Rebirth in Bleach
71 Soi Fon and Yoruichi
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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71 Soi Fon and Yoruichi

- The Day Before -

- Living World -

Yoruichi looked at the girl following before once more looking ahead. She was currently in her cat form and looked a bit depressed.

'I asked for Itsuki…'

Yoruichi was hoping to get some more time with Itsuki but someone she didn't want to meet had arrived. A frown was noticeable on her face as she looked at Yoruichi. Pouting and looking at the side, Soi Fon indicated that she still hadn't forgiven Yoruichi.

Giving out a sigh, Yoruichi began to explain the situation to Soi Fon. Currently, there was a series of souls suddenly disappearing without any trace. Ichigo's group were currently occupied with the mod souls Urahara had created while they would start the investigation.

Although, Soi Fon had found it hateful to team up with this thieving cat, she had no choice as Itsuki had asked her to. Looking at Yoruichi, Soi Fon remembered their fight back in Soul Society.

Yoruichi had just taken Soi Fon away from the Sokyoku hill. They had just felt Itsuki's reiatsu spiking up,

"So why are you still angry?"

"You took Itsuki's first!!"

Yoruichi was shocked with this revelation.

'It seems like she knows.'

Soi Fon didn't give her a chance to speak as she immediately engaged Yoruichi. Soi Fon's mastery of Hakuda was higher than the anime. She had approached Yoruichi's mastery but still fell a bit short.

This time, as Soi Fon wasn't the Onmitsukido commander, she wasn't able to call upon the executive militia as she did in the anime. Still, although Yoruichi was able to easily counter Soi Fon's moves, she did find it a problematic fight. One thing that didn't change was Soi Fon's desire to surpass Yoruichi, yet the reason was different.

Releasing her Shikai, Soi Fon was able to land a hit on Yoruichi before creating a distance. A butterfly symbol appeared on the right side of Yoruichi's chest as blood emerged from her mouth.

Yoruichi found it difficult to harm Soi Fon as she still felt guilty in abandoning the trust, she had on her. Suddenly, Yoruichi felt Soi Fon's reiatsu spike up as a glow surrounded her.


"This is something I created and Itsuki helped me control it. He also told me that it is a technique you used. Now, I will use this technique to defeat you!"

Yoruichi looked at Soi Fon as she also activated her Shunko. Yet, she got the upper hand once more as she used a technique that utterly shocked Soi Fon.


Hanki was a technique that neutralised the opponents kido by hitting it with a kido of the same quality and quantity spinning in the opposite direction.

Getting defeated this easily caused anger to surface on Soi Fon,

"I've should've surpassed you, for stealing…for stealing…"


Her flashback ended there as they were currently passing a school,

'Hmm, isn't this the school that humans go to?'

Soi Fon then saw the group looking at them out the window when both she and Yoruichi felt something.

"Soi Fon…"

"Yes, I feel it."

Seeing that there was a window opened, they jumped through and made their way to Orihime's table. All the while, ignoring the shocked expressions of the group.

"Yoruichi-san, what-?"

Yoruichi put her hand up as she started to search Orihime's desk. The group was confused as to why they were searching her desk, as Orihime had a strange blush. Seeing Yoruichi bring out a bag, Orihime immediately ran to her and grasped the bag. Soi Fon saw this but let it be,

"Yoruichi-san, what are you doing going through my stuff like that?"

"Ne, Inoue, why are you trying to stop us from going through this bag?"

Yoruichi was surprised seeing the strength Orihime exerted as she held onto it, unwilling to let go. The bag was then unable to handle the pressure from both sides and ripped open, letting a bunch of pictures fall out. Ichigo seeing them had a scare and jumped behind Sado as a fearful expression masked his face. However, when he did this, he saw a glint in Sado's eyes. It seemed that he was surprised, but why would he be surprised.

The rest were also shocked as a blush crept onto Orihime's face. Yoruichi and Soi Fon, looked at Orihime accusingly as she fell on her knees.

"So, Inoue, why do you have this many of Itsuki's pictures…"

Yoruichi saw a badge within the pile of pictures as she continued looking at Orihime,

"…even if you're part of the club, this many pictures…"

Orihime felt ashamed as a mosquito like voice left her mouth,

"I...j-just…wanted to s-show…my friends…"

The group of boys then remembered an unusual gathering around Orihime's seat as various 'kyaa kyaa' were heard. It wasn't just limited to his class, but apparently girls from other classes heard the news and also made their way towards Orihime's desk.

Yoruichi sighed at this but let it be, she was part of the club and had the right to carry around these many pictures. Plus, they couldn't waste time as they needed to be somewhere else, so after saying their farewells, they made their leave. After they had left, one of the pics mysteriously went missing.

- Present Time -

- Soul Society -

- 1st Division HQ -

It had taken a day for Byakuya to look for the required information before telling Itsuki what he found.

Itsuki was currently giving his report about his findings about the Jokaisho and its relation to the mysterious people Soi Fon encountered in the living world. Byakuya then immediately reported what he had found in his clan's repository as the rest of the captains stood behind them.

Yamamoto looked like he was contemplating on something as he made his decision.

"Yesterday, I had sent three lieutenants thinking it would be enough, however, upon seeing this report, I suspect that there is more to what we are seeing. So, Captains Minamoto, Kuchiki and Hitsugaya, you three will be deployed to the living world as reinforcements and will only show yourselves when needed. Ukitake and Shinsui, you will lead your divisions and go to all the Jokaisho locations and seal them. Unohana, I want your division on standby in case anything goes wrong. The rest of the division would be on a state of alert and have their patrols increased."


The three captains then made their way to get their seals before arriving in front of the main Senkaimon. Byakuya looked at the line up before giving out his opinion,

"Sending three captains, isn't this overkill?"

Itsuki was the one that replied,

"The kid is part of the reinforcements in the living world while I'm the last line of defence."

"What did you say?!"

Toshiro hated people making fun of him being a child as he angrily looked at Itsuki. Itsuki just ignored the outburst and made his way into the Senkaimon. Toshiro calmed down realising that this was just a ploy by Itsuki, him getting angry was confirming Itsuki's claim of him being a kid.

Byakuya ignored this and followed Itsuki while Toshiro was the last to enter. This time Itsuki didn't take Soi Fon with him as he needed someone to watch over the Onmitsukido.

The journey was a quite one, no one spoke. Toshiro was the one that was suffering the most as he wanted someone to talk to. He knew that the two were far from talkers and that it will be a long journey.


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