

"Apart from Shiba Aiko and the ones that were injured earlier on, all the other sixth years are dead. From the first years, a few dead while a dozen more injured or are currently in critical condition. The fourth division are taking care of them. It seemed this year's two geniuses did the most fighting. Judging from the reports it seems that Ichimaru Gin has awakened his Shikai while Minamoto Itsuki has awakened it already."

Remembering back to when they arrived at the human world

They encountered a devastated area with craters and marks everywhere. Bodies of sixth years were sprawled everywhere in pieces while an unconscious student could be felt some distance away. What attracted his attention was the student in front. His top was ruined revealing his perfectly sculpted muscles complimenting his divine face. Itsuki had deactivated his eyes so Shinsui never saw it, but he could see his zanpakuto released in its Shikai form, and just like him and Ukitake Jushiro, captain of the 13th division, he had dual zanpakutos. Coming back from his thoughts he continued,

"What about the hollow"

"It's been taken by the fifth division, it seems like Lieutenant Aizen knows something about it"

While talking, a Jigokucho came in with news

"It seems the old man has called for me, probably wants a report or something. Lisa continue investigating as I go meet the old man"

"Yes, captain"

Shunsui shunpoed towards the 1st division HQ as Lisa returned to her duties.


- Author's note -

Reaching the end of the academy arc.

Lastly, currently, his zanpakuto is not based on the four divine beasts because the dragon is known as seiryuu and controls water while mine is ryurai and controls lightning.

Meh, might change my mind and do that later on.

I never wanted MC to be extremely OP right off the bat and I prefer being OP similar to how madara destroyed the allied nation's army using pure taijutsu rather than Itsuki swinging his sword and cutting soul society in half. Well, may have that in the future but not now.

If you have ideas then I don't mind you sharing them, it may turn out to be better then what I have thought off.

Shall I create auxillary chapters for things like stages I mentioned in the hateful info dump

Damn author's note limit


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