Rebirth in Bleach
43 Return
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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43 Return


Yoruichi looked at the head as he screamed hysterically. She tried to stop him, but the dragon got in the way and now she could only look while the man seemingly powered up. Walking next to Yoruichi, Itsuki looked on but felt something weird. Just as he was about to question it the head took back his sword and looked upwards

"Hahahahahahahahaha, I feel power!!"

While the head was laughing, Yoruichi questioned Itsuki.

"Why doesn't he feel strong, is it because we are too weak that we can't feel his strength"

Shaking his head, Itsuki replied

"Probably adrenaline"

"Yeah look, the dragon also looks disappointed"

While this was happening, the head was in his own little world,

"Now with this I can finally go against Soul Society. Huehuehue, the man was right…"

Hearing this Yoruichi and Itsuki were shocked

""The man?!""

Turning to each other they gave a nod and made their moves.

"Itsuki, we need him alive. I was wondering how a small Fang clan could do this, but it seems there is someone else behind them. Take care of the dragon, I got this guy"

Itsuki thought of a certain man and made his way to the dragon. Yoruichi, instead, shunpoed onto the dragon and kicked the head off.

The dragon tried stopping Yoruichi but Itsuki got in its way. The two looked as each other as Itsuki got into an Iaido stance. The stare off continued for a while until both of them made their moves. The dragon leaped at Itsuki while swiping its claws, although it was humongous compared to the others, its speed was nothing to scoff at. Itsuki, however, followed every move of the dragon. His breathing slowed down along with his heart breath. Time seemed to slow as the claw got closer.

Just then Itsuki made his move, he unsheathed his sword and stepped forward with his opposite foot. However, mid-draw, he took another step with his adjacent foot, creating an instant acceleration similar to Shunpo but faster.

"Hiten mitsurugi-ryu ogi, Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki"

The dragon just saw a flash and was then somehow facing the sky. A confused look masked his face before a lifeless one. It never knew how it died.

Itsuki was behind it crouching slightly with his sword finally stopping at his side. Getting up, he felt a pull backwards, but he never turned around. It was just a vacuum. That was there if the strike was somehow dodged or even blocked so when the air rushed back in, they would be drawn to the user.

Sheathing his sword, he got back up and surveyed his surroundings. The head was caught with an unbelieving expression. Itsuki could tell what he was thinking, it was probably along the lines of 'How, I powered up and everything'. The others were finished off while Noel and Ninii were helping them out. With one left Noel got her gun and pointed at the last dragon

"Absolute Dragon Shatter!"

A beam of light was released and disintegrated the dragon. They finally relaxed after taking care of the final one. But this didn't last long as they prepared themselves once more and turned towards where Itsuki and Yoruichi were.

Turning with resolute faces, what entered their vision was nothing, looking around they saw the leader tied up with Itsuki and Yoruichi waiting for them. They were shook for a bit but let their guard down with helpless smiles.

Coming next to them Noel turned towards

"Itsuki-san didn't need help after all"

"hoo, first name basis"

Noel got flustered at Yoruichi's teasing and looked away. Seeing Itsuki's stoic face she felt somewhat disappointed. Trying to change the topic,

"So, where's the first dark dragon then?"

"What are you talking about? Its right the…"

Soi Fon pointed behind her while looking back only to see the dragon gone. Itsuki also looked back to see the same thing.


The dragon had somehow gone missing while the two were looking at Noel finishing of the last dragon. Itsuki hurriedly rushed back only to see a depression where the dragon had landed after being killed by him. Searching round, there was no evidence that the dragon had somehow revived and escaped. Suddenly, a glint flashed in the middle of the depression.

Itsuki didn't miss this and made his way towards it while keeping his left hand on his scabbard. This was something all practitioners did to be safe and ready in case they were ambushed. Naturally, Itsuki also picked it up.

Using his foot to sweep away the surrounding debris, Itsuki took out a metallic object. It wasn't exactly a metal but did look like it. It was an oval in shape and reminded Itsuki of something,

'An egg?'

"Is that an egg?"

Not knowing when, Yoruichi arrived next to Itsuki. She looked around, sniffed it couple of times and gave it back to Itsuki.

Seems like an egg to me. She then turned towards Noel and Ninii with a questioning look,

"What is this? Its most likely the dragon's but…"

"There hasn't been a case where a dark dragon has left behind an egg"

Out of sheer curiosity, Itsuki thought it would be a great idea to pour his reiatsu into the egg. Yoruichi noticed this but decided to keep silent. She also wanted to know what would happen, so she came next to Itsuki. For a second, it was as if a pair of cat ears and a tail seemed to show up on Yoruichi.


A cracking sound brought Itsuki out of his thoughts as he returned to look at the egg. Faint cracks began to show up on the egg as Itsuki started to pour in more Reiatsu.

Noel wanted to say something but looking at Itsuki she felt safe and decided not to voice out her opinion. She was also curious.

A short period later, a head burst out. It was incomparable ugly, but no one thought wrong of it. It seemed to be a bird with its beak. There were no feathers on the bird and because it was a new-born, it was hard to tell what species it was. Opening its eyes, it first glanced at Itsuki and stared at him. Two beings with ice cold blue eyes looked back at each other.

"It seems to think of you as its mother"

Yoruichi's voice suddenly broke apart the moment, while the voices of the Onmitsukido members were heard in the background,

"It is said that the first thing a baby chick sees becomes its mother"

Itsuki realised this and looked back. The chick looked at him then looked at Yoruichi before falling asleep. It seemed that he just had to feed it reiatsu nothing else.

Seeing that their job was complete Yoruichi turned to the two girls,

"It seems this is where we part ways. The director has given me the way to leave so this is goodbye."

Noel and Ninii looked at each other

""Thanks for your help""

"Let's go Soi Fon, grab the traitor and you guys grab the dead bodies and their zanpakutos, we're going home"

While they were talking, around a dozen telephones booths came down with members of Shinigami walking out of it.

"Captain Yoruichi, we are from the fourth division so we would take care of the dead bodies. The captain-commander has called for your haste return."

Giving the Shinigami a nod she was about to make her way towards the telephone booth when a call was heard.


Hearing Soi Fon's shout Yoruichi quickly made her way towards her only to see a dead body next to Soi Fon. Quickly making her way she turned the dead body around only to see black blood coming out of its mouth.

'Poisoned? But when? When I checked there wasn't any sort of poison on him?'

Yoruichi felt irritated by this happening and called for an investigation. She didn't like not knowing.

Itsuki was just there cradling the new-born as Noel and Ninii came up to him. Ninii looked flustered and looked away with a hmph and Noel bowed towards him.

"Thanks for everything, Itsu-Minamoto-san"

Her face went red as she looked back only to see Itsuki's back

'Did he ignore me?'

Itsuki started to walk away with Noel standing back up. Just as she was about to leave a faint voice was heard

"You can call me by my first name"

Noel looked shocked but immediately a happy smile plastered her face as she responded


- 2nd Division -

"Finally, I can rest"

Yoruichi looked extremely blissful when she returned. After reporting her mission, she had to do a lot of post work paperwork. Only now was she able to be freed from it. Sitting on her seat she looked at the small bird nesting itself on Itsuki's hair. Only after constant investigations and experiments conducted on the behaviour of the bird was Itsuki able to keep it. Those in the central 46 were extremely paranoid when they brought the bird back, and only when there was an assurance from both Urahara and Yoruichi were they able to relax.

Nothing came up from the investigations to how the head died and was just discarded as an act of suicide.

This time Itsuki was finally able to meet Urahara, and he was just like the anime, a jovial man. He had helped Itsuki out tremendously this time in keeping the bird with simple reason of helping his kouhai.

White feathers started to bud around the bird, well eagle. Although the colour was different, the results of the test showed that it was a variation of a golden eagle. Maybe because it fed on Itsuki's reiatsu, that was why the variation happened. A certain blue guy wanted to experiment more but was adamantly refused by Itsuki. Petting the eagle, it let out a few cute "Kyuu kyuu" before going back to playing with Itsuki's hair.

"so, what are you going to name it?"



Yoruichi's words came as a shock to not just Itsuki but also the eagle.

- Somewhere in Seireitei -

"A failure, huh?"


Author's note (Important)

This arc is now finally finished. Finally settled with a Golden Eagle.

As for the name, with some help I have come up with Seikyo or Kōkyo. Both of them mean death in a way, but I would also like your lots suggestions. So if you have any good ones then post your own. The one with the most like wins and they have to be a proper one. Even if it has the most likes, I wont choose a ridiculous one.


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