Rebirth in Bleach
41 Reverse London 3
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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41 Reverse London 3

The opposite party when into alert and got into position upon seeing the 3rd seat of the Onmitsukido in front of them. They didn't know why he closed his eyes, but a sudden foreboding appeared in their hearts. A chill went down their spines as their hands got sweaty.

Because the tension got to them, they couldn't keep their cool and one attacked.

Itsuki just stood there with his eyes closed as if he never noticed someone attacking. Noel next to him was petrified next to him and looked towards Itsuki. Noticing Itsuki with his eyes closed, shocked her but with a sudden burst of courage jumped in front of Itsuki with her hands wide open wanting to protect him. To her Itsuki looked like someone around her age and had closed his eyes upon seeing the massacre.

"Run away, Itsuki-san!!"

She closed her eyes as a terrified expression masked her face, but she never hesitated at all and kept her stance. Hearing a sword entering a body, she expected a burst of pain coming from her body which, for some reason, never came. Rather, a cold arm surrounded her. Slowly opening her eyes, she came across a beautiful set of azure blue eyes with a gem like pink circle in the middle. However, they weren't looking at her but behind her. Looking down she noticed one of the swords missing from Itsuki's sheath and Itsuki having one arm around her while the other next to her head.

Slowly turning around another grotesque sight of a sword entering a man's head entered her vision. This time she never barfed but went pale with fright at seeing death in such close proximity.

"Wait here"

A cold voice void of any emotion was heard as she subconsciously nodded and went behind Itsuki.

The other Shinigami were shocked. They never saw when he unsheathed his sword or when he killed their comrade. Realising they were facing a difficult adversary, they got into a combat ready stance with their senses pulled to the limits.

Itsuki pulled out his sword and swept it to the side, getting rid of the blood on the floor. He never needed to unleash his Shikai for the group of small fries ahead of him. Getting into a stance he analysed his opponents and using his mental abilities, he tried to find out the quickest and most efficient method to slaughter them. His blood started boiling at the notion of slaughter as he made his move.

For Noel and the Shinigami, he just disappeared from their sights.

It was silent no noise was heard.

Itsuki was using Byakko so the blade never made any noise. When it did it was the sound of it entering someone's body.

Hearing that very sound towards the very left of them, they turned only to see a few flashes and the body of the Shinigami exquisitely cut into a few pieces. It was too beautiful, the flash of the blade, the way it was carried out, just the art of killing was like a dance.


A small voice escaped Noel's mouth as she was mesmerised by the display. It was like looking at a frozen rose, cold and beautiful but deadly. It seemed that seeing the scene of the massacre may have changed the way Noel looked at death but was still no reason to how she got accustomed to it so quickly.


An annoyed voice was heard behind her causing her to jump up while giving out a cute yelp. It was Soi Fon and the gang as they had recently arrived. The members of the Onmitsukido were about to intervene but Soi Fon stopped them

"If he were to find trouble with this then I'll kill him myself"

Unable to refute her claim they stopped in their tracks and got a proper look at the scene in front of them. No one had any aversion to this, they were trained elites, member of the militia corps, some of them had seen things much worse than this. All of the new arrivals were like this, all but one.

* Vomit *

Ninii just arrived and she was similar to Noel in this aspect. Noel hurried and went to help Ninii as she calmed her down. They were partners, friends and sisters so they naturally cared for each other. A horrified look was planted on her face as she looked away. Noel just hugged her and patted her back. She faced a similar situation as her but sadly no one was there to hug her like this. It was as if a dam had broken and Ninii started to weep quietly and Noel following her. They saw some familiar faces amongst the dead and knew it was the last time they would see it. Those familiar smiling faces were no longer there with them.

Soi Fon looked at them and look back at Itsuki. She held some sympathy for the young girls but that was all. With the mentality of the Shinigami, comrades dying was something one would face at least once in their time of being one. This especially being the norm within the Onmitsukido. Looking back shocked her as there were only around five of the Shinigami left. With the rest of them grouping up with fearful faces. Appearing in front of one Itsuki slashed at his torso and moved to the side. It was an instant death. The body hadn't even fallen when Itsuki was next to another Shinigami. He didn't even have time to process what was happening when he was incapacitated. By the time Itsuki killed the fourth one, the first Shinigami killed had just landed on the floor. The last Shinigami seemed to be the leader.

He was trembling and couldn't hold his sword properly. Dropping it on the floor he fell on his back as he brought his hands up.

"S-s-spare me, I'll tell you anything?"

Itsuki looked at the sorry mess in front of him and grabbed him by the collar.


Staring into the eyes of Itsuki was like staring at death itself for the Shinigami causing him to leak itself. The only reason that Noel wasn't scared of it was because Itsuki was able to increase his control of his eyes so innocent bystanders wouldn't be affected. He did this because, unless he points at someone, other people would only see his eyes change colour nothing else. It was one of the counter measures for Aizen as he knew that he would be interested with his eyes. So, it would be better if he could hide his aura so Aizen wouldn't get any leads to his eye's abilities.

Aizen was a dangerous individual with incomparable intellect, he was even able to trick Yhwach, even if it was for a short time. He was definitely at the top of Itsuki's list of dangerous individuals. He was a normal Shinigami at first and brought soul society to its knees. If not for the cheat known as Ichigo, No one knows what height he could have reached.

Yhwach was the son of the Soul King and had an army of Quincy which was the reason why he was stronger than Aizen. But regarding pure intellect no one could hold a candle to Aizen. Well now there was one, our very own protagonist.

Itsuki was quite confident with his mental abilities but it wouldn't hurt just to be prepared for the unseen.

Throwing the sorry mess towards Soi Fon he went forward to try find any leads. Not finding anything he realised that this was most likely a diversion and got back to the gang. One of the members of the Onmitsukido were doing the interrogation with Soi Fon observing.

"I thought you would interrogate him?"

"You think I would touch someone who has wet himself"

Silence ensued as the screams of the man resounded throughout the floor.

Noel and Ninii were still there as they covered their ears and looked away from the interrogation. After the screaming stopped Itsuki came behind them and tapped their shoulders

"You guys okay?"

Both of them turned around and weren't able to see behind Itsuki. Both with a slight flush in their faces nodded. Noel seemed to be hesitating about saying something but chose to keep silent. Itsuki noticed this and asked her

"Is there anything, Niihashi Noel"

She seemed to have come to a decision as she questioned Itsuki,

"Don't you feel something with what happened"

Itsuki just stared at her and nodded his head sideways.

"We are Shinigami, in my training I had to kill many people just to get used to it. Us Shinigami were once just a group of killers before they came together and made the Gotei 13. We have quite the different mentality so don't worry about it. You just do your job while we do ours"

Itsuki was quite shocked by how much he talked. He may have had some sympathy for the girls, but it was probably the longest he had ever talked, He hated it.

'I don't think I'm going to do this again'

Before he could carry on thinking Soi Fon called out.

They had found what they needed.


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