Rebirth in Bleach
25 Spar
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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25 Spar

Itsuki removed his weights and threw them do the side gently, which still caused a crater to form due to sheer weight. Yamamoto took the upper half of his uniform off, showing his muscular body littered with scars. His previous frail look gone as he stood upright like a sword that had been unsheathed. His walking stick floated in front of him as its outer layer peeled off revealing a katana. It had a purple handle and sheath with a circular hand guard.

"Let's start this beating, kid, make the first move"

Itsuki got into his Iaido stance as he disappeared and reappeared next to Yamamoto. Drawing both his swords he initiated Hiten mitsurugi-ryu, Soryusen (Twin Dragon Flash) but this time with two swords.

Yamamoto blocked the strike and pushed him back before Itsuki could land the second sword. As Itsuki landed, he didn't stop there as he was still pushed back gathering dust in the air. He looked up only to see Yamamoto missing. The dust clearing around him, he realised that Yamamoto was already next to him slashing down with incomparable might. Dodging the sword Itsuki saw the sword hit the ground creating a crack in the ground. A soon as Itsuki's foot touched the ground he immediately pushed off to attack with his memory partition and thoughts acceleration coming into play.

Coming into contact with Yamamoto, a series of clashes and strike followed with both entering a stalemate. They both were currently using pure swordsmanship with Yamamoto relying on his years of experience and Itsuki relying on pure speed and his mental capabilities.

The stalemate was broken with Yamamoto getting the upper hand as he slashed through Itsuki's protective reiatsu and created a wound on his shoulders causing him to fly back and land in a formation of rocks.

Getting back up, Itsuki held his wound only to see Yamamoto losing the sword and punching him. As the punch was coming towards him, he realised that it wasn't as normal as it seemed. Alarm bells were ringing for Armageddon in his brain as he quickly dodged to the side.


Left Yamamoto's mouth as his fist landed creating a massive depression ahead of him. Although Itsuki dodged it, he was still blown back from the impact. Also dropping his sword, he entered a hand to hand combat situation with Yamamoto but was immediately thrashed. Itsuki quickly found an opening and put his hands in a blocking motion

"Bakudo #39, Enkosen"

A circular dish of rotating energy appeared in front of him as Yamamoto's fist landed on it causing him to be launched back.

Falling back to his sword he immediately picked it up and immediately got ready. Yamamoto also got to his sword and picked it up. Both of them looked at each other as both their reiatsu spiked up. Yamamoto's reiatsu had reached unprecedented heights as he released it while, although, Itsuki's was a whole level lower, could still be felt rising. The training ground could not hold both their reiatsu as everyone in soul society felt it.

8th Division HQ

Shunsui immediately turned back and shed an imaginary tear,

"What happened taichou"

"It seems yama-no-jiisan is not holding back on the kid"

'My prayers are with you, kouhai'

13th Division HQ

A sickly man could be seen laying down on a futon as he was tended to by a maid. He had a head full of white hair put into a low ponytail and black eyebrows with an emaciated appearance. His face was relatively handsome. Feeling his master's reiatsu a gentle smile crept onto his face remembering him. His eyebrows suddenly twitched as long forgotten memories came back.

'Take care of yourself, Kouhai'

Everyone felt the captain commanders reiatsu flaring up and a tiny one confronting it. While some Shinigami went into alert, there captains calmed them down while giving a silent prayer for the new students. Well most of them, some of them didn't even care.

1st Division HQ

If people outside could feel the nullified version of Yamamoto's reiatsu, imagine the brunt of it falling on Itsuki. Sweat started pouring down Itsuki, but he still kept his stand.

"All things of this world, turn to ashes, Ryujin Jakka"

"Reign from above, Ryurai"

"Shred to pieces, Byakko"

Both of them released their Shikai as flames started to spread towards Itsuki. Placing Byakko in front, it negated the flames of Ryujin, but the heat was still there. Bringing Ryurai upwards Itsuki went into the same stance he was in when he fought the hollow as Yamamoto waited for his student's move. Thrusting the sword forward he shouted,


The same technique came out as Itsuki was thrust forward towards Yamamoto. Trusting his instincts, Yamamoto surprisingly dodged the strike as a cut was left on his chest. Itsuki wasn't scot free as he had mild burns around his right arm which held Ryurai. Calling out to Byakko he muttered,

"Kokyu, Byakko"

Suddenly the sword disappeared and turned into wind surrounding Itsuki. Faint shadows of tigers could be seen appearing in the now formed shield. No matter where the flames approached him from the shield worked its magic and nullified it. Now holding Ryurai with two hands he attacked Yamamoto, finally showing the essence of Hiten mitsurugi-ryu. Coming in contact with Ryujin Jakka, Ryurai didn't lose out. With the fires negated by Byakko, the only thing Ryurai was hitting was a really hot blade. This however didn't impede Ryurai as it also heated itself up with electricity reaching similar levels of heat.

Once again, the spar became reliant on their swordsmanship with the same outcome, but this time it took longer, showing Itsuki's progress in swordsmanship.

This lasted for a while before Itsuki was blown back, inches from falling unconscious. Resealing his zanpakuto, Yamamoto ended the spar as Itsuki also resealed his. Being dismissed he dragged his beaten-up body and got into the herbal bath as he fell asleep.

After some time Chojiro came and found him sleeping. Smiling a little he picked him up, made him wear his nightgown and put him in his room. Luckily Itsuki was still wearing pants.


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