Rebirth in Bleach
58 Bankai! Unleashed
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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58 Bankai! Unleashed

- Soul Society -

- Seireitei -

- Division 12 HQ –


Emergency bells created havoc within the division. Report of a tremendous reiatsu suddenly being unleashed was causing a breakdown within the division.

Mayuri could be seen extremely frustrated,

"What's happening?!"

A subordinate suddenly came up to him with perspiration on his forehead,

"Reports of a Bankai being unleashed has been seen. The reiatsu seems to belong to Captain Minamoto"

Mayuri was surprised seeing who it was,

'Why is he there? Why did he unleash his Bankai'?

- Real World -

- Naruki City -

Clouds seem to gather as the rain started to fall faster and harder. Thunder rolled in the skies as Itsuki's small, yet ice cold voice resounded within the souls of all spiritual beings in the surrounding area.

"Bankai, Susanoo"


A tremendous amount of reiatsu spread out while armour appeared on Itsuki. It was the same black samurai armour that appeared including the helmet and tiger mask. Ryurai elongated and turned into an Odachi with a draconic handguard.

Tornadoes made of Byakko's wind and Lightning surrounded Itsuki as he got into stance. The hollow in front didn't seem to have any sort of rationality as it started swiping it's sword like hand at Itsuki. Itsuki was able to keep up even with his Odachi but the hollow's relentless attacks made it hard to defend.

Suddenly, the hollow moved back and charged up a cero, well tried. It wasn't able to collect any form of Reiatsu whatsoever. This was one of Itsuki's ability, an area surrounding him within these tornadoes where any form of reiatsu will be nullified. So, attacks that use reishi will be ineffective. That's wasn't the same for Itsuki though, stretching out his arms, he pointed at the hollow where a few surrounding lightning congregated and struck the hollow making it scream out in pain.

This wasn't the end though, as Itsuki physically turned into lightning and appeared next to the hollow and swung his sword with tremendous force.

The hollow was able to dodge but the ground wasn't. Luckily, the fight had slowly moved to an area where there wasn't any sort of civilisation.

Looking at the havoc they were causing, Itsuki realised that no matter if he won or lost, the repercussions would be harmful. While he was fighting, he saw a figure setting something up in the distance.

Seeing who it was, a smile appeared on his face as he concentrated at the hollow, he just needed the figure to finish what he was doing.

- Karakura Town -

A fairly injured young woman could be seen talking to an injured Isshin,

"My name Kurosaki Masaki, I'm a Quincy…"

She looked nervous while she identified herself. She was talking to a race that had wiped out her people and due to Isshin being out of the norm he just replied,

"A Quincy, huh? First time seeing one in person."

Hearing the thunder rumble in the distance and the occasional waves of reiatsu, Masaki questioned,

"What's happening there?"

"My colleague is fighting one similar to this but waaaay stronger…"

Masaki was surprised as the one they fought together was really strong. Masaki had brown hair that was cut to round chin-length. She was of average height and wore a brown school uniform with a red hemmed skirt and a white collar with red pins that fell over the top of her back and was tied in the front with a red ribbon, as well as brown shoes and white knee-length stockings.

Aizen and gang were astonished by what they saw when they returned to their base,

"A hollow created by the soul of a Shinigami decided to reside within a Quincy, an existence further from itself."

"Why didn't we go and see Itsuki's fight, we could have gotten some information regarding his powers"

"No, I felt that our cover would be blown if we went there, still who would have thought that Minamoto Itsuki would be hiding such a power."

- Outskirts of Naruki City -

Itsuki saw the figure finally complete a portal of sorts. Nothing could be seen inside the portal as it was pitch black.


Traversing the Garganta was the only way to access Hueco Mundo, the realm of hollows.

Seeing Urahara Kisuke finishing up he turned to look at Itsuki and nodded. Urahara knew the repercussions of this much Reiatsu being released into the atmosphere. Luckily, there were no humans nearby as it would affect quite a few people into awakening some sort of ability.

While Itsuki had first gotten ready to fight the hollow, he had sent Seikyo with a message to Urahara.

Seeing everything ready Itsuki looked at the hollow,

'Although I can't control it, I have no choice but to use if I want to get this guy in there'

Itsuki's Reiatsu once again flared up as brought his other hand out. All the lightning converged into the Odachi. The tornadoes also came together and converged into the sword as it made another blade come out of the rear, making his Odachi a double-sided sword.

"Kumano Ketsumiko no Kami, Susano'o!"

As soon as he said it Itsuki disappeared along with the hollow. Just before he entered, he saw a panic-stricken cat look from a far as he went into the Garganta.

- Hueco Mundo -

- Unknown location -

A white moon was stuck in the air surrounded by endless blackness. A white desert laid beneath as quartz like trees made up the vegetation in this place. Suddenly a rift opened as two or maybe three figures came out of it.

Itsuki immediately came out of his Bankai's ultimate form as it was too much to handle. It was like Byakuya's 'Senkei, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi' but more powerful. It was just the start as he was still researching the various other moves with this form.

The hollow on front was cut in half as Itsuki had cut the hollow in half upon entering Hueco Mundo. Slowly Itsuki took out the data from all the hollow experiments Soul Society had ever done. Some had been done in secret while their research notes had been carefully hidden away. Itsuki had excavated these and researched hollowfication, and probably had a better understanding than both Aizen and Urahara.

Stabbing his zanpakuto's in the hollows body, Itsuki slowly took the hollow's reiatsu into his body, it wasn't until the whole body of the hollow had disappeared that Itsuki had completed. This was a special method Itsuki had found. It was the purest method but also the most dangerous. If successful, the gains would be tremendous.

Sitting cross legged on the floor, Itsuki seemed like a buddha until a change happened. A white blob appeared as it started to engulf Itsuki's face.


An inhuman scream escaped as it also sounded like the start of a massacre.

- Soul Society -

- 1st Division HQ -

Isshin had just finished giving his report as Yamamoto could be seen trying his best to look calm.

"Due to you creating the most minimum losses, your punishment for unauthorised deployment has been voided. You don't have anything to add on?"

Thinking back to Masaki,

"No, there is none."

"And you don't know what happened to Itsuki."

Isshin just shook his head. He really didn't know, his reiatsu had just disappeared.

Upon being left alone, Yamamoto just slumped onto his chair as he closed his eyes.


With his name being called, Chojiro immediately appeared,

"If Itsuki doesn't come back in a month, make his status MIA"

Yamamoto looked down when he spoke of this as he dismissed Chojiro. He then turned to look at Seikyo who had returned with Isshin.

A month later, it was announced that the 2nd Division Captain, Minamoto Itsuki was MIA.

This new sent waves throughout Soul Society. People were expecting for the Onmitsukido to collapse but the opposite happened. They seemed to carry on their normal operations as they had unbelievable trust for their captain. This showed Itsuki's command capabilities. Soi Fon and Rangiku both looked down the longer they waited. They never had their usual cheerful smile while Hinamori took it upon herself to manage the whole information gathering network.

Byakuya started to resemble the anime, the cold apathetic manner as Ukitake and Shunsui started to feel lonely without all the visits from Itsuki. Unohana also felt lonely as she had lost a training partner as her life once again got boring.

Time passed with it later being announced that there was a new kenpachi. Zaraki Kenpachi had come. Renji was then transferred to the 11th Division while Kira was transferred to the 3rd.

There was still no news of Itsuki. People started to think he was dead, but Yamamoto thought something else. From everyone, he knew the most about Itsuki's strength.

- Hueco Mundo -

Within Itsuki's inner spirit world another Itsuki stood in front of him. It was the complete opposite with black hair, blue sclera and white eyes. Its clothing was made up off a white shihakuso and also held two swords in his hands.

They both looked at each other for a second as they fought, Itsuki never used his mystic eyes as this was a rare chance to have a fight where the opponent's abilities were exactly the same as his.


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