Rebirth in Bleach
39 Reverse London
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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39 Reverse London

The girl called Noel was shocked by this question but was instantly vigilant against Itsuki. Stepping back, she questioned

"Who are you?"

She knew she had just confirmed her status and it would've been better to act oblivious. But call it her intuition, she felt that it would be useless to try and trick the opposite party. As she questioned, she pulled out a pistol looking contraption and pointed it at them. Looking at the device, Itsuki felt that it looked particularly weak and realised that it didn't threaten his safety. As the opposite party was not a foe but rather an ally he decided to comply.

"Minamoto Itsuki, 3rd seat of the 2nd Division, Gotei 13"

Hearing his answer Noel was shocked

"The East Branch?!"

Unlike the western branch that oversaw domesticating dragons, the eastern branch was in charge of the passing of souls. Strength wise, the eastern branch was leagues ahead of the western counterpart.

She was just a human who had received training where she could interact with dragons. A male would be known as a wizard while she was a witch. They were further divided into two ranks: Sabres and Conservation Rangers. She was from a smaller sub-division within the Conservation Rangers known as pipers. While Sabres patrolled the streets of London and were the combative force, Conservation Rangers overlook the domesticated dragons and help harvest their resources.

To decrease her suspicions, he took out an object to further verify his identity. It's a coin that had WB written on either side of it. This decreased her vigilance as only members of soul society can get access to this coin. Clearly, she didn't count for any traitors. The WB stands for Wing Bind which was the organisation that was in charge of witches and wizards, similar to the Gotei 13. They came up with the rules and regulation used around here and all witches/wizards were part of this organisation. Like how all Shinigami were part of the Gotei 13 not counting for rogue ones for both cases.

After confirming their identities, she realised that she wasn't in a position to interrogate them and walked into the telephone booth with Itsuki and Yoruichi following after. Looking at Yoruichi, she looked up to Itsuki,

"The cat?"

"She's my captain"

Another shock passed through her body before as she looked back at Yoruichi. Yoruichi just stared back. Noel hurriedly collected herself as she inputted her WB coin into the telephone, picking it up, she recited

"Niihashi Noel, Reporting for Duty"

'Niihashi? Japanese?'

Before Itsuki could ask anything, the telephone box suddenly dropped into the ground below. After a period of darkness, a light suddenly flashed in Itsuki's eyes as he squinted a little. Getting used to the sudden light he realised that he just arrived in a place that was similar to London but also wasn't. A large building could be seen with the words 'Wing Bind' plastered across the top of the building, presumably the HQ. In the distance, various type of dragons could be seen alongside many farmlands. It was just like a replica to the London above and felt harmonious.

Noel Niihashi turned to Itsuki and Yoruichi,

"Welcome to Reverse London"

She was suddenly interrupted by an explosion and a roar in the HQ where plumes of smoke started to rise.

Landing on the ground they rushed out only for a dragon to land in front of a gate partially destroying it. On the gate, there was a massive coat of arms reading SSWB with a plaque above it stating

- Soul Society West Branch -

The dragon slowly started dissipating as another girl came down flying on a small dragon. She had green eyes and blonde hair tied to twin ponytails held by metal bands. She wore the Conservation Rangers uniform consisting of a green suit unbuttoned over a white shirt and a red and black plaid cape with the words 'Conservation Ranger' written on it. It was fastened to the front with a red bow. She also wore a black skirt held up by two straps over her shoulders that featured a gold gemstone on the front. She wore stockings that reached her thighs with the right one falling short to accommodate her gun's holster. She also wore black boots with more gemstones on her ankles. She called out to Noel

"Niha, you're here"

Noel also wore her cape before replying,

"What's happening Ninnie-chan, what was that explosion?"

"Well there were some intrude…"

That's when 'Ninnie-chan' registered the two newcomers

"Who…who…who are they and why is she naked!!"

Yoruichi who had turned back to her human form dressed up as she winked at Ninnie-chan

"Like what you saw"

Ninnie-chan went completely red as she looked at Yoruichi then to Itsuki as her blush deepened. Itsuki was in front so he never got to see the transformation as he gave out a small sigh of regret that went unnoticed by everyone.

Suddenly a man came behind Noel and went straight to Yoruichi,

"You must be Shihouin Yoruichi-Sama, the director sends his greetings and apologies. It seems that the HQ was attacked so he is unable to come visit you."

"Its fine. Do you know who the intruders are"

"No but its suspected to be Shinigami"

Just as he said that more and more telephone booths came crashing down and out walked Soi-Fon and the rest of the Onmitsukido.

"We came searching for a clan of traitors and we suspect them to be it. My team would like to enter battle. Do we have permission?"

Yoruichi asked. Wing Bind had a similar status as the Gotei 13, and they would still need permission for any movements.

"Yes Yoruichi-Sama, the director has given the permission. Also, Niihashi Noel, Ninii Spangle you will be there guides."

"Yes sir!!"

"I'll follow him to meet with the director while you guys go with the two girls. I'll meet up with you later."

Yoruichi got a glove, wore it and punched Itsuki at the side of his head, brutally pulling him out of his Gigai. The three members of SSWB were surprised but calmed down as they saw another Itsuki emerge out.

"Did you have to do that?"

But no one answered as Yoruichi had already left. A voice was just heard from the fleeting distance

"I'm leaving Itsuki in charge"


Author's note

As Burn the Witch is only a oneshot I'll have to come up with many things. and how you liking it so far? do you think this arc is dragging? too fast? can keep up? Exciting or meh? Feels useless? useful?

Getting all nervous as this isn't exactly part of the bleach storyline, but it is part of the world.

For all the people asking about increasing the word count, I'll try. I've been trying to keep it minimum 1000 words.


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