Rebirth in Bleach
42 Reverse London 4
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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42 Reverse London 4

"So, it seems that this was there plan all along, did you get that?"


"I asked did you get that"


"I sai…"

Soi Fon furiously turned around only to see Itsuki nodding.

"Wha…I want a reply not a nod"

Itsuki just looked at her and turned his head to the side, clearly ignoring her. Seeing this Soi Fon just stomped her foot while gritting her teeth.

'Wha… why is he ignoring'

Not knowing the reason, a weird feeling arose within Soi Fon along with another thought

'What is he thinking?'

In truth only one thought was going through his head at the moment

'I should stay quiet for some time to make up for how much I talked. Mmhmm. Balance it out'

Giving himself a mental nod, he turned the Onmitsukido members and gave another nod while also giving one to Noel and Ninii. Confusion was written on their face as they weren't clear to what he was implying. What followed after was him using Shunpo to come next to Noel, pick her up from the neck like a cat, and Shunpo away.

"I think he wants us to follow him"

An Onmitsukido member said uncertainly. Soi Fon was irritated by Itsuki's current actions and vented it out on the floor. Turning to Ninii she shouted,

"Hurry and show us the way"

"Y-yes ma'am!"

As they left, a droplet of blood fell from the broken side of the floor as if it was crying. Ah, the miseries of being a floor, being stepped on, on a day to day basis, yet when it gets destroyed, it won't be fixed immediately but rather, after a period of venting, only then would it be fixed.

A distance away Itsuki had suddenly stopped and turned Noel to face him. He said nothing, he was still on his silent strike. Noel just looked back at Itsuki and the period of silence continued with Noel getting increasingly uncomfortable. No matter how handsome the opposite party was, it was still uncomfortable to get stared at with such intensity. Realising that focusing intently won't make her realise his intentions he got his other hand to point in various directions with the look 'where'.

Realisation hit Noel's face as she clenched her right hand and smacked it down onto her left palm like striking a hammer.

"Oh! You want directions"

Itsuki nodded

"It's that way"

With Noel acting like a human satnav, it wasn't long until Itsuki arrived at the destination. What he came across was a lather large tattered barn, probably the size of a football field. It seemed to have been years since it was last visited or cleaned. Itsuki never entered and waited for the rest to arrive.

Surprisingly, it wasn't Soi Fon and them but rather Yoruichi who had arrived.

"It seems you're already here, Itsuki"

"Yes, captain"

'Ah, he started talking again'

"We'll wait for Soi Fon and the others to arrive before infiltrating"

Itsuki nodded once more as he let Noel down and rubbed his neck, he was tired from all the nodding.

Sometime later, Soi Fon arrived and wait straight to Yoruichi.


While she did this, she gave a hateful glare towards Itsuki. This didn't go unnoticed by Yoruichi as she bought her hand to her mouth,

"Oho, it seems Itsuki has been bullying our little Soi Fon"

"Wha…no…can we please focus on the mission Yoruichi-Sama"

Soi Fon tried averting the topic as Itsuki just quietly listened. With their not being enough time, Yoruichi decided to keep the teasing for later and turned towards her team.

"I've found out that the head plans on using the material of the first ever dark dragon to help him. We don't know how but all the investigations point towards this. We are on our own and there won't be enough time to call reinforcements from back home so it's just us. I'll take the lead and kill on sight, no survivors, well try to keep the head alive"


"Then let's move"

Entering the barn, they came across a bunch of farming tools, not the usual size but large ones. There were also some weird ones as Soi Fon picked a weird looking shear.

"What's this"

Noel who was next to her looked at it and told Soi Fon,

"We use that to harvest grapes…"


A look of understanding was plastered on Soi Fon's face until Noel finished her sentence,

"…from the snout of the cameldragon"

Disgust immediately replaced the understanding look as she threw the shear away from her hand. Hearing a silent giggle to the side, she turned her head only to see Itsuki and Yoruichi covering their mouths desperately trying to contain their laugh. The other members made no such move but seeing the occasional tremble, it was clear they were trying their best not to laugh.

Soi Fon immediately blushed in shame and forgot all her prior training as she rushed ahead. Seeing this Itsuki just looked until he felt something from the ground beneath. Seeing it was coming towards Soi Fon, he was about to warn her but someone else beat him to it,

"Soi Fon, watch out!!!"

Although Yoruichi shouted, Itsuki had already moved. The ground in front her exploded as she returned to her senses. Seeing a claw swipe towards her, Soi Fon realised her blunder and tried to bring out her Zanpakuto. However just as she reached the hilt the claw was already in front of her with the intent to kill. Although she jumped back it was still quite fast and the distant seemed non-existent, still with her training she didn't give up and tried to fight back. Alas it was useless.

As despair sprouted in Soi Fon's heart, a shadow suddenly grabbed her into a hug and the sound of metal clashing could be heard. It was Itsuki. Yoruichi had just finished shouting while Itsuki was already next to Soi Fon. Looking up, Soi Fon looked at Itsuki's activated eyes and immediately felt something stirring in her heart. Itsuki just grabbed Soi Fon and retreated to the back as all the dust cleared.

What appeared in front of Yoruichi and them was a monstrosity. All the other dark dragon's paled in comparison in size and in power to whatever it was that appeared in front of them. It looked similar to the other dragons just more menacing and seemed to have a sparkle of intelligence. A total of four smaller dark dragons appeared on the side with the Fang clan members on each of their shoulders.

"Seems to be quite the party"

Yoruichi turned to the Onmitsukido members,

"You guys take care of the small fries; I'll go for the head with…"

She then turned to Itsuki only to see a partial pink atmosphere,

Itsuki looked down towards Soi Fon who was in his arms, he never said anything and checked to see if she was okay. Soi Fon looked up at his eyes with a hint of pinkness appearing on her cheeks. Itsuki looked back and…

Dropped her.

'She seems to be okay'

He then ignored her and walked towards the head

"You guys seemed to have created your own atmosphere there"

Itsuki also ignored her and slashed at one of the small dragons in his way. There were three Shinigami members who attacked alongside the dragon only to realise that Itsuki was already behind them.




By the time they turned around, a coldness spread throughout their bodies as their vision went blank. The last thing they heard was the sound of Itsuki sheathing his sword. The dragon fared no better and was also dispatched instantly.

Soi Fon got back up with a livid expression on her face before coming to a sudden realisation

'Was I attracted to him; No. It can't be. I only have Yoruichi-Sama in my heart. I only have Yoruichi-Sama in my heart. I only have…'

She seems to have started to pray some mantra as she got up and joined the other Onmitsukido members with a resolute face. She had trust in Yoruichi-Sama and approved of Itsuki's strength. All she could do now was try and quickly defeat the others and quickly join with Yoruichi.

Itsuki and Yoruichi were currently in front of the first dark dragon and the head of the Fang clan.

"Looking at this guy, it seems that he won't surrender, try to keep him alive, we need something to take back"

The head took out his zanpakuto and stabbed it into the Dark dragon. A manic look was on his face as he released his Shikai,

"Absorb, wretched octopus"

Surprised by the turn of events Yoruichi tried to stop him upon realising what he was trying to do.


Itsuki however stood there dumbfounded as he remembered something from his previous life. His ears turned red as his mind thought up various things


Although he had read up the information on the Shinigami's powers, it was different hearing a middle-aged man shouting it. Especially in such a proud voice.

Quickly collecting his thoughts, he realised that he needed to train himself even more upon returning. Getting flustered by something so small was a shame and felt it was quite lucky that no one saw. He seemed to have finally found a path into awakening his Bankai, he needed to train his mind to serenity. He was rushing too much and needed to calm down. Upon realising this, he seemed to have a breakthrough in his swordsmanship. Really, when it rains it pours. The last move of Hiten mitsurugi-ryu seemed to have been presented itself to Itsuki. It was a difficult move and using it was hard. Itsuki may know the principals behind it but using it could prove to be detrimental.

However, now Itsuki was confident in using it without any side effects.


Author's note

Kinda late but just realised that with Itsuki, there wont be long fights, they will defeated quite easily. Ill try not to rush it but you guys don't mind that right?

Plus this chap was to show that Itsuki still has his flaws but dont worry he will overcome them. He is not perfect. He will stay our quiet and cool protag.


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