Rebirth in Bleach
56 Hitsugaya Toshiro
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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56 Hitsugaya Toshiro

Ukitake and the rest were stunned while Itsuki continued observing calmly.

Miyako slowly got up and walked towards the patrolling Shinigami.

"This has gotten really serious."

"I can't believe everyone except Miyako-dono was killed…"

"Is Miyako-do alright?"

"Yeah, they say her life isn't in any danger…"

"That's a relief, she is the one person that the 13th division cannot live without."


"Oh, if it isn't Miyako-dono? Should you be up-"

Miyako just carried on walking towards them with her sword drawn and her bangs covering her eyes. Suddenly, she lunged forwards with full intent to kill towards the one that was questioning her. The Shinigami was too shocked to suddenly react when a person appeared in front of him.

The said person started shouting

"Miyako, what are you doing?!"

Kaien who suddenly appeared was shocked to see a ruthless look in her eyes as a bloodthirsty smile appeared on her face. Looking round she noticed she was surrounded by Ukitake, Rukia and the rest.

Ukitake looked at the patrolling soldiers and ordered,

"Leave this area!"

They were too shocked by the recent happenings as they absentmindedly ran away.

-Miyako-jumped back and looked around. Her smile never left her face as she ended up looking at Rukia,


-Miyako-gave out a ghastly scream as she ran towards her. Kaien, seeing this, jumped in front of Rukia while holding his hands out and shouted

"Stop, Miyako!"

Miyako regained some clarity in her eyes as she suddenly stopped. She seemed worried as sweat dripped down her face. Realising what she was doing, she slowly backed off and tried to make her escape by jumping onto the roof. Just as she was about to do that, she seemed to struggle with something and was fighting back trying to regain control. There seemed to be two entities fighting for possession of her body. Realising that she was slowly losing control she proceeded with her escape and jumped onto the roof. What Miyako wasn't expecting was for Itsuki to already be there.

Itsuki released some of his reiatsu and pushed Miyako back into the courtyard.

Kaien had seen her struggle and held some hope in his heart that his Miyako would be saved.

-Miyako-landed on the ground as her skin turned green and orange patches appeared surrounding her eyes.

"Tch, I was just about to eat this body."

Frustration was in her voice as a strange masculine voice appeared from Miyako's mouth.


Kaien still held hope of -Miyako-hearing him. -Miyako-suddenly turned to him as her eyes turned black.

"Why do you call out my name, young man?"

"Are you that worried about me?"

"Are you that much in love with me, young man?"

Miyako looked at him as a long tongue fell out her mouth.

"If you love me that much, then I'll eat you first!"

-Miyako-suddenly jumped at Kaien intent on biting him. Ukitake appeared in front and blocked the attack with his sword. They started confronting each other as Itsuki could tell Ukitake and the rest were looking for a way to help her with their passiveness.

The -Miyako- took extra care in not running towards Itsuki as she felt that if she did then it will be her death.

"Why don't you attack me?"

"I know, you're looking for a way to drag me out of this body, aren't you?"

"It's useless"

"I'm a spirit entity, she's a spirit entity. We're a union of spirit entities, we can never be separated!!"

The more -Miyako- spoke the more despair Kaien felt.

Ukitake suddenly made his move,

"I see, then I have no choice…"

-Miyako- looked shocked as she dodged, she was surprised seeing someone strike her with the intent to kill.

"Y-you would hurt you own comrade?!"

"Yes, I cannot let the likes of you have Miyako's body!"

Suddenly, Ukitake started having a coughing fit as he started to cough out blood. Seeing this, -Miyako- took this chance to make her escape but the same thing happened, Itsuki appeared. This time, Itsuki activated his eyes, crouched slightly and swung his sword. No one saw the swing, all they saw was Itsuki appearing behind her slowly sheathing his sword and -Miyako- collapsing.

Kaien, Rukia, Sentaro and Kiyone were stunned with the change of events. One minute they were trying to find ways to help Miyako, and the next they have a coughing captain and a supposedly dead Miyako.


Sentaro and Kiyone ran towards Ukitake and Kaien towards Miyako. Rukia stood there too shocked to move.

'Why is this happening?'


Kaien's voice of shock was heard as Ukitake waved his hand implying he was ok. Sentaro still went and put his captain's arm over him. They all looked over towards Miyako direction only to see Miyako returning to her original colour. They were all shocked as Kiyone made her way towards her. Kaien moved to the side as Kiyone checked up over Miyako as an astonished look slowly surfaced,

"S-s-she's okay, n-no cuts. She's just unconscious."

Everyone was astonished to hear that. Ukitake looked at Itsuki who just shook his head. He would need to tell Yamamoto about this. Itsuki then looked at Rukia who seemed downcast, she was next to useless in this battle. Itsuki then went next to her and whispered something which caused her eyes to widen.


Rukia turned around only to see no one here, Itsuki had left.

Miyako woke up a few days later and was filled with regret with that incident. She was forced to look as she killed her own comrades. She was filled with remorse to the ones she attacked and after apologising countless times she was up and running although she would look dazed now and then.

She was, in a sense, the heart of the 13th division, so she needed to put up a brave front. As for Rukia, she became another spectator during Byakuya and Itsuki's spar. Hisana would look from one side while hiding her face, while Rukia from another. After the spar, Itsuki would send her to train in the 2nd Division training ground and have Soi Fon personally train her.

Currently, Itsuki and Rangiku were currently walking around the streets of Rukongai. Seeing Itsuki's captain's attire people would bow and move to the side. They decided to go to a relatively remote place where Rangiku saw a craving for sweets when the two saw a shopkeeper disrespectfully treat a kid. The kid had white hair that was kind of spiky and turquoise eyes. He had a relatively cold air surrounding him.

"Oi, Itsuki, you didn't have a child when I wasn't looking, did you?"

Itsuki was shocked by the accusation and looked at Rangiku who had a playful smile.

Thinking of something, Itsuki looked guilty and nodded,


Rangiku was shocked but got irked seeing his Itsuki's playful look.


About to refute Itsuki, Rangiku abruptly turned around, only to see the kid get mistreated.

"Hey, you!"

The kid and the shopkeeper were suddenly shocked by the voice as they both turned around. The barely saw anything when a hand came and pushed him away. This resulted in him falling to the ground. Rangiku directly ignored him and continued,

"You shouldn't treat customer's like that! Are you taking advantage of him because he's a kid?! I never realised how the people of this store were!"


The shopkeeper barely spoke before Rangiku turned around and looked at the kid on the floor. Picking him up, she brought him to eye level and started shouting at him,

"How long are you going to sit and cry?! Man up and say what's on your mind!"

The kid tried refuting her,

"And just whose fault is it?! Besides I'm not crying! Lemme go!"

Rangiku looked carefully at the boy as she felt something.

"I said let go!"

The boy then slapped Rangiku's hand off and ran away. Rangiku tried stopping him

"Hey, wait!"

Itsuki then stood next to her,

"You felt that didn't you, Itsuki"

"Took you long enough to realise it"

Following the boy, they saw him entering a rundown shack. Rangiku decided to wait until night to make her entrance. She wanted the boy to know the consequences of his reiatsu.

Night came quick as the two spent their time together when they suddenly felt a fluctuation of Reiatsu coming from the shack. Entering, they saw an old woman shivering from the kid they saw before.

Rangiku made her way to the boy and looked over him. He seemed to be having some sort of nightmare due to him sweating and shivering. As he slowly opened his eyes, Rangiku whispered,


"Y-you're from this afternoon!"

Before he could speak any further, Rangiku continued

"Hide your reiatsu when you're sleeping, your grandma looks cold."

The boy looked to the side and saw his grandma half shivering from the cold.

"Kiddo, you should become a Shinigami. Powerful children like you have to learn how to control their own abilities. Otherwise you'll end up killing your grandma with it."

"What are y-?!"

"You can hear a voice, can't you?"

This seemed to be the last straw for the boy as he accepted Rangiku's offer. Rangiku was leaving the shack when a voice was heard,


"Yeah, done."

Itsuki smiled as he took Rangiku in his arms,

"Let's go back, it's getting late."

Rangiku put her hand on his arm and just nodded, they disappeared together.


Author's note

Wait another chapter.

I don't think I've released this many chapters in such a short amount of time.


Who knows what going to happen next?

And i'm off to sleep, it's currently 23:45 so good night or good morning or good afternoon, whatever


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