Rebirth in Bleach
36 Title at the end
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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36 Title at the end

"You're here"

Yoruichi stated as she turned around, looking at all the members present.

"I presumed that you have all read the mission details. This is a top-secret mission from Central 46, any leak means that you would sitting at the opposite end of those old fogies, being sentenced"

Her gaze lingered at Itsuki for a bit before looking away. Itsuki knew what this gaze meant. His talent was too astonishing, and he was definitely in the eyes of those from Central 46. Any step out of line will cause them to become a pack of hyenas preying on him.

'Politics' Itsuki sighed before concentrating on Yoruichi.

"There has been suspicious movement from a group of Shinigami. With the excuse of a leave for reasons pertaining their family or some other reason, they have gone off-grid and have disappeared. This wouldn't have been a job for us, if not for the fact that they were either from the same clan or the fact that they disappeared around the same time."

"We don't know how many there are so be careful. We've got the general location from the patrol corps who went to scout ahead but there are three locations. One in District 80, North Rukongai and the other in District 74, West Rukongai. Me and Marenoshin will go to the North while Soi Fon and Itsuki will go to the West"

"What... Yoruichi-Sama, why do I have to …"

Soi Fon's rejection was quickly shot down by a stern glare form Yoruichi.

"Here, these have the information related to the Shinigami that have gone missing. Take a look while you are getting to your location. Take some subordinates but not too many. Act on your own discretion and make your own choices, I'll take responsibility in the end. Lastly, take care and good luck. Disperse."

With this they made their way to their location while bringing some subordinates with them. Soi Fon and Itsuki bought five members each from their corps as they made their way. Due to the urgency of the situation Soi Fon and Itsuki went ahead as their Shunpo was superior to their subordinates.

'His Shunpo is not bad' Soi Fon silently thought as she looked at Itsuki. They both were currently running over the buildings in the higher numbered district. As she looked at him, her eyes were drawn to his eyes

'Those eyes, they're really cold. Apart from that he is really handsome. No. Wait. What are you thinking Soi Fon? For you, there is only Yoruichi-Sama. No one el…'


Soi Fon suddenly missed her footing due to the momentarily lapse of concentration. Falling to the ground she quickly got up only to see Itsuki looking down upon her. Seeing the derision in his eyes and the slight smirk, she got embarrassed by her stupid mistake as her face went red. Getting up, she slightly hoped getting some help from Itsuki which never came.

Knowing that time was something they lacked, they quickly got over that situation and made their way to their destination. Soi Fon kept feeling Itsuki glance at her from time to time, it felt as he was mocking her. She tried to ignore him but found it difficult as her ears grew more and more red. Luckily for her, they quickly arrived at their location before she could lose it.

What came into their view was derelict mansion that looked as if it was neglected for years. Surprisingly, it was a two-story western mansion with weed and shrubs littering the front yard and vines growing on its walls. Being eerily quiet as no noise could be heard it was a scene straight out of a horror movie. For both the Shinigami, however, it was nothing. They deal with souls and spirits, if they were scared then this wasn't the right job for them.

Feeling reiatsu signatures inside, they waited for their subordinates to arrive before entering. As this was official work, they all wore their masks, with the detention corps staying outside. Although they were experts in Hakudo, infiltration was a job for the executive militia, Itsuki being a special case. Itsuki had masked his reiatsu from the start with the help from Byakko, he was like the wind, virtually invisible. Knowing that the people inside didn't know they were here, Soi Fon and her subordinates quietly infiltrated the mansion, only finding a few Shinigami.

In the main hall, the unconscious Shinigami were rounded up and were woken up with a bucket of cold water. All these Shinigami were missing and were the ones on the list. There was one that wasn't on the list and Itsuki suspected him from being identified as missing before this incident.

* A round of tort…ahem questioning later *

Wiping of the blood in their hands the Shinigami were given to the detention corps. They then made their way to a secret underground base beneath mansion and were able to immediately sense a lot more reiatsu signatures. They seemed to have entered a large open space with a group of Shinigami assembled in the middle. Two pillars could be seen separated from each other as two Shinigami were in front.

"Onmitsukido, ha, you're too late"

A senkaimon was suddenly opened as they started pouring into it. Itsuki and Soi Fon tried rushing into it but were met with resistance in the form of a barrier. Realising they need to be quick, Itsuki activated his mystic eyes and slashed through the barrier. Releasing Byakko would take too much time. As they were about to catch them an unfamiliar reiatsu suddenly appeared beneath them.

Dodging to the side, a being suddenly arose from the ground sending dust and debris everywhere. As the debris cleared Itsuki looked towards the senkaimon realising that it was now closed, and no Shinigami could be seen.

With the task becoming a failure Itsuki turned to look at what came out of the ground.

Just as he was turning around, Soi Fon's shocked voice could be heard.

"A Dragon?!"

Title: Dragon


Author's note

Well I'm finally back.

Life doesnt always go as planned hence the lateness but for my mass release im just going to pour out as many chapters as possible until Friday. After that one chap/day, fingers crossed. And yeah none of this is original, all part of the bleach world. Read the one shot 'Burn the Witch" to know more or just stay tuned. Some people have told me of an LN for after bleach. Where can I find it?

And, WOOHOO, I'm back.


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