Rebirth in Bleach
55 Personal Guards
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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55 Personal Guards

Abarai Renji could be seen running through the hallways of the academy. A happy smile could be seen on his face as he looked for someone.

"Yo, you seen Rukia"

"I think I remember seeing her entering XX room"

Asking a fellow student, he got the directions where Rukia was last seen. Reaching his destination, he didn't bother knocking and just directly rushed in,

"Rukia, you…"

Renji was shocked seeing her not alone. Looking at the man in front of her, he noticed the kenseikan he was wearing.


"Oh, it seems we have been interrupted. Well, take your time thinking, we will await your answer"

The old housekeeper finished speaking, before leaving with Byakuya. Renji saw Byakuya looking at him, no, behind him causing him to turn around. Standing next to the door while leaning his back against the wall with his leg and had his arms folded was a familiar man. Those same cold eyes looked at him as if saying 'Am I invisible to you?'.

Suddenly the eagle on his shoulder jumped up and landed on Rukia.


The old housekeeper was shocked with this as he noticed Itsuki's eyes stabbing into him.

'It seems Captain Minamoto…'

The housekeeper just sighed as he was dismissed by Byakuya leaving Itsuki, Byakuya, Rukia and Renji in the room. Renji was just stuck in place as cold sweat appeared on his back. Ever since he entered the room, he couldn't move in any way. Their reiatsu was too huge.

Byakuya turned to Itsuki as resolution filled his eyes,

Itsuki, seeing this, asked

"You sure?"

Byakuya nodded as he disappeared from their visions. He was going to visit his parent's graves. Itsuki sighed upon seeing this, it seems he couldn't change some parts. Byakuya still ended up making an oath in front of his parent's graves, to never go against the rules.

Itsuki tried to stop it from happening but it seems that he failed. This would be second time breaking it, first one was for Hisana, the second for Rukia. He still ended up feeling uncomfortable resulting in this oath.

A bird's cry brought him out of his thoughts as he looked at Rukia and Seikyo playing. Touching Renji's shoulder he calmed him down as he collected his reiatsu.


A small voice was heard as he walked towards Rukia. She was still engrossed in playing with Seikyo and only noticed him when the eagle landed on his shoulder.

Rukia was shocked seeing him so close as a faint blush crept onto her face.

"C-c-captain Minamoto"

Looking up, she started losing herself in those eyes and was only bought out of it when Itsuki started speaking,

"It seems like Seikyo took a liking to you. So, I'll leave her to you"

Saying this he disappeared from their vision leaving the two childhood friends and a bird behind. Itsuki then stopped some distance away and rubbed his throat, it felt dry. From then on, no words left Itsuki's mouth.

'Need to balance, need to balance…'

It seems he was still looking for it. One of the most powerful Shinigami, has the whole of soul society's library cramped into his head and still looks for the balance.

Time passed as the captain's seats got filled slowly. Since then, Itsuki had taken over the 2nd division, Gin had taken over the 3rd division, Aizen took the 5th, Komamura Sajin became the captain of the 7th, Kaname Tosen took the 9th and Shiba Isshin became the 10th Division's captain.

Kurotsuchi Mayuri became captain of the 12th Division shortly after Itsuki while Isshin joined their ranks a few years later.

Rukia joined the Gotei 13 after the year ended, joining the 13th division under Ukitake. Byakuya was still strict with her and kept an aloof side when talking to her. However, he was milder and would praise her now and then. The only time he would act like another person was in front of Hisana and Itsuki.

Hisana still refused to meet Rukia as guilt drowned her whenever she saw Rukia. Itsuki and Byakuya knew they couldn't force it and would just have to wait for her to gather her courage. Although Hisana had recovered, she still had a weak body and with the fear of her getting harmed, Byakuya requested Itsuki to assign a few guards to accompany her.

Itsuki then got Maneko's few subordinates to always be with her wherever she went.

Five years after Rukia graduated, Renji, Hinamori and Kira also graduated. They were all offered a position within the 5th Division, but, while Renji and Kira took it, Hinamori applied for the 2nd division.

She never joined the executive militia, patrol corps, or the detention corps, but directly went for Itsuki's personal guards.

Each head of the Onmitsukido had them apart from Itsuki, because, in his words, he didn't need them, he had Seikyo. But Soi Fon, Maneko and the other members of the Onmitsukido basically tried their best in persuading him to get his own. For some reason, even Byakuya jumped in.

In their words, there was no point of Itsuki personally making a move for small fries, it was a waste of time. So, after a long period of persuasion, threats and many things I won't say, Itsuki finally consented.

However, Itsuki didn't just make his personal guards, he made them a secret information corp. Only known to Itsuki and Soi Fon, to the outside world they were his personal guards but Itsuki made them his information network. He had already started planting spies ever since he became a captain, which slowly grew to what it is now. He needed a few subordinates to manage it and didn't want anybody to know about it, including Yamamoto.

Seeing the first applicant, Itsuki was surprised to find Hinamori's application. It seemed that Itsuki had taken Aizen's place for her subject of admiration. Itsuki knew that she was an incredibly loyal individual and, being from the elite class, was talented, especially in kido.

Hinamori arrived in front of the 2nd division's main gates and walked towards the two Onmitsukido guards standing there.

"State your purpose"

The one on the right stated,

"Hinamori Momo, here for an exam"

Giving her papers she was let in. On her way she encountered no-one and just walked on the paved path surrounded by trees. Walking in she came across another set of walls and was let in, this time with a female Onmitsukido member as a guide.

No-one talked and she could feel the strict atmosphere within the division. She was led to the main building and finally reached a door that had the plaque reading 'Captain's Quarters'. They waited outside until Soi Fon arrived.

Soi Fon examined the first applicant. She seemed to be just a weak little girl. Hinamori, on the other hand, looked at the girl no taller than her. Seeing the lieutenant armband on Soi Fon's left shoulder, she hurriedly collected herself and showed her respect along with the Onmitsukido member,

"Lieutenant Soi Fon"

"Mm, so you're the first applicant"

Hinamori nodded while Soi Fon continued,

"Why are you waiting outside, come in. The captain's probably waiting"

Soi Fon proceeded to directly walk in while the Onmitsukido member panicked and tried to stop her,

"Lieutenant, I think we should knock first"

"No need, come in…"

Soi Fon opened the door and was shocked. Hinamori and Onmitsukido member were confused at first and also looked inside resulting in them being shocked as well. Itsuki stood there wide eyed at the intruders. He was currently dressing up and was currently putting on a white top. While his lower body was covered by trousers, his upper body laid bare in front of three pairs of shocked eyes.

The girls saw Itsuki's tender white skin holding back his perfect muscles. His body looked like it was sculpted by the gods and no blemished were found.

Itsuki was inwardly flustered but outwardly calm. Proceeding to wear his top, he put on his captain's attire as he disappeared from their visions. This brought them back form their thoughts as they looked at each other, realising the three of them having a nosebleed. The Onmitsukido member then excused herself as Soi Fon brought Hinamori to the main hall. Only Itsuki and Soi Fon would overlook this exam so no one else was in the room apart from Itsuki sitting at the forefront.

Soi Fon looked at the place and immediately saw Yoruichi sitting there, as anger appeared in her eyes. The picture was then replaced by Itsuki which made the anger disappear where it was then replaced by what she just saw. A blush appeared as she tried to remain cool but failed to do so.

Hinamori next to her was out if it. She kept looking next to Itsuki with a blush and wouldn't dare meet his eyes. Soi Fon then proceeded in front of her and started talking about the rules and regulations. Itsuki didn't say anything and just watched it happen. First, they would test her strength in all areas, and then overlook her performance within each corps.

Then there would be an examination in how well she could handle information and a year later she passed with fighting colours. What surprised Itsuki was that, normally she would have a kind face but when she was serious or angered, her eyes became especially menacing.

After that, no other application reached Itsuki's standard so currently only Hinamori was part of Itsuki's personal guard. As she was originally from the west Rukongai, Itsuki made her in charge of that while he looked over the other three.

Rukia had the same experience within the 13th division she had in the anime. Whenever Itsuki went to meet Ukitake, he would observe her from a distance. He was there when she started to idolise Miyako, Kaien's wife and was also there when she first activated her Shikai.

One time, Itsuki was visiting and was having a talk with Ukitake while Kaien was on the side. Rukia walked in with a plate that had only two cups of tea. Placing it down, Kaien saw this as he hit Rukia's head,

"Kuchiki! Why do I only see two cups when there is three of us"

Ukitake had a smile on his face while Itsuki had a stoic look, but one could see the amusement in his eyes.


Rubbing her head, she looked down. She had only thought that Ukitake and Kaien would be here, she didn't Itsuki was also here. A small blush appeared on her face when she saw Itsuki as Kaien saw this. Preparing to tease her, Ukitake questioned Rukia,

"Kuchiki, no response from the reconnaissance team yet?"

Being brought out of her thoughts Rukia replied,

"They still haven't returned yet"

Suddenly loud footsteps were heard as the door smashed open and Sentaro burst in,

"Th-there's trouble, the reconnaissance team encountered trouble"

Upon hearing this, Kaien immediately darted up and ran outside while the rest followed. Entering an ordinary looking shack. An unconscious woman laid upon a bed of sorts as Kaien ran towards her while shouting,


Miyako was beautiful woman with long dark hair tied up while keeping a strand hanging down either side of her face.

A Shinigami next to her started talking,

"She has lost consciousness, but her life is not in danger"

Ukitake looked towards another subordinate and questioned,

"The others?"

The subordinate in question looked down and replied,

"All dead"

Ukitake was clearly shocked by this

"All dead?!"

Itsuki just looked on as a spectator as he activated his eyes,

'Indeed, there is something inside her'

Rukia was worried and approached Kaien


Kaien didn't reply and just looked worried.

After leaving Itsuki held Ukitake back.

"What's wrong Itsuki?"

"Something's weird, there's no hollow around, Seikyo didn't find anything"

Ukitake got to thinking as he suddenly looked back at Miyako's location,

"You can't mean…"

Itsuki just nodded while Ukitake looked stunned. He didn't doubt Itsuki's judgement but what he was implying was too dangerous.

Waiting for night to descend, Itsuki and Ukitake stayed nearby and waited to see if she would indeed. Kaien was also called and looked extremely worried, at first, he didn't believe it and was about to cause a ruckus but one look from Itsuki shut him up.

Ukitake started to look doubtful as time passed on with no movement from Miyako. He was about to question Itsuki when Miyako suddenly sat up.


Author's note

Ok, ok.

It seems like I can't stop writing.

I will make sure to keep my health in check and won't stress myself.

If I suddenly don't post any time soon, you now know the reason


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