Rebirth in Bleach
62 Zaraki Kenpachi
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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62 Zaraki Kenpachi

Itsuki was currently returning from a mission when he heard the sound of battle. Running to the location he saw a dozen or so Shinigami out fighting a centipede like hollow. Judging by their coarse way of talking, hair and expression, Itsuki concluded that they were from the 11th Division. They were being beaten miserably until a Shinigami made his way forward. He was rather tall and muscular and wore the standard Shinigami shihakuso but with no socks. He had little red markings on the outer corner of his eyes but what shined the most about him was his bald head.

Rushing to the hollow he screamed


And split it in half. Throughout the whole process, a smile never left his face.

"So crude."

Hinamori was next to Itsuki and witnessed the battle. She had her hair tied into a bun similar to the anime.

"How unpleasant, Ikkaku."

Another voice rung out within the group of Shinigami as a rather feminine guy came forward. He wore the standard shihakuso uniform with some customisations. An orange piece of clothing sat above his shihakuso covering his neck and chest. He had purple eyes and colourful feathers sitting on his right eyelashes and eyebrows alongside jaw length black hair.

"What did you say, Yumichika?"

Ikkaku turned to Yumichika when he heard his opinion.

While Hinamori was surveying the group, a certain red head entered her view. Realising it was her friend she wanted to meet him but realised that she it was not the right time. Itsuki saw her hesitation as he glanced towards her,


Realising that her thoughts were seen through a blush crept onto her face. She then thanked Itsuki and stepped out.


Renji looked round and was shocked to see his former classmate. Running towards her, he shouted,

"Hinamori! What are you doing here?"

"I was just returning from a mission"

The Shinigami there were curious as to who the girl was. There were none in the 11th division and it was quite they barely had any interaction from them unless it was a nurse from the 4th division.

"Who's that…"

"How does Abarai know such a beauty…"

Many murmurs and questions were thrown about as Renji and Hinamori talked. Suddenly, the ground shook and many other centipede-like hollows appeared. Ikkaku had a wider smile as he got ready to attack.

"Stand down"

A voice rang out behind him.

A tall and muscular man walked in front of him. He had a wild and aggressive look, with long pronounced cheekbones and hairless brow ridges. He had a long scar running down the left side of his face, over his green eye. His right eye was covered by a black, luxurious eye patch that had gold like lining and a chain as one of the straps. He wore a choker on his neck and a normal Shinigami shihakuso with a sleeveless captain's haori. He had stiff, pointy black hair in which he had attached small bells at the end of each spike.

On his shoulder was a little girl with pink hair, pink eyes and a perpetual blush on her cheeks. She wore the normal Shinigami shihakuso with the lieutenant arm band on her left arm. She appeared to be clutching the man's shoulder to prop herself up.

"Cue ball, move out the way, let ken-chan have some fun"

The girl jumped off and landed next to Hinamori while Ikkaku had veins popping out his head. Before he could release his anger, the girl turned to Hinamori.

"Who are you?"

Hinamori crouched down to eye level,

"It's nice meeting you, lieutenant Kusajishi, My name Hinamori Momo"

"That's a weird name"

Hinamori just smiled at the young girl, before looking at Ikkaku and the peacock looking guy join their captain to defeat the hollows. Their captain looked like he was taking a walk in the park and he didn't seem to be enjoying it with that bored look on his face.

Renji then made his presence know,

"Hinamori, what are you doing here?"

"I was on a mission."

"On a mission? Aren't you part of Captain Minamoto's personal guards? Did you leave?"

The 11th division members had a careful look at the kind, beautiful girl and realised that she was in the standard Onmitsukido uniform. The members that were thinking of approaching her immediately changed their mind. That kind girl was part of the Onmitsukido? Part of the head of the Onmitsukido's personal guards?

"Who said that I left?"

"Weren't you on a mission…wait?"

Realisation slowly surfaced on Renji's face as he started looking around before he turned to Hinamori,

"Captain Minamoto is here?"

To answer that, an eagle flew down and landed on Hinamori's shoulder. The 11th division members were surprised and looked vigilantly at the eagle. Seikyo looked aloof at the members before a pat from Hinamori melted her. Squawking, she shook her head and flapped her wings, indicating her annoyance. A certain captain's ear twitched as he heard the two talking as a smile made its way up to his face.

Suddenly, someone heard footsteps and saw a figure stepping out of the woods. No-one said anything as they all felt a pressure engulf them. It wasn't as if reiatsu being released, it was just an unseen pressure had fallen as Itsuki made his presence known.

Yumichika was there arguing with Ikkaku when he turned to see Itsuki,


Itsuki ignored his voice as he looked towards Hinamori

"If you want you can leave first, I'll be some time."

Hinamori didn't know what he meant at first but then found her answer. A flash was seen, and an explosion happened where her captain was standing. As the smoke cleared out, two figures could be seen. Her captain had one of his swords drawn in a back handed grip, blocking another sword.

"Zaraki Kenpachi"

Itsuki said these two words as he looked at the one that attacked him.

"You seem to have taken off your bells and eyepatch"

"Hahahaha, I don't need them if I'm facing you, that's what my instinct says"

A huge amount of reiatsu was exerted from him as Itsuki did the same. His reiatsu had tremendously increased with the absorption of the hollow that he had difficulties controlling it. Itsuki had calculated that he was probably on a rampage for about thirteen and a half years, it took him three months to get used to his new physical levels, two months on his new Shunpo and one month to get a basic level of control on his newfound powers. It took him three tries just to get into the real world.

He barely had enough time to learn how to properly control them as he needed to get out of that place fast. He didn't know how long he had stayed in Hueco Mundo and the small delay with Nel wasn't worth mentioning.

The surrounding people started to be pushed back as Seikyo started to take for the skies. The members all retreated leaving Zaraki and Itsuki in the middle. All the members expected it to be a long fight. On one side was the current Kenpachi while in the other was the mysterious 2nd Division Captain, rumoured to be the strongest after the captain-commander.

Jumping back Zaraki, created some space between them before realising something. He hadn't made Itsuki move from where he was first standing. This thought excited him as he attacked once again using brute strength. At first, Yamamoto had someone teach Zaraki swordsmanship, but was immediately stopped by the central 46 in fear of him becoming too powerful. Itsuki saw that the man was swinging his sword round without any technique, but each strike was vital. One could tell that it was honed after countless battles.

Still this wasn't enough as Itsuki made his move. From the start, all Itsuki had done was dodging Zaraki's strikes. Finishing a swing, Zaraki found out that Itsuki had disappeared from his vision. Just as he was thinking, he felt a weight in his sword and immediately looked behind him. Itsuki stood there at the tip of his sword looking down at him.

Itsuki jumped as Zaraki tried to shake him off. Landing Itsuki sheathed his sword and got into an Iaido stance. Zaraki saw this and brought his sword in front of him, ready for the strike. What surprised him though was that Itsuki moved a bit forward and disappeared.

Alarm bells rang in his head as his animal like instincts kicked in and was barely able to dodge the strike. Just as he had finished the dodge, a sword was already there pointing at his neck. Luckily, they had moved far away from the others, so it was only the two of them that had seen Zaraki losing in an instance. The 11th division was based of strength, so seeing their captain losing so easily may have had some impact on their overall morale and their trust in the captain.

Hinamori was there waiting when the sound of fighting died down. Itsuki came out of the woods with Zaraki next to him. It had been troubling pacifying this guy but Itsuki was eventually able to do it in the end. He promised him a spar but didn't tell him when. Zaraki wasn't that blessed in the intelligence area than he was in fighting. But Itsuki knew, that if he was…then only fate knows his limits.

Itsuki then made his way to report his mission and once again have a face off against paperwork. Luckily, Hinamori seconded as an assistant so he got some relief in completing it. While doing this, he had a thought, who did the paperwork in the 11th division. A certain peacock looking guy came to mind as Itsuki shuddered remembering what happened earlier.

Looking at Soi Fon, Itsuki got up and immediately hugged her. Soi Fon was surprised but didn't run away from the hug as a deep blush covered her face.

Time passed as soul society was at rest. Itsuki was had just finished sparring with Byakuya when Rukia came in.

"Nii-Sama, I have will be dispatched to the real-world mid-spring"

Byakuya nodded while Itsuki sent Seikyo over to her. Seikyo landed on her shoulder and rubbed her head on Rukia's cheek.

She then made her leave to get ready for the mission. Time quickly passed as news of Rukia entering the senkaimon and Abarai Renji becoming the 6th division's lieutenant was heard. After that, Rukia had gone missing and Itsuki knew that Ichigo had most likely become a Shinigami now. Hisana was immediately distressed upon hearing her little sister go missing when a mission made its way in front of Itsuki. The mission dictated the retrieval of Kuchiki Rukia. Seeing that the person was him instead of Byakuya surprised Itsuki,

'Exactly, what are you playing at?'

Looking towards the central 46 building, Itsuki was once again surprised upon hearing that Byakuya was also coming. Standing in front of the main Senkaimon was Byakuya and Renji clearly waiting for someone. Moments later, Itsuki appeared with Soi Fon and Hinamori next to him. Hinamori was Itsuki's personal guard so she would go wherever he went and Soi Fon wanted to have a trip in the real world as she felt suffocated staying in the 2nd Division HQ for long periods.

Seeing the line-up, Soi Fon muttered,

"Why are two captains needed for the retrieval of one person?"


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