Rebirth in Bleach
37 Rebellion
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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37 Rebellion


Unique creatures.

They have many forms, too many to count. They are not spread around the world and are exclusive to London. While there were some in Japan, they were all indiscriminately killed and completely wiped out from this region. Now they can only be found in London, being the reason for the two dragons on the London's coat of arms.

Dragons are mostly passive and don't harm other beings. Rather they produce things like minerals, fuels, electricity and even grapes. They are harmless beings until they come into contact with humans. Humans have negative feelings, part of the reason why some hollows are born. These dragons would absorb the negative emotions of humans turning them into what is known as a dark dragon.

These dragons are extremely harmful to humans and would attempt to eat them on sight. They were responsible for 72% of the deaths in London.

Similar to the one in front of Itsuki and the gang. It was a large western black dragon with a light-coloured underbelly. It stood on four powerful legs and had two gigantic wings on its back. With a loud roar, a cold glint flashed in its eyes as it swiped its claws at Soi Fon kicking up some dust. Soi Fon, however, easily dodged the strike.

"How did a dragon get here?!"

Shouted Soi Fon as she jumped back getting some distance between it. The other five members took out a tachi or a ninjato. Itsuki never knew if there were zanpakutos or a normal weapon but he got to see them when they attacked. Four of them left some slash mark on the dragon but one broke when attacking it. This proved detrimental for the person as the dragon moved to bite the member.

The other members however didn't move to save him, rather, they took this as a chance and once again slashed at the dragon. What they didn't expect was a tail would swipe at them when they attacked. Dark dragons were highly intelligent, so it was likely it baited them into attacking. What it didn't expect was that they wouldn't even try to save their comrade but go for him instead, so it did end up getting some more injuries.

Luckily, the fifth member took this as a chance and moved towards Soi Fon, he was now useless in battle. Although this took some time explaining it all happened in an extremely short amount of time.

After rendering the four of them unconscious, it started to go towards the nearest being, Itsuki. Seeing the lines of death on the dragon, Itsuki sighed and made a move.


Suddenly the dragon started screaming as it leaped towards Itsuki.

'Must be the negative emotion of the human it touched' Itsuki thought.

Deactivating his eyes, he brought his hand forward and pointed his index finger at the dragon.

"Bakudo #61, Rikujokoro"

Suddenly six thin and wide yellow beams of light were shot out and planted themselves around the dragon's midsection. It was no completely immobilised and was struggling to get free.

Soi Fon was shocked with this spectacle

'He used a high level kido while abandoning its incantation'

The useless member was also shocked silly. Sadly, the other four couldn't see this spectacle but they would also be shocked.

Knowing that struggling would now be useless the dark dragon started shrinking and morphed into its human form.

'A disguiser?'

Disguisers were dark dragons that had inhabited a dead body, living amongst humans and posing as the body they took over. They used to be prominent before they cleaned the streets in the 1800s in London, but their numbers decreased after that.

This dragon took the form of a middle-aged man. Messy blonde hair and sunken brown eyes gave the impression that the man wasn't living well enough. He was of Caucasian descent typically found in the streets of London. He must've been an unfortunate soul that passed away and was then possessed by a dark dragon.

Even in its human form the yellow beams of light held him in place.

Soi Fon and the useless member were pulled out of their shock and came towards the human. Knowing Itsuki wouldn't say anything Soi Fon started interrogating.

"So, why is a dragon here?"


"Not going to speak, huh?"


"Doesn't matter, we don't have much time, so I'll skip the foreplay"

A vicious grin plastered her face when she said that

Seeing this Itsuki thought

'If I wasn't witnessing this, it would cause a lot of misunderstandings'


* A round of interrogation later *

"Who would've thought that this was their plan"

Soi Fon wiped a drop of blood of her face.

"What plan?"

A voice was heard behind them as they moved away from the now listless human/dragon. Turning around they saw that it was Yoruichi.

"There was no one in our location so I hurried over when I got your message. So, what is their plan?"

"It seems they plan to use the dragons to plot a rebellion against soul society"

Yoruichi was shocked as her eyes widened with surprise but quickly got back her composure.

"Who would've thought Fang clan would stage a rebellion, with dragons to boot, it seems we need to go to the real world, more specifically London. First, we need to go and get our reiatsu sealed. Itsuki, as its your first time, it would take a moment to get used, but I'm sure with your talent it won't be long. You would only be able to use a portion of your strength, so we would need to be extra careful."


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