Rebirth in Bleach
78 Day out with Yoruichi
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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78 Day out with Yoruichi

The next day, Itsuki was currently waiting at a certain abandoned warehouse when a cat jumped onto his shoulder. Recognising the cat as Yoruichi he started to pet her while she succumbed and rubbed her head on his face, giving a few licks. After a short period of time Yoruichi reluctantly pulled herself away and transformed into her human form. Wearing her clothes, she gave a seductive wink to Itsuki,

"Wanna play tag?"

As soon as she said this, she vanished from where she was currently standing, only to appear behind Itsuki. Giving a peck on his cheek, she once again gave a small smile and left the warehouse.

Itsuki sighed at the antics of Yoruichi before giving a small smile and vanishing from his position. Yoruichi had just jumped over a warehouse when Itsuki appeared right in front of her. Stopping her steps, she gave a helpless smile as Itsuki came next to her and picked her up into a princess carry.

Yoruichi didn't squeal like a little girl but was surprised at his sudden actions. Not giving her a chance to speak, Itsuki just shunpoed away into another direction. Some time later, they arrived next to a mountain in a pair of gigai. Itsuki was wearing an 'All Hail Apples' t-shirt with a picture of an arrogant apple, a pair of ¾ shorts and black boots. A simple get up. Yoruichi wore a short sleeved blue shirt, tucked into a pair of short jeans that went from her belly to the middle of her thighs, highlighting her long legs. She wore a pair of sandals creating the picture of an adventurous yet exotic beauty.

As it was currently spring the sun was basking its radiance in to the earth as Itsuki brought a summer hat for Yoruichi. While Yoruichi had let her hair loose beneath the hat, she had surprised Itsuki with his current hairstyle. Looking at his reflection on a shop window, he saw that he had his normal ponytail but with three Viking like horizontal braids on the left side of his head, ending at the ponytail.

He never expected her to create this sort of hairstyle for him, well, he didn't know that Yoruichi had this sort of skill.


"Do you think they are models?"

"Hey! What are you looking at?"

"N-nothing, wait, what are you looking at?"

The two certainly did attract a considerable amount of attention as they walked hand in hand. Yoruichi was leaning her head on Itsuki's shoulder as they went window shopping through each shop.

They didn't really care for the stares they were receiving as the girls were envious of Yoruichi while the males were envious of Itsuki. They also saw the current Shinigami that was overlooking Karakura town, although they never went to meet him.

After going through most of the shops they entered a café for lunch and a slight rest while hiding away from the blaring sun. Itsuki ordered iced tea while Yoruichi ordered just milk before sitting in front of each other.

"Enjoying it?"

Yoruichi looked at Itsuki's eyes as the latter replied,

"Yes, this was my idea."

Yoruichi looked embarrassed about recommending playing tag all day but collected herself. Itsuki was enjoying his iced tea when he felt something touch his leg. Looking up, Yoruichi was looking at him with a small smile as she drank her milk from a straw. Feeling her leg slowly touch up his, his attention was suddenly attracted by a group of customers who had just entered.

Yoruichi saw Itsuki's attention elsewhere as she also turned around. Also seeing the customers, she looked at Itsuki with a smile that was not a smile.

"Looking at other girls apart from the three of us. I will get jealous."

Yoruichi's leg was dangerously near a certain area as Itsuki tried his best in keeping his stoic façade. Calmly drinking his tea, Itsuki saw that the other party had noticed him but strangely acted like they didn't see him.

A group of teenage girls had just entered the café. One of them was Orihime and the other was Tatsuki. Another was a thin red haired girl that had purple eyes and red framed glasses. Next to her was a tall and slender black haired girl that had a mole under her left eye. A short and petite girl was next to her that had short brown hair with her bangs pulled back by a clip and the last one to enter was a girl with short curly black hair and brown eyes.

Itsuki remembered them as Orihime's friends. Their names were respectively Honsho Chizuru, Kunieda Ryo, Ogawa Michiru and Natsui Mahana.

They both quickly ordered what they wanted at sat near them but in a way that the two lovers couldn't see them. Although they couldn't see them it didn't mean that they couldn't hear them.

"I'm not sure we should be doing this."

"Yeah, Michiru's right, I also think we shouldn't do this."

"No need to talk any further, Tatsuki."

"Ryo is right, I believe everyone here is in one way or another attracted to Minamoto-san. Although it is not exactly love. What do you think, Orihime?"

Mahana turned to Orihime,

"Yes! I'm his cousin and he didn't tell me this."

Orihime still kept the pretence of Itsuki being her cousin as she bit her lower lip. The group of friends tried to listen in on the couple but failed to hear anything.

"Do you hear anything?"


The group stayed like that until Orihime tried to get a glimpse at them,

"They're gone."


"Do you know who the girl was?"

Although Orihime knew it was Yoruichi, she still shook her head. She didn't want them to get involved with the Shinigami side as Yoruichi was completely part of that side.

Itsuki didn't expect how the rest of the day would go. Yoruichi dragged him to a local arcade and challenged him to various games, some he won, while some Yoruichi won. He didn't use his mental abilities as it would be, in a sense, cheating. He let her win some while she won some with her own abilities.

On their way back, an Onmitsukido member appeared kneeling in front of them.

"Captain, the strengthening of the seal would commence tonight."

Itsuki nodded and dismissed the member as Yoruichi's voice was heard.

"What seal?"

"Nothing that requires your attention."

Itsuki kissed her neck and successfully distracted her as the carried on their journey back.

- Unknown location -

A group composing of people dressed in priest clothing and Shinigami we surrounding an altar of some sort. The priests were chanting while the Shinigami looked vigilantly around them. Suddenly, cracks were seen on the altar and priests tried to chant hurriedly, putting more force in their words.

Sweat started pouring down their bald heads as a blinding light and a loud explosion followed. The priests were thrown back while the Shinigami quickly got into the stance. What followed though, was another explosion, killing anyone else that was there.


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