Rebirth in Bleach
34 One year
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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34 One year

It's been a year since Itsuki got promoted to becoming the current corps commander of the detention unit. This last year, most of his training has focused on his sword finally reaching master level. Now, apart from Kido his Zanjutsu and Hakudo were now at master level with Shunpo reaching the boundary between expert and master. His Kido also improved a bit with him being more proficient in Bakudo than Hado but was still in expert level.

He also had made changes within the detention unit. He had changed the whole outline of the detention unit with there being no breakouts since he took over. Separating the Shinigami and citizens of Rukongai, prisons now housed only one of them. He had also upped the corps training by one with them focusing on binding enemies. Itsuki could confidently say that currently his corps was the most proficient in Hakudo.

None made any voice of complaint even at the start. There may have been some dissatisfaction among the corps at the start, it may have grown when Itsuki didn't even give a speech. All he did was make some changes and pushed all the members to the limit. He went through all the information he had on prisons and using memory partition and thought acceleration, was able to spot all the weaknesses in the prison's defences. With this he changed the whole routine and layout of the guard's patrols.

Also, he gave in a request to Yoruichi which allowed the female group in the nest of maggots become guards of some sort. They would help keep order in the nest and if they produced results, they would have a chance to leave. Itsuki found out later that there were monitors on the nest of maggots. Wondering how certain acts were allowed he discovered that the guards monitoring them were of crappy character and immediately dismissed them, sending them to the outskirts where there was no future.

Immediately he found a few female members of the corps and assigned them to keep watch. Although it may seem he was favouring females and, due to this, was also called by Yoruichi. His response to this was,

"They need to know how to protect themselves, rather than have someone protect them. That someone will not be with them forever"

Once knowing the answer, he was dismissed but it seemed that his position in Yoruichi's eyes went up a few notches. Once he set up the routine and made all the changes, two months had already passed. He picked out a few veterans and loyal characters to overlook the corps and got back to training. He would make rounds from time to time and sporadically, so no one knew he was coming, keeping them fully focused on their training.

Itsuki never punished them for slacking off. All he did was glare at them, and it proved to work. They would jump straight up and give their maximum effort. The members of the corps hated the feeling, it was like someone just put a piece of ice down their back and they couldn't remove it. It also doesn't melt, so until they put their utmost effort in training then it would never go away. Plus, they never knew when he was coming so they kept vigilant and remained alert. This surprised Itsuki as it would also train their senses, which resulted a few members getting a piece of Itsuki's glare at random times.

This however did put in some pressure on them mentally, causing them to sleep like logs during the night, but they did immediately wake up as soon as possible in order to not dissatisfy Itsuki.

Discussions were spread out as it was a rest day for them. Members off duty could meet their family and friends, having a day off from all the taxing training they had to do. Discussion were ringing out from time to time, such as

"Hey, I heard you got the glare"

The member addressed suddenly shuddered as he remembered that feeling

"Don't talk about it, I ran an extra 5 laps just so I won't get that feeling again"

Seeing his friend starting to weep he was shocked, another discussion

"Hey, hey. I think I got the glare yesterday"


Seeing his friends shocked faces, a truly miserable expression was present on his face as he further elaborated

"It was when..."

His friends got closer

"… I was in the toilet"

Shock was plastered on their faces as they heard what had happened. One of the friends mumbled without thinking

"Don't tell me, we have to give out utmost effort in relieving ourselves as well"

The miserable face suddenly turned into a fearful one as he quickly tried to close his friend's mouth.

"Ssssshhhhh, THEY will hear"

Realisation suddenly dawned on the one that spoke as a fearful expression suddenly masked his eyes. Sadly, it was already too late. A large shadow was draped over them indicating a gathering of people behind them. Slowly turning around, the two friends came across a dozen or so furious pair of eyes. They started trembling uncontrollably as a member of the group shouted out,

"How there they sully the name of the corps commander"

Th leader called out

"Let's get them girls!!"


Those two friends were suddenly overrun by members of Itsuki's fan club. No matter who it was, no one could deny that Itsuki possessed otherworldly looks. From time to time, Itsuki would give glares to specific people but would surprisingly find that it turned out to ineffective. Not noticing the lustful looks on their faces, Itsuki was stumped on why it wasn't working. Trying a few more time he would just forget about it and move on to someone else.

Over the year, a group of women came together and created, Itsuki's fan club, having the greatest number of members right after the women's association. Various pictures of his was propagated through soul society as the number of members grew. Itsuki knew about this but chose to ignore what was happening, there was no way to stop it, so he just let it be. It did prove to be difficult to meet with his friends, but it didn't garner much response as he was extremely close in attaining Bankai.


Author's note

RL issues would most likely be finished by the end of next week. So expect the release rate to increase.

What did you think of this chapter, good or nah.

Lastly, rest assured I wont be dropping this, unless something major happens, but I will definitely finish it.

And one more thing, I'm stumped on the animal. It seems people want either a phoenix or dragon. I would definitely prefer a bird but lets see what you guys think. Once again the pet wont have any major impact in fighting, and about shapeshifting like Yoruichi, we will see. Not sure if I should add that.


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