Rebirth in Bleach
47 Teacher and Students
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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47 Teacher and Students

The wind blew as Shunsui and Itsuki faced off. There seemed to be a mutual understanding that they would only use one sword against each other.

"I've noticed this, but you always keep one hand on the sheath, even if you're just walking, you seem ready for an ambush."

Itsuki couldn't help it. It was one of the things you pick up when training in the Hiten mitsurugi-ryu. Itsuki didn't pay much attention as it only bought benefits no drawbacks.

"Hoo, seems like you guys are having fun"

A third person suddenly appeared.

"Yo Ukitake, you're here. I'm testing out our kouhai so help us start this match"

Ukitake laughed a little as he raised his hand. He wanted to talk with his kouhai a bit but that could wait.

Swinging his hand down, Ukitake shouted


With the start given both Shunsui and Itsuki moved. This time Itsuki didn't hold back, he was facing his senior that had tons of experience with the sword. Not to mention he was also the future captain-commander of the Gotei 13, that may have changed with the interference of Itsuki, but you never know.

Meeting in the middle both swords clashed before Shunsui felt another sword approaching, blocking that, another sword approached Shunsui from the other side. Shunsui was baffled with the speed as he used pure instinct and experience to block the sword.

Separating, Shunsui looked at Itsuki,

"Quite fast aren't you, Itsuki"

This time Shunsui called Itsuki by his name, effectively making him his equal. Itsuki's stoic face remained as he got into his stance.

Ukitake on the side was also quite shocked by his speed.

"It seems I would have to step it up a notch"

Shunsui drew his other sword and stood there with both swords either side of him. Itsuki didn't draw his other sword as he wanted to see his limits with one sword. Once again, both combatants disappeared while Shunsui shouted

"Don't underestimate me"

It seems he felt that Itsuki was looking down at him by not drawing his other sword. Clashing again, Shunsui encountered the same problem again. Itsuki's sword was too fast. His swordplay was nothing to scoff at as well. In terms of pure swordsmanship, Shinsui realised that he was weaker.

Right now, Shunsui was fighting purely with instinct and experience nothing else and was being pushed back.

Ukitake on the side was watching this as he thought,

'Sensei, what type of monster have you bought up?'

Even he could barely make out Itsuki's sword. By the time he caught one, he realised that it was just an afterimage and the real sword was already coming down for another strike. Shunsui felt even more pressure as alarm bells were ringing off in his head. Each strike that Itsuki gave was towards a vital point, although there was no killing intent, it was no reason to slack off.

Sweat fell from his chin as it was cut in half with Itsuki's sword. Sometime later Shunsui's voice was heard,

"Ukitake, help me"

Shunsui had absolutely no shame in saying that, as Ukitake picked up his sword. He knew his best friend and he knew that it was no normal situation for saying that.

With Ukitake joining in, Itsuki finally unsheathed his second sword. Taking this chance Itsuki used one of Ryurai's trick and blinded the two with a flash of light. With this he was able to jump back and once more pull off some distance between them.

Taking some time to adjust to the situation, the three had a stare down in this 2 v 1 situation. It was a showdown of pure swordsmanship so no shikai, kido or any power of any sort was used. Being alone, Itsuki decided to make the first move, it would've been bad if they made a pincer attack.

He decided to first attack as he was fairly new to his swordsmanship. This proved to be correct as he was quickly overwhelmed by the attack. Shunsui stepped up as Itsuki retreated and appeared behind him.

Swinging his sword at Shunsui, Ukitake's sword suddenly appeared to block it. Exchanging a few more moves, Itsuki came to a conclusion that these two were excellent partners. Being best friends for years and Yamamoto's students had allowed them to have excellent teamwork.

Still Itsuki didn't backdown, his swordsmanship was made for 1 v many situations and he didn't lose out.

This carried on for some time, none of them got an edge over each other.

Before they knew it, they had an audience. One was a group of two men and one woman, the other of just one woman.

"It seems they are fighting"

Lisa said as she continued,

"For them to team up, who do you think it is?"

"I don't know"

Shiba Kaien replied. Suddenly two of his group members started bickering,

"The captain is going to win"

"Obviously the captain is going to win"

"I thought he would win first"

"No, I thought he would win first"

Both wanted to impress their captain. The male had black hair and a short goatee. He was wearing a his own customised shihakuso with a white headband and white straps that went over his shoulders and were tied in a circle on his back. The female had dark blonde hair and grey eyes. She wore the standard shihakuso but had the collar of a white shirt protruding from her top while also wearing a pair of white gloves. Both however, didn't know who their captain was fighting.

This was a captain level fight and Itsuki was too fast for them to notice.

Kaien Shiba was feeling weird

'Where have I felt this reiatsu before'

Suddenly a sigh was heard behind them. Lisa and Kaien suddenly froze while the two bickering also stopped. The four of them slowly turned around to see an old, bald man standing there.


The four suddenly shouted as they bowed their heads. The two bickering ones dropped down to kneel.

"These kids, causing so much noise while playing…"

Before he could continue, he suddenly saw how calmly Itsuki was holding off his other two students. This lit a fire within, but he forcefully suppressed it.

'I must remain calm before these kids'

As he was calming himself, Shunsui's voice was heard,

"Ack, what's that blinding light"

Lisa suddenly looked up only to see the sun reflecting of Yamamoto's head and a shadow covering his eyes before she started praying,

'Please captain, stop talking'

However, no one answered her prayers as the same voice came out

"Who is that bald…"

"Wait Shunsui"

Ukitake had noticed Yamamoto and tried to stop Shunsui but was too late. Knowing that Shunsui had kicked the awoken the sleeping dragon, Itsuki stopped attacking and moved to the side. He had just turned to look at Yamamoto when he saw a shadow covering his eyes. Itsuki could see the veins popping out of Yamamoto as he held his walking stick horizontally.

Calling out

"All things of this world, turn to ashes, Ryujin Jakka"

Shunsui sweat dropped at his teacher's actions while only one thought was going through his head repetitively.

'Not the face, not the face…'

His thoughts suddenly came to an abrupt halt as he heard his teacher's next words

"Some kid is asking for a beating"


- One round of beating later -

Itsuki was there sitting on his knees with Ukitake next to him. In front of them Yamamoto was fiercely admonishing them for creating a disturbance. A few metres away a charred corpse could be seen lying there. Well, it wasn't a corpse as it was still breathing. A few bruises were especially concentrated on the face. It seemed that Yamamoto took special care of that place while Shunsui tried his utmost best to protect it.

The four subordinates were some distance away as this was the first time, they had seen this side of their captains.

"It looks like a father is scolding his sons"

Lisa suddenly called out

"Yes, it does indeed"

Kaien replied while the other two nodded their heads. Kaien then turned his head to the two

"This is the first time I've seen Kotsubaki Sentaro and Kotetsu Kiyone shut up voluntarily"

The two didn't say anything as Yamamoto was their but one could tell from their face that they felt wronged. It seemed to say something along the lines of 'how can we talk like that with the captain-commander here'

The berating lasted for quite a bit before Yamamoto turned to Itsuki and a proud look surfaced on his face.

"I would say that your swordsmanship is on par with me. With some more training, you may even surpass it"

Ukitake wasn't surprised by this as he had already felt that was indeed the case. The other four were far away and they couldn't hear what they were talking about. Suddenly a twitch garnered their attention as Shunsui woke up. All the hair on his body was burnt off and only the hair on top of his head had somehow survived.

"Ugh, what happened?"

"It seems you've woken up"

Shunsui suddenly stiffened but turned around with a flattering smile

"Ara, old man when did you come"

"Not too long ago"

"Haha, you look younger than before"

Itsuki just watched the interaction with a smile. Turning to the four, he saw Kaien looking at him with a complex look on his face.


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