Rebirth in Bleach
74 Transfer Studen
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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74 Transfer Studen

Itsuki had just gotten out of bed where three other figures were wrapped up. Stretching his arms out he put on a blue yukata and came to the living room after washing up. The three had stayed over at Urahara's store.

Walking in, he saw Urahara wearing his striped dark green and white bucket hat which covered his eyes.

"So, Itsuki-san, did you have a nice rest?"

Itsuki nodded as he also sat down in front of the table. It was a small room with a circular table in the middle. Two kids sat round it as the girl got up to hand him a cup of tea.


She wore white t-shirt with Urahara's shop logo in pink print and a knee length, pink skirt with white dots. She had a perpetual blush on her cheek's, purple eyes and long, black hair with a purple tint fashioned into pig tails. Her name was Tsumugiya Ururu. The boy, Hanakari Jinta, also wore a white t-shirt with the Urahara Shop log printed on the front and three-quarter length trousers. He had black eyes and red hair.

The room entered an awkward silent as Itsuki peacefully drank tea.


Urahara jumped up and came out with a familiar gigai. It wore the same black suit as it did back in London.

"Soul Society sent your Gigai. I took it upon myself to do a few tweaks to it, but all should be well."


"Yes, I just made it more compatible to you and upgraded a few of its specs."

Covering his smile with a fan, Urahara gave out a suspicious laugh. Nodding at him, Itsuki just went back to drinking his tea, creating the silent atmosphere again. Jinta looked extremely nervous as he was constantly fidgeting while Ururu was also silently having her tea.

- Karakura High School -


A boy with medium long brown was seen running through the hallway screaming his friends name. He had a goofy look on his face and wore the standard Karakura High School uniform. His scream came to a stop when he got punched by Ichigo as he tried to hug him. Ichigo just ignored the downed soul as he continued walking.

Another student popped as he looked at the sorry mess,

"I told you to stop, didn't I, Keigo?"

"Next time, I'll get him for sure, Mizuiro."

Mizuiro was a young boy with short black hair and green eyes. his hair was parted down the middle with a stray bang on his face and the tips fanning out. He wore the standard Karakura High School uniform with the jacket zipped up.

Mizuiro then looked up, only to see Ichigo enter their classroom.

As Ichigo entered the classroom, he saw Ishida, Sado and Orihime already gathered round as he joined them. They made some small talk as Rukia also later joined them.

Keigo, who had gotten up, saw this and got rivers of tears running down his eyes.

"Wha…what is with this grouping? When did the four of you get so close…"

Amidst his ramblings, the class slowly filled up and the day began with the sound of the bell. Before starting registration, the teacher pointed out with a slight blush on her face,

"Great news everybody! We have a transfer student today so…"

Suddenly, Ichigo's Shinigami badge started beeping indicating a hollow. Chad, Inoue, Ishida and Rukia all heard it as they immediately became vigilant. Running out, they came up with various excuses while Keigo who tried to sneak out was instantly caught.

"But you let them go…"

"Shut up! Get back in there!"

Ichigo had quickly become a Shinigami and was running across the schoolyard, completely unaware someone had just seen him.

Ichigo had just tracked the hollow and was about to attack when it surprisingly split in two,


The others behind him were also shocked seeing that spectacle. As the hollow started to disintegrate a figure was seen walking towards them on the empty street. The figure's shoes made clacking noises upon impacting the ground as he slowly walked towards them.

Rukia felt a familiar sensation as the opposite party's reiatsu got increasingly familiar,

"This is…"

Ichigo however started having a bad feeling, as a bad premonition filled his heart. Finally seeing the figure in question, Ichigo immediately shunpoed away. Itsuki stood there in a familiar uniform but with dress shoes. The group was shocked with Ichigo turning tail and running away but were even more shocked seeing Itsuki in the uniform of their school.

Back at the school, Ichigo and the rest had just returned when their homeroom teacher turned to the other students,

"Now that Ichigo and the rest are back, let me say It once again, we have a transfer student. Please come in."

While the boys prayed for the transfer student being a beautiful girl, the girl's hoped for a handsome boy. A certain girl with glasses had her thoughts aligned with the boys though.

Stepping in, the silence caused by the entrance of the transfer student took a physical manifestation as all the students looked forward with gaping mouths.

"So please introduce yourself…"

Picking up the chalk, he wrote his name in clear, elegant letters as he turned to the class,

"Minamoto Itsuki."

No-one seemed to mind his short introduction as he was given next to a certain girl. They were however more engrossed at his looks,

"That white hair, do you think its bleached…"

"No, no, it looks too natural and silky for it…"

"Those eyes, is he wearing lens?"

"Indeed, those eyes, so cold, wish he would look at me with them…"

"Wait isn't he the cousin, Orihime was showing a picture of some time back…"

"Wait, it's him isn't it?"

There was one person who tried not to look at him, Ichigo. Ichigo looked at his own desk sweating buckets of water, trying not to make any sort of contact with his former 'teacher'. As Itsuki walked to his desk, the former gave a fleeting glance towards the latter, making Ichigo's instincts ring bells warning him of an eagle locking onto him.

Just as he sat down, Itsuki started thinking to himself,

'How long has it been since I've been to high school, counting this life and my previous one, 120, no, maybe 130. 130 years is a long time…'

While he was reminiscing back, he suddenly felt a jolt as he looked at his own desk, he didn't have any books. Looking to the girl net to him, he caught her looking at him as they involuntarily made eye contact. While the girl quickly turned away, Itsuki moved his desk next to her,

"I don't have any books."

The girl seemed to realise this as she avoided looking at him but moved her book to the middle. A few girls got jealous, well more than a few, but let it go seeing who it was. She was the last person they wanted to get on the bad side of.

Itsuki looked at the girl next to him. She was certainly a beautiful girl as a youthfulness radiated off her. He knew that she was the athletic type, not by seeing her figure but by knowing who she was. Orihime's best friend and Ichigo's childhood friend, Arisawa Tatsuki. She had short black hair and brown eyes with a lean figure giving her a tomboyish look.

She seemed to have a blush on her as they shared a book, much to the annoyance of the boys surrounding them.

Break quickly came as the girls were ready to encircle Itsuki and ask him a variety of questions. As the bells rang, they had just lifted themselves up but came to an immediate halt seeing the scene in front of them.

Itsuki had propped up her chin as he peered deep into her eyes, seemingly trying to bring out the deepest secrets held within her. Their position was extremely ambiguous and looked like Itsuki was leaning in for a kiss. The opposite part had eyes as wide as saucers as she lost all resistance.

A blushing Tatsuki smelt a pleasant smell as she slowly lost herself in those crystal-like eyes. The mood was surprisingly interrupted by a wild Orihime inserting herself between them and grabbing Tatsuki, taking her away. Itsuki however continued looking at her as a smile found his face,

'A talent indeed…'


Author's note

Been busy with a few RL things and continuously been on a lazy streak and not in the mood for writing, so expect a decrease in release rate.

But, i'll try to bring my mood back up so I can give you a better release rate.

Also, have been trying to work out a good schedule so I don't fall asleep in the middle of writing a chapter like last time, but i'm once again too lazy to do that.

I'm quite the lazy author.


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