Rebirth in Bleach
50 Itsuki“s decision
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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50 Itsuki“s decision

Entering the same landscape as before, he saw his zanpakuto spirits standing there smiling at him. Before Itsuki could say anything, Ryurai started speaking,

"How cruel Itsuki-chan, stabbing through us with your long sword without hesitation"

Itsuki was stunned while Byakko got a blush in her face with the way Ryurai spoke about what happened before.

It seemed that the figure Itsuki had fought was a combination of the two and they had tried talking to Itsuki, but he wasn't able to hear them. With that he started to converse and spar with them.

Time flew by and it was already morning when he came out of his meditation.

He made his way towards the natural hot spring to get refreshed. Itsuki saw no reason to get worked up about the current incident and just decided to relax, being caught up with achieving Bankai he barely got any time off due to constant training.

Letting his guard down, he smelt a strange but pleasant smell in the air with an all too familiar cat appearing in front of him.

"Yo Itsuki, you seem happy"

Yoruichi was one of the few people that was able to read Itsuki's emotions with his stoic face. Itsuki didn't reply and continued to relax as he started to feel lightheaded. Itsuki felt unusual at first but decided to ignore it. Time passed as Yoruichi remained in her cat form and Itsuki started to feel more and more fuzzy until he couldn't think properly.

Realising something wrong, Itsuki was about to react before a heavenly sight greeted him. A pure untarnished body lay ahead of him with droplets of water dripping down her skin. Her dark trained body was perfect with no unnecessary fat as she bought both her hands onto Itsuki's shoulder and around his neck. Sitting on Itsuki's lap, Yoruichi brought her face closer.

A smirk was planted on her face with a hint of blurriness in her eyes and a slight blush on her cheeks.

No words were said.

They just looked at each other with Itsuki's reasoning plummeting to rock bottom. Bringing one of Itsuki's hands onto her chest, she lent in for a kiss. Being inexperienced at first, they slowly got the hang of it and with this Itsuki's reasoning was completely gone.

- ahem -

Yoruichi could be seen leaving the secret hot springs room clad in dark clothing as she wrapped a white cloth around her face, hiding her identity.

Looking back at the sleeping figure of Itsuki,

'Sorry, it seems that we won't see each other for a long time after today'

She knew her feelings for Itsuki and didn't know if it would go anywhere.

Turning around, she looked at a specific direction,

"Sorry, Soi Fon"

She had long since realised Soi Fon's slowly budding feelings for Itsuki, however, with what she had done and was about to do now would break her heart. She hoped Itsuki would be there for her.

Looking towards the 10th division's direction, a victorious smirk was visible on her face,

'It seems I'm one step ahead'

With this she leapt towards the central 46 compound. With her first step she flinched a bit,

'That drug did work its wonders'

Shortly after her departure, Itsuki groggily woke up as he held his head. He was currently confused as to why he was suddenly lying down next to the hot spring. Recollecting what just happened, a small blush started to creep on his face as he placed his face into both his hands while internally screaming,

Suddenly, with a jolt, Itsuki got up and realised something. There was no news of Urahara and Tessai getting caught or any orders to capture them. Itsuki knew that they were caught the morning after still no news came. It was understandable that the central 46 and Gotei 13 would like to keep it under wraps as it was a stain to their reputation but such a big event involving six captain figures and four lieutenants was bound to be difficult to keep it confidential. Getting up he got ready and made his way towards the 2nd division HQ.

Along the way, an announcement was heard

"Emergency! Emergency! Criminals Urahara Kisuke, Tsukabishi Tessai… have escaped. Orders from the Captain-commander is for all personnel to help recapture them"

Hearing this announcement Itsuki realised that Yoruichi was about to leave Seireitei along with Urahara Kisuke.

With this he shunpoed to the training ground that Yoruichi and Urahara played in when they were kids. He had been there before when he trained with Yoruichi alone. It was there that he was shown her famous Shunko. He had to release his shikai upon confronting it as it was the only way to keep up. Upon seeing the technique and remembering the logic from the anime, Itsuki also tried using Shunko and was able to use it easily. He was talented in Kido and with his mental capabilities, was easily able to grasp it. However, it did only last a few seconds due to not being able to control it properly.

Still Yoruichi was surprised with Itsuki because, for her, he was able to grasp the technique seeing it only once. Her shock passed later as she started ogling the scene in front of her. Itsuki's shihakuso was torn apart due to the sheer pressure of the technique and all that remained were the pair of gauntlets on his hands and the clothing on his lower body. From waist up, his perfect body came into view with his muscles in all the right places, not too big and not too little, just perfect.

"Captain, you okay? You have a nosebleed"

Itsuki's voice brought her out of her thoughts as she hurriedly wiped her nose and looked at Itsuki.

Giving out a sigh, she started to explain and teach Itsuki about Shunko and its principals behind it. With it being a combination of Hakudo and Kido, Itsuki had no trouble learning it and managed to create his own version involving Zanjutsu although it was only in its beginning stages.

Arriving at the training grounds he saw three people standing there inside a gateway similar to the senkaimon but was deep black in colour. It reminded Itsuki of how Ichigo and the rest arrived in Soul Society for their first time.

As soon as he arrived, he saw the three instantly look at him. The first two were Yoruichi and Urahara while the other was a tanned, tall muscular man with cornrowed hair, a long handlebar moustache and long sideburns. Itsuki looked towards one particular individual. They both shared eye contact while Itsuki saw reluctance in her eyes which was then cut short as the rift closed slowly indicating that they had left Soul Society.

Itsuki had just let the plot play out. He could've tried to do something, but it would still prove difficult. Aizen had already made back up plans and used his ability to create a fake in his own HQ. The other captains had already become or were on the verge of becoming hollowfied. It was going to be a death sentence either way, the central 46 won't allow such unpredictable variables within Seireitei.

- 1st Division HQ -

In the captain's meeting room, a furious Yamamoto could be seen as veins popped out in various places on his bald head. The meeting room looked empty as it was missing six of its captains, nearly half of the Gotei 13's captains. The kido corps was also without a captain and lieutenant. Each captain looked down as they took the brunt of Yamamoto's anger.


No reply was heard, and Yamamoto knew that none of them had expected Yoruichi's betrayal including him. He wasn't like the Central 46 who didn't know who the intruder was. Connecting the dots on how the guards were defeated by the intruder, the speed of the intruder and the fact that she, Urahara and Tessai grew up together in the Shihouin household. All pointed towards her being the intruder. He needed some sort of answer to pacify the members of the Central 46.

Calming down a little, he then questioned,

"Any news of their location yet?"

"None yet"

Shunsui took it upon himself to answer Yamamoto as he then felt silent.

Suddenly a figure flashed in and landed next to Yamamoto.

It was Itsuki.

No-one felt any malicious intent from the newcomer but were still surprised to see someone so blatantly walk into the meeting room. Realising who that someone was, Yamamoto's initial anger lessened but still had a berating look on his face.

"What are you doing Itsuki? This is a captain's meeting, someone of your stature is forbidden to come here without my permission"

Seeing this, the other captains, apart from Ukitake and Shunsui, were surprised with the way Yamamoto acted. It seemed like a father caught his child stealing cookies, with the child having absolutely no remorse with that stoic look.

Before Yamamoto could continue any further, Itsuki interrupted him,


A vein popped out of Yamamoto's head as he was interrupted, but his next words cooled him down,

"…found the criminals"

Shock passed through the captains as even they hadn't gotten any clues into the whereabouts of the escapees. At first, they thought it was unbelievable but seeing who was speaking they became less suspicious. Everyone in the hall knew Itsuki's strength.

"Well, where are they?"

"They escaped"


"Yeah, they escaped to the human world. By the time I reached them, they had already left through the Dangai."

Yamamoto just gave out a long drawn out sigh when he heard this before dismissing everyone.

Understanding that he wanted to be left alone, all the captains and Itsuki left the room to give the old man some time.

Upon leaving, Shunsui came and patted Itsuki's back,

"You've become stronger from before. Your Shunpo seems to be on par with Yoruichi's, maybe even faster"

The captains nodded upon seeing this. They had barely felt someone entering but by the time they realised Itsuki was already there.

"Anyway, something feels different about you. Your eyes seems to have changed, but it's not that. You seem more mature, like you're finally a man…hmm…"

Luckily for Itsuki, before Shunsui could guess any further, Kuchiki Ginrei came up to him,

"Minamoto-kun, drop by the Kuchiki household sometime, Byakuya seems to miss you"

Giving out a grandfatherly smile, Itsuki could tell it was rare for him to smile like such due to its stiffness. Agreeing with Ginrei's wishes that he would visit soon, he then made his way back to the 2nd Division's HQ only to see Soi Fon stare at Yoruichi's seat. Before he left, he didn't notice Unohana Retsu's eyes staring at him with a hint of battle intent being quickly concealed in her eyes as she returned to her motherly smile.

'I want to fight him'

Soi Fon had a despairing expression on her face as she found it hard to believe that her idol had become traitor. Itsuki didn't say anything as he appeared behind her and put his arm on her shoulder.

This sent a jolt through Soi Fon as she slowly turned around with tears threatening to come out. This was the first time Itsuki had seen Soi Fon so fragile and immediately brought her into a hug. He started patting her head consoling her as she started bawling her eyes out. In the anime she had no one but herself to rely on but this time he was here.

The Onmitsukido were portrayed really weak in the anime, getting defeated here and there but he would change that.

- The next day -

- 1st Division HQ -

"I want to take the Captain's proficiency test"


Author's note

I'll try my best.

Thanks for the support and I just love you guys, and girls if you read it lol.

I really want to make a Naruto fanfic but it will have to wait once I finish this.

No matter how many years into the future, Madara vs Shinobi Alliance and the five kages would be my absolute fav.


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