Rebirth in Bleach
29 Detention Corps
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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29 Detention Corps

The next day Itsuki could be seen standing on attention with a few others in the 2nd division HQ. All his stuff had been unpacked in the room he will be sharing with a few others, all who were part of the detention unit. He was currently wearing the standard Onmitsukido uniform which was a full black ninja like clothes that covered the bottom of his face, the sleeves and trouser were strapped to the body by bands to prevent the clothes from moving too much and instead of sandals he wore long Jika-tabi.

His zanpakutos were with him, Byakko placed over his shoulder and Ryurai on his waist

In front was a man in a similar attire but the whole of his face was covered minus the eyes.

"You are now the new guards for Prison A. Prison A hosts criminals of a violent nature. Most of them are members of the rukongai while the special few are Shinigami with the powers of seated and unseated individuals. The people that have committed crimes akin to thievery and small crimes are placed in the outer area. Ones who have committed crimes of a dangerous nature akin to murder and **** are in the inner area, while ones that have Shinigami powers are in the core area."

"You as members of the Detention unit will take turns in guarding the outer perimeters of the prison while catching ones who try to escape. If they retaliate, take them down, but don't kill them. Unless its someone that have powers, then DO NOT KILL THEM. DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!"


As the briefing was over Itsuki got assigned the position at the north of the Prison during the night.

Knowing that he had some time, he decided to look over the surrounding area of where he would be patrolling.

He was assigned to Prison A before being assigned to the Nest of Maggots because he never had experience. Nest of Maggots was not full of criminals, but Shinigami of considerable power that, in one way or another, proved harmful to Soul Society, whether they had committed a crime or not. So rather than sending some greenhorn to the place, they would rather send someone experienced.

At least that's what Itsuki thought.

Overlooking the briefing area, two females could be seen looking in the direction of Itsuki. The one in front was a beautiful dark skin woman that had purple hair and golden irises. Her hair was cut short to her neck and covered her well-endowed body with a sleeveless and backless Onmitsukido executive uniform with long black wrist guards and a black ribbon tied round her neck.

The one behind her was a petite woman that had light skin, dark grey eyes and black hair. She had soft shoulder length hair and wore the standard Onmitsukido uniform albeit without the mask.

"Oho, although I can't see it, he seems really handsome, doesn't he, Soi Fon"

A playful smirk plastered her face as she addressed the girl behind

"Who Yoruichi-Sama?"

Soi Fon questioned her superior. The girl in front was the 22nd head of the noble Shihouin clan, current captain of the 2nd division, Commander-in-chief of the Onmitsukido, the correction corps commander and the Executive corps commander, Shihouin Yoruichi. The one behind her was her personal guard, member of the Executive corps and the current Sui-Feng, Soi Fon.

"Minamoto Itsuki"

"The one that the captain commander took as his disciple"


"Where is he?"

Looking at the confused look on the girls face she gave out a sigh of defeat before turning around to leave. Soi Fon, still confused, spoke to herself,

"Why is he assigned to Prison A. He should be strong if the captain commander was his teacher…"

Yoruichi smiled to herself as she overheard this.

'It seems that it's going to be lively around here'

Sadly, for Itsuki it wasn't lively. It was dull and boring. Continuously he had to overlook the prison and watch out for any intruders. There never was one but he had to do it. When he was off duty, he had to remain on stand-by just in case something happened so this meant that he couldn't do any vigorous training. The only relief of this boredom was his day off where he would try meeting his friends at the academy. Gin was not available as he had duties of his own, so it was mostly him, Rangiku, Yuroe and Ketaro. Well only him and Rangiku because, for some reason, they always forgot to do something leaving the two alone. So, all they did was talk and hang around until it was time for them to leave, allowing their relationship to get progressively closer.

Sometimes, when they were out, a black cat would appear in which only Itsuki could pet it. If someone else approached it, the cat would run away. Itsuki knew this was Yoruichi but chose to stay silent.

Six months went by with no events happening, but it allowed Itsuki to increase his patience. Constantly being alert helped train his senses as he was now able sense reiatsu at a further distance. While he was on guard, he trained in himself staying in one place for extended periods of times making the tiniest amount of movement possible.

Currently, he was out with Rangiku grabbing a bite to eat. With Seireitei having a lot of facilities needed for a Shinigami to relax, a small restaurant wasn't unusual.

They were just chatting about their daily lives, well mostly Rangiku, when a Jigokucho entered and flew towards Itsuki.

Hearing the message, Itsuki shot up and looked back at Rangiku.

"Sorry, Rangiku, something came up"

Nodding back, Rangiku watched as Itsuki disappeared from her view.

Arriving at the HQ, Itsuki dressed up and joined the lines of guards receiving orders.

"There has been a prison break. All the escapees are people that have Shinigami powers. You will all be divided in groups in where you were stationed. Members of the north of the prison will go north and look for the escapees. Get to your posts before you receive a paper that has the details of the escapees."

It wasn't a major problem but the Onmitsukido would like to have the escapees back before news got out. Itsuki was the first to arrive at the north post where he received the details and the order to kill. Remembering all the possible routes that the escapees could have used he quickly left, even before the next guard arrived.


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