Rebirth in Bleach
64 Ryoka Invasion
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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64 Ryoka Invasion

Apart from Ukitake, who was on sick leave, every captain was there. The only changes from the original was that Soi Fon was replaced by Itsuki. He slowly looked around before looking at the 7th division captain. It was his first time properly seeing him.

The 7th division's captain had a rather large build and wore a gauntlet covering his arms and a helmet, which covered his head. It seemed that he was very self-conscious about his looks. He then looked towards Aizen; it was the real him. Itsuki didn't know if he was fully tricked by Kyoka Suigetsu but what he did know was that Aizen had the ability to trick a person's five senses but not death.

It was natural that Itsuki had seen Kyoka Suigetsu being released yet even without using his eyes he will find something amiss when seeing one of his illusions. It will be a tiny detail, and only if looked closely would he find it. Itsuki knew that the only sure-fire method of being immune to Kyoka Suigetsu's complete hypnosis was to touch the blade before being influence by it.

Zaraki's voice then brought Itsuki out of his thought as he started interrogating Gin,

"…Quit joking around, you think that's why you were called here. I heard you went to play with some Ryoka and, not to mention, even let them escape. The hell's wrong with you? Someone like you wouldn't break a sweat over four to five Ryoka"

Gin still had a sarcastic smile on his face,

"Oh, they ain't dead"


"Well I was sure they was dead, guess my intuition done got dull"

Mayuri then started laughing at Gin's excuse,

"Cut the act, there's no way a captain wouldn't be able to tell…"

Itsuki saw this an rolled his eyes,

'It seems the play starts'

A child also rolled his eyes as he muttered under his breath,

"The stupid old guys have started another stupid fight"

Gin looked wronged after hearing Mayuri,

"That ain't nice, it like you're sayin' I let 'em go on purpose."

"That is what I'm saying…"

Before Mayuri could continue, Zaraki interrupted him,

"Shut up Kurotsuchi, I'm the one currently talking to him, or do you want me to kill you."

"What was that?"

As the two started to get heated up, Shunsui muttered on the side,

"My, oh my, so hot-blooded"

Suddenly, a weird noise left Yamamoto's mouth as he shouted,

"Enough! However, I think the reason you've been called here is explained by the earlier confrontation. Your independent action, letting the targets escape…"

Yamamoto slowly opened his eyes and looked carefully at Gin,

"…Have you got any explanation, Ichimaru?"

"I do not."

Yamamoto seemed surprised at the sudden answer.

"What was that?"

"I don't got any explanation, it was my absent-minded mistake…"

Before he could continue, Aizen spoke up,

"Before that, I want to ask you something."

Suddenly alarms started going off, interrupting the captain's meeting,

"Emergency! Emergency! Emergency! Intruders in Seireitei…"

The captains were shocked as they all saw Zaraki run away, they turned around only to see Itsuki gone as well. Every captain was then told to return to their defensive positions. Itsuki had come to the top of the 1st Division HQ and looked at the ball of light impacting the barrier surrounding Seireitei.

A loud impact occurred, and lightning surrounded the ball. The impact sent shockwaves throughout Seireitei as lightning surrounded it. An explosion then occurred sending four rays of light in different directions.

Itsuki then also made his way towards the second division. He could feel Ichigo's reiatsu as he seemed to be currently fighting Ikkaku. Yumichika, the peacock guy, was fighting a reiatsu similar to Kaien's, most likely Ganju, Kaien's little brother.

He felt Yoruichi's reiatsu moving around Seireitei, another pair of reiatsu where one of them is Ishida and the other should be the girl, Orihime Inoue. They also seemed to be fighting a Shinigami. Lastly, there was one more, slowly making his way towards the 8th Division, that was Yasutora Sado.

Itsuki left for his own defensive position as news came one by one. On his way he saw Zaraki going who knows where while Yachiru was pointing at random directions to take. News of Ikkaku losing, of Yumichika losing, news of the 4th seat of the 7th division being defeated and losing his Shinigami powers kept coming in as Seireitei was in chaos. Still no captain had made their move.

What caused more ruckus was the news of 6th division's lieutenant, Abarai Renji being defeated some time later.

Itsuki knew that they were hiding in the underground passages of Seireitei as Ichigo would be currently healed by Yamada Hanataro.

Hinamori was worried so Itsuki sent her the check up on him. Itsuki had just arrived when Gin had left with Kira and Toshiro was just warning Hinamori and Aizen's subordinate about the 3rd Division, especially Gin.

"…well considering your superior, I doubt you would have anything to be worried about but just be careful."

Aizen's subordinate just left when Hinamori started complaining,

"Hitsugaya-kun, why do you captains just appear out of nowhere without making a sound"

Itsuki who had appeared behind her, stumbled upon hearing this and immediately disappeared from there. This tiny visit went unnoticed by the two as they carried on having their conversation.

Still, Renji being defeated caused Yamamoto to act and call an emergency captain's meeting,

"…we are now one lieutenant short…I hereby permit the continuous carrying of zanpakuto and wartime release of zanpakuto within Seireitei…"

Kurotsuchi and Zaraki once again started bickering when Yamamoto opened his eyes with all seriousness,

"…Let's take this to all-out war."

This riled up the Gotei 13 as everyone smelled blood in the air. The next day, a scream was heard throughout Seireitei as captain Aizen was found dead and captain Itsuki was nowhere to be seen. Rangiku had immediately visited the 2nd division HQ and found Soi Fon who told her not to worry. Itsuki had intentionally disappeared.

- Daireishokairo -

Itsuki was testing out his hypotheses with those different books. He knew there was a certain combination to open the secret repository and with Aizen having killed the central 46, made it easier to snoop around. After rearranging the books into a certain order, Itsuki heard a small rumbling sound only to see a small trap door opening.

Entering the small trap door, Itsuki came across a dusty old room, with tattered but readable books and various stone panels with writing on them. Picking up one book, Itsuki started reading, life before the birth of the soul king…five noble houses…the original sin of soul society.

The more Itsuki read the more astonished he got. He didn't remember any of this from the manga or anime. Slowly, the more he read the more the unexplained things started to add up and he realised Aizen's reasons for turning against Soul Society and what type of world Yhwach wanted and why he kept mentioning the original sin.

The more he read, the more astonished he got yet the more disgusted he was. Even with his dampened emotions he felt sick upon reading such things. Yet all of it had come as a shock, suddenly realising the two major antagonists in Bleach weren't exactly antagonists but were the good guys with extreme ideas.

Itsuki realised that he was still weak, he needed strength and he needed it fast. Strength to defeat any obstacle…strength to go against the dark side of Soul Society.

Finished reading, Itsuki suddenly felt someone behind him also entering the small room. Turning around Itsuki spoke,

"Aizen Sosuke"


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