Rebirth in Bleach
33 3rd sea
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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33 3rd sea


Shouts of exclamations were heard when the gang of women arrived at the main hall. An unpleasant expression masked their faces as they watched over the gruesome sight in front of them. Men were laid about seemingly unconscious randomly across the hall. Limbs were dislocated in various places with some having blobs of blood in between their legs. Itsuki was just sitting there daydreaming. Itsuki had beaten up the last remnants of prisoners and had finally subdued everyone. He paid special attention to those who had been described by the female victims who had or were going to do untoward things to them.

Feeling someone approaching, Itsuki came out of his thoughts and looked up. Seeing Maneko arrive Itsuki got up and walked towards her,

"Is this what you wanted to show me?"

"Yes and No. I came here for a test"

This sentence bought a shock to Maneko,

"Don't tell me. You…"

"Yes. I will now be the new corps commander for the Detention Unit. I need someone to be my eyes and ears in this place so I'm choosing you."

Understanding what Itsuki meant Maneko quickly got on her knees along with the other females.

"We will not let you down"

Maneko knew that it would be extremely difficult for her to leave this place. This added some protection to the females that arrived in the nest of maggots and could possibly be the girls only hope to leave this place.

Kurotsuchi Mayuri was only able to leave this place because a captain asked for him and he had shown that he would be beneficial to soul society in a way or another.

"Get up. I have two days left before they come to receive me. I will train all of you in Hakudo"

A mesmerising smirk slowly crept up to his face, shocking the girls, not due to its beauty but due to fear. A shiver was felt on their spines as Maneko started to contemplate whether she would come to regret her choice or not.

- Two days later-

A group of Onmitsukido members could be seen in front of the giant wooden doors leading into the nest of maggots. Soi Fon could be seen leading them as she proceeded to open the doors. She knew Itsuki was taking the test and she was specially asked by Yoruichi to come and see if he passed. Soi Fon had a bad expression on Itsuki as he had fallen asleep in front of Yoruichi-Sama and had the audacity to lie.

Hoping that he had failed and was already rotting in one of the cells, what she saw inside astonished her. All the prisoners were acting in an orderly manner, but what surprised her was the women. They were talking and laughing happily and it wasn't like before where fear was present in their eyes. The fear had somehow transferred to the men when they looked at the girls and to an inconspicuous corner. The Onmitsukido members behind her were similarly astonished.

Walking forward they came across Itsuki who was meditating. No prisoners were around him as they refused to come close to this demon. Noticing the reactions from the prisoners it was safe to say that he had passed the test. Arriving in front of Itsuki, Soi Fon called out

"Minamoto Itsuki"

No response came from Itsuki.

"Minamoto Itsuki!"

Soi Fon called out even louder as veins started to protrude on her forehead.

Once again not garnering any response, Soi Fon proceeded to kick him in the face. As a wall was behind Itsuki, Soi Fon had kicked Itsuki into the wall but surprisingly didn't hear a groan or even the feeling of hitting another person was not there. As the dust slowly settled a hole was formed in front of Soi Fon but no Itsuki was there. Her eyes widened in disbelief, Soi Fon felt someone patting her head from behind her. Finally registering what had happened her face flushed red before swinging her arm.

Itsuki once again dodged before just standing there. Soi Fon was there fuming in anger as she felt incredibly embarrassed that someone did that to her. Looking at the apathetic face, increased her anger before remembering her orders from Yoruichi.

Soi Fon was incredibly loyal to Yoruichi so she forcefully swallowed her anger and went on to escort Itsuki out of the nest of maggots albeit with a red face. The other members didn't do anything and pretended that they didn't see anything knowing that the man in front was going to be a superior of theirs.

Itsuki was then escorted out and brought to the 2nd division HQ so he can meet Yoruichi. Itsuki once again arrived in front of Yoruichi and she looked as carefree as always. Her personal guards were sitting around her with Soi Fon joining them.

"So you passed, huh?"

"Yes, Captain"


A serious look suddenly masked her face as she got up and walked towards Itsuki.

"Minamoto Itsuki, from now on you will be the new corps commander for the Detention Unit and the 3rd seat of the 2nd division from henceforth. Are there any objections?"

No-one was against it as Itsuki had proved his worth with subduing all the prisoners in the nest of maggots.


Yoruichi handed him a token. It had the number 2 written on it in kanji and a pasqueflower below it. Behind it, '3rd seat' and 'Corps commander of the detention unit' were written on it.

"I won't let the captain down"

This brought a smile to her face as she went back to her usual personality and sat back down.


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