Rebirth in Bleach
27 Graduation
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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27 Graduation

Itsuki went into meditation trying to figure out a way to achieve Bankai. Whenever he went all out fighting, his connection with his zanpakutos became deeper and deeper. However, during training encountered an issue. It was his eyes. Itsuki had never used it for long periods of time so he never knew that there was a drawback in using his eyes.

Once, Yamamoto wanted to see how far his eyes can go, so he put Itsuki to fight non-stop, forbidding him for deactivating his eyes. At first, it was all good, 15 minutes later he started feeling tired and realised that his eyes were using reiatsu, although it was only miniscule amount. This however was an issue in of itself, no matter how small, after some time, the used up reiatsu was substantial.

This was not the end though, about 30 minutes later he started feeling pain in his head. No sane person can look at death for long periods of time no matter how dampened Itsuki's emotions were. 45 minutes later he started feeling pain in the depths of his soul promptly turning it off. Although 45 minutes is an extremely long time for one battle, it still showed that his eyes had limits.

In his Shikai mode, the time was extended. So, from then on, Itsuki started training his eyes by constantly keeping them activated long enough.

With another failure in finding way to achieve Bankai, he came out of meditation.

Leaving the 1st division HQ, Itsuki arrived at the academy once again. He now looked like a 15-year-old with his hair tied up to a high pony tail. He was relatively tall for his age, though by soul society standards, he was just over a year old. As Itsuki was training, he never got to celebrate his birthday, well if a 'special beating' was a way of celebrating then he did. He was donning his academy uniform, this time without a mask. His zanpakutos could be seen placed on the left side of his waist, overlapping each other. His azure blue eyes surveyed the students entering and leaving grounds as he made his way towards the exam hall.

Making his way, he became the centre of attention, where ever he went. Not just because of his looks but seeing the two zanpakutos hanging on the side of his waist told everyone of his identity.

White hair, blue eyes, bishounen, glacier like look, unapproachable aura and one of the only three people with dual zanpakutos. Student of the captain commander and the genius of the first year,

Minamoto Itsuki.

Itsuki ignored the looks as he got used to it, but his footsteps hastened as it still felt weird with people ogling at you while pointing.

Reaching the exam hall, he breathed a sigh of relief before hearing a shout come from behind.


Turning around he saw his friends make their way towards him. Gin was also with them and it was clear they came to wish their friends good luck in the exam. Yuroe could surprisingly be seen blushing as she looked at Gin, giving Itsuki a bit of a shock. He hadn't seen them for months, so he never knew what the friends went through.

Before he could ask anything Rangiku dropped a bombshell, trying to distract Itsuki,

"Itsuki, I'm tired"

Upon getting his attention

"My breasts, they've become too heavy"

This broke his icy exterior as he was too gobsmacked to say anything. The rest of the friends just ignored the girl's antics as Itsuki gave up asking any questions and followed Gin into the hall.

Once they entered it, they came across a teacher taking the attendance of the exam takers. The procedure was similar to the entrance exam where, having reported their arrival, they will be put into a group. A written theory test will be taken, where things like Shinigami duties, knowledge on the history of soul society etc will be asked. After that, their name will be called out for an individual examination where they will be tested on Zankensoki. 'Zan' being Zanjutsu, 'Ken' for Hakuda, 'So' for Hoho/Shunpo and 'Ki' for Kido.

However, before taking the test they will be asked what division they wanted to join. This means that specific choices will alter the marking scheme. For example, if one chose the 4th division, the test would emphasise on healing tasks, contrary, if one wanted to join the 11th division they would be assessed on their skills in combat. If one wanted to join the Kido corps, they will be assessed on their mastery on Kido and so on.

Itsuki was given a task from Yamamoto and to carry it out, he had to join a specific corps,

The Onmitsukido.

The written exam was a piece of cake while the practical was even easier. In Zanjutsu, he beat the examiner, he drew with the Hakuda examiner, set a record time for the given obstacle course and passed the kido examination with Hado #58 Tenran while also abandoning its incantation.

As the 2nd division and the Onmitsukido were one in the same, he had to take a special examination to get into the Onmitsukido. If he failed this then he would have to join another division of the Gotei 13.

Although he knew that he would become a seated member or even a lieutenant in another division, Itsuki needed to join this particular division.

The test had more stringent requirements on Hakuda, especially to get into the detention unit and become a warden at the nest of maggots.

Itsuki was less accomplished in Hakuda than the rest and to improve, what better way than going to a place where no zanpakuto were allowed and the only way of combat inside was hand to hand combat. Yamamoto believed that it was the best place for Itsuki to train his Hakuda. The task for Itsuki was to become the corps commander in the Onmitsukido, no matter which, while also automatically becoming a seated member.

Although he did well on the exam, he first decided to become more proficient in Hakuda at the Detention Unit, before requesting for a transfer and becoming part of the other corps before joining the executive militia, the main unit of Onmitsukido.

Knowing that the hollowfication incident is going to happen nine years later, and with Shihouin Yoruichi betraying soul society, why not become the leader of the whole Onmitsukido.

Passing the exam, Itsuki was told to report to the 2nd division HQ the next morning where he would be briefed in his role.

Waiting outside were his friends and Gin, who had already passed. Gin had gotten into the 5th division, the one where Aizen Sosuke was the lieutenant of, similar to the storyline. After celebrating Itsuki's and Gin's graduation, they went their separate ways with Itsuki coming back to the 1st division to rest for the night.

Before reaching his room, he decided to report to his teacher as he was leaving his tutelage. Arriving next to his office, Itsuki knocked on the door and waited for his teacher's permission to enter. Upon entering, Itsuki saw the old man looking at papers as he quickly got on his knees and bowed to Yamamoto, catching him off guard.

"What are you doing Itsuki?"

"Sensei, I just want to express my gratitude for all you have done for me the past six months"

"Get up, it seems you have graduated if you are talking like that"

Silently getting up, he saw that Yamamoto had also gotten up as he moved towards the open area next to his office.

"Itsuki, what do you see as justice…"


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