Rebirth in Bleach
51 Fifty Years
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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51 Fifty Years

Yamamoto looked at his disciple before him. Silence ensued once Itsuki had finished speaking.

"No need.


Itsuki was surprised with what Yamamoto said. What did he mean by 'No need'?

Seeing Itsuki's confusion, Yamamoto clarified

"Due to a lack of captains, the other captains have recommended people to make up their absence. Your name was the only one that came up for the 2nd Division. You have the strength to back it up and you are the current 3rd Seat, plus, due to its secrecy, we don't know much about the characters of some of the members within the Onmitsukido."

Itsuki nodded upon hearing this as Yamamoto continued,

"I'll put my trust in you and you would need the approval from the Onmitsukido. It still is a force separate from the Gotei 13"

Receiving his teacher's approval Itsuki made his way back to the 2nd Division HQ. He had just walked through the doors of the 2nd Division when Soi Fon came running towards him.

"There's trouble Itsuki, Marenoshin just gave in his retirement papers. Apparently, he wants to focus on his family as his son was just born."

"What did central 46 say?"

"They approved."

This was indeed trouble. Currently the Onmitsukido was a without a captain and a lieutenant.

Arriving at the main hall Itsuki saw that all the members had arrived. Itsuki was currently the only corps commander available and had the most superiority.

Itsuki didn't say anything as he walked up front and stood there looking at the members. The other's read through his intentions as they looked back. If they were unsatisfied, they could challenge him.

Itsuki still had to do something as he then released reiatsu and forced it upon them. The Onmitsukido immediately felt the pressure and none dared to look back at him. Some found it harder to breath while the weaker ones outright collapsed. Itsuki's current reiatsu was immense. It had reached an advance-captain's level and was on par with the Zaraki Kenpachi's but was still lower than Yamamoto's. The difference between his and Zaraki's was that he could perfectly control his, having none of it leaked.

Retracting his reiatsu he looked over the members to see their next steps. One by one they all kneeled. At first, they were hesitant but seeing his strength determined their minds.

'If it's him…'

'He's probably stronger than…'

Thoughts like this went around them as they greeted their new leader. In Soul Society, the strong were respected.

So, in this one sitting, Itsuki was able to bring the whole Onmitsukido together, what took Yoruichi and Soi Fon years to do. There may have been unity from Yoruichi's era, but it still showed how much strength mattered.

Itsuki's reputation never lost out to Yoruichi's within the forces as his past exploits sent chills down their spines. Whenever he collaborated with the executive militia, he would take the spotlight. It would seem as if he wasn't the corps commander of the detention unit but a highly trained assassin within the executive militia.

Major changes followed within the Onmitsukido with their training routine and a few days later, Itsuki officially became the captain of the 2nd Division. Soi Fon was then appointed as the corps commander of the patrol corps, effectively becoming the Lieutenant. As for the Detention unit, Itsuki applied for Saedani Maneko to be released so she could take charge of the detention unit.

His request was accepted and her zanpakuto was returned to her. Itsuki trusted her as she was one of the 'overlords' back in the nest of maggots. There was no opposition from the Shihouin family as they were still lying low and by the time they took any action, the Onmitsukido would firmly be in Itsuki's hands.

There were some opposition seeing as the two were females but a few beat downs was all it took to stop these voices.

Currently he was with Rangiku walking down the park. Rangiku looked at Itsuki and could tell that he wasn't his usual today. He seemed to be in his own world, and this worried Rangiku, he was never like this before.

Rangiku was correct, Itsuki felt incredibly guilty when he was with her. After what had happened with Yoruichi and knowing that she won't be the only one, he found it difficult to look towards her.

"What's up, Itsuki?"

Bringing him out of his thoughts he looked towards Rangiku. Rangiku stared back into his gem like eyes and the two just stood there.

Silence followed as no one said anything with Itsuki getting increasingly guiltier. He had to come out with it.

"Rangiku. I…"

Rangiku hurriedly covered his mouth as she shook her head with a smile.

"Don't say it"

She knew exactly what he wanted to say when she saw the guilt in his eyes. She, herself, had seen the other two girls that were nearly head over heels for him and had resolved herself. All she wanted to do now was to occupy the foremost place in his heart. Although she resolved herself to share him, she was still selfish in wanting to be number one.

It did however hurt her that she would have to share him but for the man she loved, she was willing to do anything.

She's been with him the longest and knew the efforts he put in just to get to where he was now.

Reading her intentions, Itsuki's burden lessened quite a bit as another weight was placed on his shoulders.

'How am I going to tell her?'

How was he supposed to tell Soi Fon?

Like this worries once again emerged in his head sending Rangiku in a panic.

It was relatively peaceful in Soul Society as Itsuki went to Yamamoto for access into the Daireishokairo. The Daireishokairo was Soul society's great spirit library housing all of Soul Society's knowledge and history. His main objective was to find the book that Aizen would use later to learn how to make the king's key. His other objective was to increase his knowledge and find ways to increase his strength.

Using the excuse for researching on recent events, he and Yamamoto were able to get the approval from the Central 46 with some help from the Kuchiki household on the side.

Itsuki would visit the Kuchiki household and thrash Byakuya before returning to his division. Soi Fon had major changes to her attitude as she became more reserved, usually returning to her norm when she was alone with Itsuki. Itsuki personally took charge over her training, sparring with her now and then.

Like the anime, her thirst for surpassing Yoruichi only grew as she dedicated most of his time to training. This led to Itsuki being confronted by an issue plaguing all leaders, paperwork.

Years went by as Itsuki mastered his Bankai and found it increasingly difficult to remember the information received from the library. All eidetic memory did was remember everything but none of it was organised and was all jumbled up, so he remembered a show from his previous life.

It was one his favourites and the protagonist utilised a technique known as the mind palace also known as the method of loci. The ability to store information and data while being able to retrieve it quickly and efficiently in the future. The individual would memorise the layout of a building, or some sort of geographical entity composed of a number of discrete loci. Loci meaning places in Latin. When the individual would desire to remember a set of data, he/she would walk through these loci and would commit the information to an item by forming a sort of image between the information and the feature of that locus.

When one would want to retrieve information, the individual would walk through these loci allowing them to retrieve the desired information.

Using his memory partition and thoughts acceleration, he imagined a library similar to the Daireishokairo except it was empty. Imagining it, the loci he determined was the different sections of the library. For example, History was one loci and experiments would be another. He then remembered each book he read and started filling his library up. Once he had completed it, it would mean that he would have all the knowledge of Soul Society in his head as a form of database.

The Central 46 seemed to have forgotten that Itsuki had access to the library, allowing him to learn everything in there. Still who would believe that someone was able to memorise the whole library.

However, this did take a really long time, and by the time he was finished, fifty years had passed. He had never spent all that time in the library and would leave it from time to time. He would check upon his subordinates and Soi Fon, who finally started taking responsibility for her role as Lieutenant. Other than that, he would either be in the Kuchiki household sparring with Byakuya or having a meeting with Rangiku.

Yuroe had become the third seat of the fourth division while Kotetsu Isane had become the lieutenant. She was the sister of Kotetsu Kiyone who was serving Ukitake. Ketaro himself had joined the kido corps as he found out that he had a natural talent for it.

The second division was more competent and secretive this time, being the scariest of all the divisions. No matter who it was, people would fear the unknown.

Seikyo herself had also become a fully-fledged bird. Able to fly extremely high in the sky, she was able to touch upon the top of the barrier surrounding the Seireitei. Her wingspan reached 2 metres and she had beautiful white feathers and azure eyes.

Her reputation was also quite widespread in Seireitei. Rumours were out that if you saw this bird it meant death was looking, meaning that the captain of the 2nd Division was currently looking at you. For the female Shinigami he was known as simply the Prince while the others called him Raijuu, Lightning beast due to his speed.

Itsuki didn't know who spread this rumour or how it got propagated, it was quite close to the truth. But Itsuki could tell that it was just a rumour someone made up as that ability was only known to him and Seikyo.

Currently he was sparring with Soi Fon within the training grounds he and Yoruichi used to train in. At first, Soi Fon was quite shocked with there being a large space unknown by the outside world but once Itsuki told her about who used it, she felt silent. Itsuki could see the fire in her eyes when her name was mentioned.

Itsuki and Soi Fon were currently wearing a normal Onmitsukido training attire as Itsuki countered her attacks. Using one final attack, he flicked her forehead causing her to jump back.

"Itsuki, fight seriously"

Itsuki just smiled as he looked at Soi Fon. Seeing that smile, Soi Fon's eye twitched before she got into position.

"Fine then, I'll make you fight seriously. This is a move I've been practicing with to defeat her. Don't hold back, I don't know how to control it yet."

Bringing her arms to the side, she released her reiatsu as a high level kido was used. The back of her training attire was ripped open and her reiatsu flared.

'This must be the beginning stages of her Shunko"

Disappearing, she appeared next to Itsuki swinging out her leg horizontally. Itsuki dodged this as his smile never left his mouth. Soi Fon saw this and felt something was wrong.

Suddenly, Itsuki also activated Shunko and confronted Soi Fon, astonishing her. For her, she had created a powerful technique from scratch yet her captain in front of her was able to use it while having a better mastery over it.

"How do you know this?"

"This technique is called Shunko, it was taught to me by Yoruichi."

Soi Fon looked down after this,

'She did even…'

Itsuki could see what she was thinking and came up to her,

"She didn't teach you because it is a dangerous technique. I learnt it by chance"

This seemed to bring up her mood as she got ready to spar again.

"Then I'll defeat her with this"

So, from then on Shunko practice was added on.


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