Rebirth in Bleach
38 London
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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38 London

On their way to get these seals, Itsuki asked

"Why do we need to seal our reiatsu?"

Although Itsuki knew, he had to ask the question. Soi Fon replied to him

"All Captains and Lieutenants have to have their reiatsu sealed when they move to the real world. Their reiatsu is too immense that it may cause repercussions in the real world if they let it flow freely. The reiryoku can influence the normal population causing some people who an above average amount of reiatsu, compared to an average soul, to awaken abilities."

Yoruichi took over

"These seals are known as limiters. They will suppress your reiatsu by 80%. You, Itsuki, are a special case. Although you are only a third seat, you have captain class reiatsu so that's why you also need a limiter."

Itsuki gave a look of understanding and spoke no further.

Upon getting their limiters they met at the large senkaimon where around a dozen subordinates were already there. The one who were leading were just Yoruichi, Itsuki, Soi Fon and Marenoshin. The rest were just there to scout, help keep watch for prisoners and other miscellaneous tasks.

Yoruichi gave a nod to the two members of the kido corps as they opened the gate. Yoruichi went in first with the rest following after.

Real world

London, Piccadilly Circus

A pair of shojis appeared in an alley way where a dozen or so people left it. Yoruichi transformed into a cat while Itsuki got into a gigai. Gigai were artificial bodies created to host a soul of a Shinigami within the real world. The Gigai was currently just a muscled human with no distinctive features. Once a set of clothes were put on it, Itsuki got into it. As it was his first time using one, he felt some resistance but ended up getting into it.

Itsuki was wearing a white close fitted shirt with cuffed sleeves and plain black imperial silk tie. A black and white striped, double breasted waist coat was donned above the shirt with a long black overcoat above it that reached his knees. He wore black trousers that loosely fell to his ankles and leather shoes with a pointed front tied by laces. He wasn't wearing any sort of hat, but the black clothes made him stand out more. He now looked like a 17-year-old from a noble family.

The members of the Onmitsukido went separate ways but some followed Soi Fon to scout London for any of the rogue Shinigami. Only Itsuki and Yoruichi were visible to the normal citizens of London.

Yoruichi accompanied Itsuki as they made their way through the streets of London. They were surrounded by three-storey Victorian buildings and many looks of infatuation and envy towards Itsuki. No-one approached Itsuki as he seemed like a noble and ones who did were thrown off by his cold aura. Yoruichi garnered a variety of looks from fear and dread to curiosity and wanting to pet her. Carriages pulled by horses were a norm with men dressed in three-piece suits with a top hat and women wearing ostentatious clothing with bustles, hoop skirt, crinolines and the lot. However, you could feel the segregation between men and women as currently, in this time, women had little voice. Itsuki could feel the annoyance from Yoruichi.

Hearing a commotion, Itsuki followed the source to a large crowd. They were gathering around a sculpture with a winged person on top as it held a bow. A bronze fountain lay beneath it with a plaque stating

- Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain -

- To commemorate Anthony Ashley Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury in his works replacing child-labour with school education -

- Long live the Queen -

Seeing this Itsuki went for a nearby newspaper and read the current date and headlines

- Wednesday, 29th June 1893 -

- The search for the survivors of HMS Victory continues -

Looking at the date he realised that, in a way, he had travelled to the past. He never knew if this was the same universe he was in his previous life or a completely different one. However, the history was still similar to the previous one. Maybe he would see himself in the future, maybe not. While these thoughts crossed his mind Itsuki felt something on his feet. It was Yoruichi patting his feet with a look saying, 'we need to move'.

Bringing himself out of his stupor they made their way towards their destination. While they were walking, they saw a girl walking in front of them. She was wearing a black uniform consisting of a three-button suit over a white undershirt and a thin dark ribbon tie, a short black skirt, knee length black leggings and brown dress shoes. She had waist-length black hair, long bangs and a small, white, horn-like extension on her left temple as a solemn expression masked her face. She seemed to be part of a well-known school from the whispers of the bystanders.

The two Shinigami never cared much until they realised that they were going the exact same path almost making it seem that they were following her. If someone observed them for a period of time, it would look like an extremely handsome boy and black cat following a schoolgirl. Not that anyone would. Astonishingly they 'followed' her all the way to the back alleys and down a flight of stairs and ended up in front of a red telephone kiosk. This surprised Itsuki as this telephone booth was introduced in the 1920s while the girls dress code was from something far in the future. It seemed that there may be some differences with this universe compared to the previous one.

As she walked past, she took out a dog treat from her bag and fed it to a nearby dog. It was a small white Pomeranian with dark paws. While she was doing this a scream was heard from behind where a young man with dirty blonde hair ran towards noel.


Before he could say anything any further, he was immediately incapacitated with a punch to the face. This however didn't stop him from finishing his sentence.


Before he could get up, a chop to his neck rendered him unconscious.

Only then did Noel turn to look at the people that had 'followed' her. What greeted her sights was a beautiful white-haired man with incredible cold blue eyes. He seemed to be a well of noble. Next to him was a black cat that had gloss fur, but the intelligence in its eyes spoke something else.

"Why are you following me?" She interrogated

"We happened to walk the same way"

Itsuki replied as he observed the girl in front. Before she could say anything Itsuki carried on

"You're a witch, aren't you?"


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