Rebirth in Bleach
70 Fusion 2
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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70 Fusion 2

"…It seems we have a year until Aizen makes a move, but this doesn't mean we should just wait…"

Yamamoto was currently giving a speech as all the captains listened. After the meeting Ukitake, Shunsui and Itsuki made their leave together. All the captains then met with their lieutenants when Shunsui suddenly threw a question at Itsuki,

"Yo, Itsuki. What do you do to look so young and your skin, how do you take such care of it?"

When the first part was said, even Yamamoto's ears twitched as he carefully concentrated to hear the response while the girls were intrigued by both questions. Girls would be girls as they all paid attention to the answer. Although, they didn't look at him directly. Itsuki felt that he had entered a very precarious situation.

Itsuki looked like an 18-year-old right now. Unlike Rangiku and Gin who graduated with him, they looked in their early twenties. He looked like he had graduated the academy in the past fifty years.

His hair was tied in a high ponytail with the ribbon Rangiku had gotten him before they entered the academy. Itsuki had cherished it since then as it was the first gift he got in this life. The blue colour matched his eyes as they looked just like when his mystic eyes were activated. Azure blue with a pink ring within. Whenever he activated them, they would start to glow. He wore the standard Shinigami Shihakuso tied with a black sash. Unlike the normal shihakuso, his was tightly fitted to his body with unknown material. It was done like so to prevent any loose parts of his shihakuso come in his way when fighting.

He wore a short-sleeved captain's haori with the shihakuso's sleeves tied around by a black ribbon. Lastly, he wore long black Jika-tabi instead of the usual wooden sandals that all the other Shinigami wore. His zanpakutos were placed on the left side of his waist with Byakko on top of Ryurai.

Everyone fell silent as they waited for Itsuki to answer. Itsuki looked as if contemplating for a while before he looked at the surrounding people,


Everyone stumbled upon his words as Yamamoto fell. He said with such assuredness that everyone didn't know what to say. Hearing someone fall they all turned to Yamamoto only to see him getting up and turning towards them with an angry expression.

"What are you doing?! Didn't I already dismiss you?!"

Although they felt aggrieved with Yamamoto directing his anger at them, they couldn't blame him. The girls felt more hurt with what Itsuki had said, had all the things they've done to keep things tip top for nought.

While some people like Toshiro, Zaraki and Byakuya didn't care, Mayuri kept looking at his eyes with interest. It was the instinct of a scientist to research the unknown and Itsuki's eyes attracted him. Well they attracted different people for different reasons.

Naturally Mayuri had asked to research them and even tried to force it. However, the retaliation of Itsuki wasn't what he had expected. Mayuri had many ways to survive and was even able to revive his zanpakuto after it was destroyed. Now imagine one person destroying all those methods but leaving one and casting a permanent scar on his zanpakuto spirit. No matter how many times it was destroyed and recreated the scar stayed. Since then, Mayuri had kept a distance from Itsuki.

Time passed as souls started to mysteriously disappear in the living world, becoming an issue that attracted Soul Society's attention.

"Close the gates! Close the gates! Close the gates!"

A blushing Soi Fon had just rushed through the closing Senkaimon as she remembered her talk with Itsuki,

"Ukitake will be shutting the Senkaimon for a while so we would lose communication with the living world. Yoruichi…"

Soi Fon clicked her tongue at the mention of her name but Itsuki continued,

"…Yoruichi asked me to come but I can't leave so I'll be sending you instead."

Understanding that this was a mission from a superior she complied,


Just as she was about to leave Itsuki gave her a peck and disappeared.

Itsuki watched Soi Fon enter the main Senkaimon before turning back. This deployment had brought him a crucial piece of information, the bount arc was happening. This meant that there was a chance for the movies and the other filler arcs also happening.

Thinking about this he decided to collect the data of books about old soul society experiments and he found exactly what he was looking for. Although they were scattered about, the books about the experiments of old written by a Shinigami known as Ran'Tao. Itsuki could tell that information on the bount was mostly destroyed but some did survive the cleansing. As no one took another look, they just remained there neglected. Further reading he found what he was looking for, Jokaisho.

Jokaisho was a device used to help scientists have high chances of success with their experiments. They also held large amounts of Reiatsu but most of them had been sealed away by orders of Central 46. They were too dangerous and unstable with one being capable of destroying a tenth of Seireitei if an accident ever happens.

Although they were dangerous Itsuki had a feeling that a Jokaisho was needed to help absorb the Sokyoku shards.

The Jokaisho were spread out across Seireitei and the one Itsuki had proper knowledge of was the one beneath the 12th Division SRDI facility. It was also the one that Kariya JIn, the antagonist of this arc would use as a means of threatening Soul Society.

He found sneaking into the SRDI quite simple with Byakko hiding any traces of him. Looking round he found his way to a room containing the record of various experiments. It looked like a large storage room with small square drawers littering the walls. Looking at the square tiled floor he tried finding some sort of access point that led to the ground.

In the anime, it was through the clash of Ichigo and Kariya that the Jokaisho was revealed. Itsuki believed that although it was completely sealed there must be some sort of opening. His search led him to a certain part of the floor. It looked like just the rest but as Itsuki tapped the tile, he heard the noise ricochet on the other side.

For others, it would have been difficult to hear this small noise but as Itsuki was concentrating he was able to hear it. When people would walk over this specific tile, they would disregard the noise and just carry on what they were doing.

Cutting the tile from the edges, he lifted the tile only to come across a hole that led to nowhere. He jumped down it but after stopping himself from falling, he covered the hole with the tile before welding it shut with Ryurai.

Jumping down he was barely able to see anything. After walking he realised that he was currently walking on top of the Jokaisho. The Jokaisho was a large circular device that that had a diameter of many metres. After finding the walls, he began to create a barrier that will basically stop form the reiatsu spreading or causing any disturbances outside. He wanted to be as secretive probably.

After setting up the barrier he found the middle and began drawing a triangular formation similar to what he had done before. He then placed his zanpakutos in the points of the formation and took out the shards, placing them in the middle. After arranging the pieced to create a vague form of the blade, he moved to his point and activated the formation.

Itsuki didn't need the Jokaisho to be active, but he just wanted the reishi it contained inside. If he did want to activate, it would take around a day just to be activated, which was time Itsuki was unable to waste.

Slowly the formation started gathering the reishi and it was fully charged. One by one the shards started to melt and fly towards both zanpakuto equally, Itsuki also felt his reiatsu increase as more and more of the shards fused with his zanpakuto.

Time passed until the Senkaimon was opened again and Soi Fon came back to report. As Itsuki was absent, due to 'training', Soi Fon made the report to Yamamoto about the Bount. It wasn't only until the next day did Itsuki come.

After absorbing the Sokyoku, Itsuki had a tremendous boost in reiatsu but there was an issue. He hadn't properly assimilated with the power and would need time to properly fuse with it. He had also arrived with another conclusion, the hollow he had fused with before wasn't properly done as well.

It seemed that he would need time to do properly and completely fuse with them. Back when he fought with Yamamoto, he discovered that he was getting stronger quite abnormally. He first attributed it to how arrancar's get stronger when they fight but it seemed his hypothesis was wrong. The untapped potential was just hidden away along with the excess energy made when fusing the Sokyoku into his zanpakuto.

Shunpoing to his HQ he found Soi Fon and asked her for her report. Finding out where he was currently in the timeline, he decided to meet up with Yamamoto and talk about the Bount.

He also sent Seikyo over to Byakuya to give him a message, in the anime, it was requested by Yamamoto but this time it was asked by Itsuki.

This was the first time that Itsuki had actively taken steps to make an impact to the story


Author's note

I have realised that my story mainly focuses on the actions of Itsuki, so would you guys like to see other's perspectives or shall I just concentrate on Itsuki or chall I increase the interactions of other characters and not just gloss over them.


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