Rebirth in Bleach
23 Studen
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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23 Studen

Shunsui could be seen standing in what seemed like a big hall. An old man sat there, in front of a desk, while listening to his report.

He had a bald head and really long eyebrows and beard. Two scars were criss-crossed above his right eye which were red. He wore the standard captain's Shinigami uniform with the number 1 written at the back. This was the current captain-commander of the Gotei 13, Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni.

Next to him was his lieutenant, Sasakibe Chojiro. Chojiro had pupil less gold eyes and short silver hair with tan skin. He wore the standard Shinigami uniform with a white robe draped over.

"That is it, old man" finished Shunsui,

Yamamoto could be seen closing his eyes in contemplation as Chojiro next to him kept his silence and let his captain think. After taking his time contemplating, Yamamoto dismissed Shunsui, who left leaving the two members of the 1st division alone.

"What do you think, Chojiro"

"I think someone was behind this, Eijisai-dono"

Yamamoto opened his eyes before asking another question,

"What about the boy?"

"Which boy"

"Minamoto Itsuki"

"I think he has potential. It was because of his burst of reiatsu that we were able to notice something wrong, plus, he does have extremely rare dual zanpakuto's. Apart from Kyoraku-dono and Ukitake-dono he is the third person to have dual zanpakuto's"

Hearing his response, Yamamoto once again sunk into contemplation as he indicated for Chojiro to leave. Seeing Chojiro leave he leaned back onto his chair, his thoughts unknown.

4th division HQ, Hospital Wing

It's been a week since Itsuki woke up and was currently leaving the hospital. Upon learning that he was unconscious for a few days, Itsuki wanted to get back to training as soon as possible. With his recent experience Itsuki realised that he was still weak in this world. All the training he done and the cheats he had, boosted his ego which came crashing down with the last fight.

There were many people currently stronger than him and will be in the future. Realising this he decided to quickly get back to training and try learning how to control his Shikai and its many other forms.

Arriving at the training grounds, Itsuki immediately got to work in controlling his now captain class reiatsu. He didn't notice two shadows observing him from the outskirts as he continued getting used to his new-found powers.

Firstly, he tried narrowing down the leakage of reiatsu. Calling his reiatsu, he found out that his reiatsu had changed colours to a mixture of blue and grey and had its own property. If he wanted to, he could decrease the presence his reiatsu had, making it completely untraceable. He could enter and leave places without people knowing, just like the wind.

Apart from that, he concluded that his overall speed had gone up a notch, including his reaction speed and how fast he perceived moving targets.

As Itsuki continued training, one of the shadows started speaking

"Are you sure about this, Eijisai-dono?"

Grunting in response the second shadow replied,

"It is about time I groomed a successor"

The first shadow stopped speaking as he believed that it wasn't his position to continue questioning his superior, the one he had sworn to follow.

Sometime later, Itsuki finished his training and wiped off his sweat. Noticing a couple of figures entering his peripheral vision he immediately entered a quick draw stance with both his swords. Awakening his zanpakuto had bought a change in how the swords looked. Byakko had a black handle and scabbard. It had a square hand guard with a gold sakura tree design printed on. Ryurai had a handle and scabbard that was white in colour, in which the scabbard had hints of gold appearing as the light reflected on it. It had a black circular handguard with a gold coiling dragon imprinted on it.

With the previous training, he realised that his zanpakutos each came with a trick up their sleeves. Byakko, no matter how hard you swung it, you couldn't hear the sword being drawn or swung. The sound that came with the sword cutting through the air was non-existent. Only when the sword clashed with an object would something be heard. Ryurai had a mirror like thing on the butt of the handle, where, once infused with reiatsu, would there be a flash of light, blinding the opposite party.

As Itsuki got a better look, he was instantly gobsmacked as his eyes widened. The two people in front were, 1st division captain and captain commander of the Gotei 13, Yamamoto Genryusai and his lieutenant Sasakibe Chojiro. What confused Itsuki was that they seemed to be here for him, but he pushed aside these thoughts as he kneeled on one knee and said respectfully,

"Student Minamoto Itsuki greets the Captain Commander"

An approving look flashed thorough Yamamoto's eyes as he looked at Itsuki. Yamamoto was a man that followed the rules and laws of soul society to the letter. His loyalty speaks for itself as he is willing to sacrifice anything, even himself, for soul society. Yamamoto had one eye open and the other closed as he observed Itsuki before speaking,

"Minamoto Itsuki, Stand up"

Yamamoto once again looked at Itsuki's poker face before asking,

"Would you like to become my student?"

Another wave of shock passed through Itsuki hearing this revelation as he stood up. He never expected to be asked to become the student of the captain commander himself. The monster in front of him had easily lived for over 2,000 years and was the most respected among Shinigami. He was the one that founded the academy and one of the founders of the Gotei 13, playing a major role in bringing it up to what it is today. Apart from shock, Itsuki felt excited that he immediately did a 90 degree bow and accepted.

"It would be my honour, Sensei"

Happy that Itsuki had accepted, Yamamoto continued,

"You would be my third student apart form Shunsui and Jushiro. I heard that you applied for an early graduation at the end of this year. I will teach you till then, and you can decide where you want to join."

Yamamoto continued with his dos and don'ts before he dismissed Itsuki. Watching the boy leave Chojiro, who never spoke a word finally spoke,

"I thought you wanted to make him your successor"

"He doesn't need to know, plus, these six months I will see if his character is suitable and if he has what it takes."

Finishing his words, he shunpoed away with Chojiro following after.


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