Rebirth in Bleach
31 Nest of Maggots
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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31 Nest of Maggots

Tuning around his captain came into view. The captain had straight blonde hair that reached below his waist and fringe reaching his eyebrows. He wore the standard Shinigami captain clothing with the number 5 on its back. His expression was as such that his top front teeth were showing. This was the current captain of the 5th division, Hirako Shinji, who was also the future member of vizard.

"Nothing Captain Hirako"

The one who replied was supposedly the mysterious man of the prison incident. Although no one knew this mysterious man. He wore the standard Shinigami shihakuso and wore a pair of square framed glasses. His soft brown eyes and hair gave him a harmless feel, with the scholarly air around him it was as if he wouldn't hurt a fly. This man was naturally Aizen Sosuke, one of the main villains of bleach and a man of extraordinary intellect.

Shinji just looked at the man in front of him. He had specially made him his lieutenant to keep a close eye on him. No matter how he looked at him, a nagging feeling would well up inside of him, disallowing Shinji to ever trust him. They continued their silent confrontation until a Jigokucho came in through the window.

After being notified of their orders, they immediately moved to complete them.

Aizen was lost in his own thoughts,

'Those eyes, what are they?'

2nd division HQ


"I never fell asleep"

"Uso-tsuke, you fell asleep!!"

"No, I never"


Coming out of her laughter, Yoruichi continued to look at the two quarrelling before her expression became serious.

"Okay, that's enough. Itsuki, I want your accounts of things, what happened?"

Noticing the atmosphere becoming serious Soi Fon calmed down and waited for Itsuki to speak, although a frown was present.

Itsuki quickly recalled the details and explained to Yoruichi.

"…I turned him over and he was already killed. A sword was most likely used to drive it through the heart. From his expression, it was like he recognised the person in front, so it was most likely someone who gave them the information or someone he knew, directly or indirectly."

"Directly or indirectly?"

Soi Fon was confused

"Someone he knew personally, or someone famous enough for the leader of his position to know"

Itsuki gave Soi Fon a look as if she was an idiot, irking her slightly. Turning back to Yoruichi, she seemed to be in deep contemplation until she finally looked up.

"Hmm, I'll send someone to investigate this. You're in the detention unit, right?"


"The nest of maggots is without a corps commander right now, why don't I transfer you to that position."


Soi Fon was shocked by the declaration but Itsuki felt happy. Before she could say anything Itsuki hurriedly replied

"I will not fail to meet the captain's expectations"

Yoruichi gave a nod before calling out,

"Go tomorrow and pass the test, if you can't then, well if you fail the test then you die. Go now, make your preparations for tomorrow's transfer"

Itsuki just gave a nod and left.

Turning to Soi Fon, it seemed she was about to say something, however, Yoruichi just shook her head before returning to sit in her seat.

Itsuki left the main HQ and went to his dorm to prepare for his transfer.

The news came in the next day with someone with the paper of the transfer. Gathering his belongings, he was then escorted deep into the 2nd division where a wide moat and a high wall was located. A wooden bridge was connecting the area for the prison and the 2nd Division HQ, Itsuki met with a set of guards who took his papers and belongings. They also took his zanpakutos and searched him for any weapons he may have had in there

All of them had the word 'indifference' written on their eyes as they probed Itsuki.

After looking at the documents, Itsuki was then informed of his test,

"Your test is to go into the nest of maggots and survive. While you are there you will also have to subdue all the prisoners. Failing the test means death, you can't escape and can only leave after you have passed the test. We will be back after one week and we will see your results by entering the nest of maggots. Remember no killing. That is all"

They then left him on his own. Itsuki proceeded to walk on the path until he came across a door, leading into what seemed to be a cave. Two guard were stationed outside, and they opened the door for him to a dark abyss, a place where no light could reach.

Taking his time to adjust his sight, a cold feeling crept up as he now called this dark place his home for the next week. Walking deeper into the tunnel he came across a set of stairs with dim lanterns on the edges. Rock stalactites littered the roof as a small pond had formed on the side due to drops of water slowly dripping onto it for years.

Continuing his path, a giant set of wooden doors greeted his sights with two handles towards the middle. Itsuki just stood there knowing that on the other side of the door were the residents of the maggot's nest, a.k.a nest of maggots.

These people were dangerous individuals that had not yet committed any sort of crime but were deemed dangerous to their fellow Shinigami and soul society. These were also not the only people in there, Shinigami who wanted to 'resign' from the Gotei 13 were also here. The central 46 told their fellow Shinigami that they resigned but they were forcefully placed here. A Shinigami could ask for a leave for personal reasons but not resign. It was against protocols.

They couldn't allow trained Shinigami to walk free. All the residents hadn't done something bad so they couldn't be punished, they were just placed in special detention.


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