Rebirth in Bleach
77 Ichinose Maki 2
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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77 Ichinose Maki 2

Isshin was currently smoking a cigarette while Itsuki was eating an apple.

"Your powers should have returned."

Isshin nodded,

"When Ichigo's inner hollow was released."

Itsuki just looked at the stars,

"A mix of Quincy, Shinigami and Hollow, the perfect makings of a potential Soul King candidate."

Isshin trembled but didn't deny Itsuki's claim. Puffing out second-hand smoke, Isshin also looked towards the stars,

"If I had a choice, I would prefer he live a normal life rather than the one where his life is always endangered. The more he fights, the more his powers awaken."

Itsuki didn't say anything and slowly finished his apple. Throwing the finished apple in the bin, Itsuki got up and left,

"I'll do what I can."

Isshin didn't look at Itsuki leave as he finished his cigarette and also made his leave, towards the clinic in the opposite description.

- Kurosaki Clinic -

Rukia was smashing Ichigo's door, demanding herself be let in.

"Oi, Ichigo, open the damn door!"

Tired of all the noise, a grumpy Ichigo opened the door,

"What do you want?!"

Rukia failed to hide her smile as she tried covering her mouth,

"Your mommy's calling you…pfff…hahahaha!"

Breaking down in laughter after barely finishing her sentence, Rukia fell onto the floor clutching her stomach. She just couldn't believe it, the youth that threw soul society in chaos, the youth that fought on equal grounds with her brother was such a mama's boy.

Ichigo's expression worsened and just when he went to slam the door, Masaki's voice rang out.


"Yes momm- Mom!"

An embarrassed look returned to his face before he hurriedly corrected himself. Rukia burst into another wave of laughter as she started rolling on the floor.

The lion plushie toy popped his out while thinking to himself,

'Why is nee-san laughing so much? This great Kon-Sama will need to investigate.'

Imagining himself with a sherlock hat, cloak and smoke pipe he went to Rukia.

"Nee-san, I- oof!"

Before Kon got any closer, Rukia got up and kicked him back to the room. She thought that he was back to his perverted antics as she went into the room she was currently staying at. Kon had tears of misery upon being planted on the wall. After giving a short monologue of how he would love to escape to Orihime's and Rangiku's embrace he turned to the bird plushie.

She was currently resting on her stomach with her arms propping up her head, legs swinging and dreamingly looking at something, humming a little tune. Looking at her slowly move her head side to side, he thought she was reading a story or a magazine of some sort and moved behind her.

"Hey, what are you reading, Ririn?"

Ririn felt a shock through her body as she hurriedly tried to cover the thing she was looking at. Kon realised that it wasn't a magazine or a book but a picture of some sort. Pushing Ririn away, Kon got a better look at the picture.

"Isn't that the…"

Before he could continue, Ririn punched him and tried to take back the picture.

"Let go!"

"No, such pictures should be burned, they shouldn't exist!"

"You dare say such things!"

The two were in a tug of war when Rukia returned.

"You two, shut up! You're making too much noise!"

Dragging the two away from each other, she got a glimpse at the photograph,

"This is…how did you get this photo?"

Turning to Ririn, she had the eyes of an interrogator,

Looking down and drawing circles with her feet, Ririn found it difficult to look at Rukia as she slowly muttered with a meek voice,

"I found it…"

"SO, you found it huh?"

Ririn flinched at Rukia's voice before she decided to take the heat off herself. Pointing her wings at Kon, she mustered some courage and shouted,

"He said we should burn it!"

A jolt went through Rukia as she slowly turned her head at Kon with a dangerous glint in her eyes,

"What did you say?"

A calm yet dangerous voice came out of Rukia's mouth as she slowly walked to Kon. Kon was currently sweating bullets as a panicked expression slowly crept onto his face,


Ririn saw this and rushed to close the door. Slamming the door, the muffled screams of a toy animal were heard.

While Rukia had left with Ririn, Ichigo had just entered the room only to see the scene of a massacre.

"What the hell?!"

The head of Kon was on top of the table while his body and limbs were separated in different parts of the room. They weren't even cleanly cut off, the seemed to have forcefully ripped apart. Kon was missing one beady eye and there were numerous needles pierced into his body.

"Oi Kon, what happened here?"

Kon was listless as Ichigo tried to get some answers. In the other room though, the perpetrators seemed to have forgotten what they had just done as Rukia took out an album.

"Ririn, here are more pictures of Captain Minamoto."

- Unknown alleyway -

Itsuki was on his way towards the Urahara when he sensed something and halted his steps,

"You're back?"

Suddenly light seemed to warp as Ichinose Maki appeared kneeling behind him.

"I've found their hideout."

Itsuki nodded and gave out another order,

"Keep the current status quo and let me know of any movements they make."


Light warped round Ichinose as he once more disappeared. Ichinose Maki was someone that Itsuki really wanted as a subordinate. It wasn't just his loyalty but also his abilities that made him a tremendous scout. Able to sneak into Soul Society and alter the records of the 12th division, no normal person can do that.

Itsuki carried on walking whereas Ichinose returned to his scouting location. He had stationed himself in front of an ordinary apartment block.

As there was nothing he could do, he remembered his meeting with Itsuki. He was too powerful, powerful beyond comprehension. He had heard about Itsuki as the youngest and fastest person to rise to captain level, without even using his Bankai.

Still many had their doubts about his abilities, including Ichinose. For him, his captain was his idol, a man of strength and one he had sworn to follow. With his captain killed by Zaraki and him turning rogue, he never expected to encounter Itsuki's strength first-hand. He initial reasoning was that he was disgusted by the methods of the Gotei 13, causing him to join the bount in hopes of changing their ways.

But subconsciously, he never really wanted to change their ways, he just wanted to avenge his captain. He wasn't angry at the Gotei 13 but at Zaraki Kenpachi.

Itsuki had a talk with him, a talk which changed his whole mindset. Although Itsuki never told him the full detail, he did give brief overviews, and he knew that in the grand machination of things, him, no, even the Gotei 13 were just mere pawns. The secret history of Soul Society wasn't as it was written in the history books but way more complex than anyone initially thought.

Thinking back to what Itsuki had said, Ichinose felt a shudder down his spine. Although, Itsuki's strength and what he said were one of the many reasons he chose to follow him, the main one was Itsuki willingness to go against the unseen enemies.

Ichinose always believed that one should use their strength for noble causes and what Itsuki was doing was the epitome of that. He wasn't on a scout for the purposes of assassination, but rather scouting for a possible future recruit.

- Urahara Store -

Itsuki had just closed the doors to his room when three figures appeared, trying to seize him. Seeing this, Itsuki didn't just wait but dodged them, causing them the grab nothing and crash into each other. Taking off his clothes, Itsuki put on an exquisite sky-blue Yukata, with a tiger and dragon emblem on either side.

The three girls ogled Itsuki as he turned around and faced them,

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing, and where were you and why didn't you come for dinner?"

"I was at the Kurosaki Clinic, visiting a friend."

Itsuki sat down while Rangiku came up behind him and gave him a lap pillow. Itsuki had taken off his head band allowing Rangiku to play with his hair. Yoruichi and Soi Fon moved next to him with Yoruichi using his belly as a pillow and Soi Fon using his shoulder.

Yoruichi was the first to speak while Itsuki stroked her hair,

"Since you've arrived, you have barely tried to spend any time with us."

"We were together last night…"

Yoruichi held Itsuki's hand before she started planting kisses.

"You know I don't mean that…"

Soi Fon finished off her sentence while she kissed Itsuki's neck,

"…We want some time alone, each of us."

Feeling the girls heat up, Itsuki relented.

"Okay, fine."

The girls were noticeable happy as clothes started to be stripped,

'I just got changed…'

Itsuki frustrations didn't last long when he saw a confused look in Rangiku's eyes,


"Your former captain."

Clarifying, Rangiku's suspicions Itsuki dragged her down as well with a kiss.

- Ahem -

- Ahem -

- Ahem -

A few hours later, Itsuki once more put on his yukata and left the three sleeping girls with satisfied smiles. He had never stopped thinking about the future since his meeting with Aizen. His future enemies, the repercussions for his actions were all needed to be taken into consideration, hence his current actions. Entering the living room, he saw Urahara fiddling round with a Gigai and proceeded to sit down in front if the table.

Urahara put the gigai down and looked at Itsuki, at his room then back at Itsuki.

"It still astonishes me seeing you go through great lengths in sealing of the room. No noise, and without any of you four's permission, no one else can enter. Anyway, what did you want to talk about?"

Itsuki didn't say anything and looked at Urahara. Urahara knew what Itsuki wanted as a serious expression came onto his face.

"Fine we will change location."

Coming on top of the bridge towers, Itsuki turned to Urahara,

"The soul king."

Hearing these words, Urahara didn't have any sort of change on his expression as he continued to look at Itsuki. Itsuki was unfazed by Urahara's stare, as he continued,

"If something happens to that being, who is your perfect candidate to replace him?"

Although Urahara didn't answer, Itsuki knew the answer. The night was going to be a long night for the two of them.


Author's note

It seems that I have improved on the comedy aspect of this.

As expected of my genius self. I'm not a great author, but I am a great beginner author with sheer talent.

Wait, need to humble myself.

Need to make some advancements in the dao of the trolls.

A certain user gave me a beautiful idea that when I do pull it off, you guys would physically hate me.

But I'll probably forget about doing it, well pray that I do.

Anyway love ya guys, and like always, thanks for the support.


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