Rebirth in Bleach
75 Arisawa Tatsuki
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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75 Arisawa Tatsuki

Itsuki was in, by no means, attracted to Tatsuki. In the anime, it was seen as she had an unnatural amount of Reiatsu, allowing her to see Ichigo's Shinigami badge and later had enough will to not be crumbled in the presence of Aizen after he merged with the Hogyoku. However, she was currently still in the beginning phases having her reiatsu increased and Itsuki decided that it was too early for her. Though, it was still a waste for her talent to go untrained.

Tatsuki returned when break was over, but she tried to avoid contact with Itsuki until lunch. She kept a little distance, however, due to her kindness, continued sharing her book with Itsuki. Tatsuki felt all the girl's piercing glares bore through her as she tried her best to ignore them. Itsuki was in a similar sort of situation but he didn't really care and was mostly indifferent to them, what could they do to him.

This lasted until lunch when the bell rang and Orihime dragged Tatsuki away from him. Rukia followed them alongside a few girls. Once more, the students around him tried to surround him to ask all sorts of questions but started hesitating when Itsuki showed his apathetic side. Seeing this chance, Itsuki immediately got up and left the classroom.

On the rooftop, Ichigo and the male gang had just sat down to eat their bento with Keigo providing the entertainment for the group.

"What's with the new transfer student?"

Jealousy was written all over Keigo's face as he remembered all the girl's faces when looking at Itsuki. Ichigo felt a shiver down his spine as he tried to act nonchalant whenever Itsuki was mentioned. Keigo's rambling carried on for quite a while as he looked around laughing at his own joke.

He saw Ichigo looking down, a few trembles travelling through his body now and then. Ishida was looking cool and was engrossed his food while Sado was also doing the same, but both kept on looking behind him.

Mizuiro had his normal smile on his face as he also looked confused as to the reactions of the three. Keigo felt something behind him move as he slowly turned around and seeing a figure. Expensive dress shoes came into view as he slowly looked up. Mizuiro also looked back, but kept his usual smile,

"Good morning, Minamoto-san."

Keigo started trembling nonstop,

"G-g-g-good m-morning, Minamoto-tan."

Silence, utter silence.

Keigo had a horrified look as despair flashed through is eyes. He started cussing himself, why did he have to bite his tongue at that moment.

'Why thit I tho that?'

He started thinking with a bit tongue as the silence was broken,


Realising his mistake, Ichigo and the rest hurriedly tried to contain their laughter while Ichigo hated himself having the ability to laugh.

No change of emotion could be seen on Itsuki's face but the atmosphere surrounding him was noticeably colder. The rest could've sworn hearing the faint rumbling of thunder. Then without showing and change of state, Itsuki made his leave while the boys didn't notice anything weird.

Upon hearing the footsteps slowly get quieter, they all breathed a sigh of relief and noticed the smile on each other's faces. However, this smile did not last long as they all noticed something drop on their food.

"My apples! They're all gone!"

Keigo realised that his apples had gone while the rest closely examined what had dropped on their food.

The girls were happily chatting away when a scream was heard from the rooftop of the school,


Ichigo and the rest were gobsmacked once they identified the dropping as bird crap. They all looked up and saw a single bird fly round then down towards the courtyard of the school. They immediately ran to the edge as they saw it land on the shoulder of a single person that had white hair. That said person partially looked back as he rubbed the bird's chin and they could swear a derisive smile was present there.

Itsuki then went on to a nearby tree to hide himself from the sun. Seikyo then perched herself on the tree while Itsuki just stared down at one of nature's magnificent creations. Apples. Itsuki had found a newfound love with this fruit and loved to relish in them slowly.

The three girls immediately felt a shiver down their spine as they got a bad premonition,

'''He didn't find another girl, did he?'''

Itsuki was oblivious to this as he carried on eating apples with a joyful smile.

The rest of the day went on as usual when the end of school's bell rang. Ichigo and the rest walked home while Tatsuki made her way towards the dojo where her karate club would take place. At first, she didn't feel anything weird, it wasn't until she left the locker rooms having changed into her training attire when she noticed no one here.

There was only one figure standing in the middle of the dojo still wearing his Karakura school uniform. Tatsuki looked at those familiar eyes with a bewildered expression.


Itsuki moved towards his spot as looked at Tatsuki, indicating her to also move there. However, Tatsuki became even more bewildered, not knowing Itsuki's intentions. Realising that Tatsuki never got his point, he gave a sigh,

"Let's spar."

A look of comprehensions flashed through her eyes as she looked at what he was wearing,

"You sure, while wearing that?"

Itsuki nodded and Tatsuki reluctantly moved in front of Itsuki. She was extremely confused as to what was currently happening but all of it was washed away when she got into a stance. The only thing she saw was the man in front of her as an opponent.


Author's note

Been busy with RL stuff. Need to babysit for like two weeks but I'm trying to find time here and there to write a chap. So although it was a small chap, at least it is something to remind you guys that I'm not going anywhere.

Still looking for my passion in writing so I'll try to go back and continue watching bleach.


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