Rebirth in Bleach
79 Day out with Rangiku
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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79 Day out with Rangiku

Itsuki was calmly sleeping when his eyes shot open and looked towards the direction of the explosion. His attention was then drawn by the girls tightening their hug on him as he just smiled and snuggled in.

The next day, Itsuki got up with the girls following. Stretching their lithe bodies, they were quite a sight before Itsuki. Pulling himself away from the temptation, Itsuki washed up and entered the living room where it was already full. Urahara looked at Itsuki,

"You must've heard the commotion last night."

Itsuki nodded as Urahara continued,

"So, I assume you're not planning of getting involved, are you?"

Itsuki shook his head,

"Got a date."

This silenced Urahara while Itsuki continued drinking his given tea. Urahara and Itsuki suddenly felt something and looked towards a direction.

"Well, it seems Soul Society have also heard what's happening and already sent someone."

Itsuki just nodded as he got ready for his date. Sometime later, Rangiku came out dressed in a white one piece and a pair of sandals. Itsuki wore a white polo, a pair of jeans and white black sneakers.

The day went similar to yesterday, went to various shops but instead of just window shopping, Rangiku started buying quite a few things. Knowing this would happen, Itsuki had gotten Urahara to make a certain card that basically made him buy anything. Looking at the card, he decided to look for a plot of land to buy.

Although Itsuki was a normal human in his past life, his desires he had before had slowly waned. Even though some were still present, he wasn't adamant in getting them. So, he hadn't thought of buying a property or a supercar until now. He would rather stay in his own home with his lovers, rather than at Urahara's place.

However, right now, all his mind could handle was Rangiku's shopping. She made him try on various clothes, becoming an eye candy not just for her but other female customers as well. It could be the same for Rangiku as well but Itsuki made sure that there were no males around.

After that tiring experience, Itsuki and Rangiku were seen with their hands full carrying a myriad of bags. Stopping for lunch, they entered a fast food restaurant. A waiter came up to them and couldn't take his eyes off Rangiku when he felt a glare. Itsuki just looked at him with a frown as the waiter started trembling and sweating uncontrollably.

"W-w-what would you l-l-like, sir, m-madam?"

Rangiku didn't notice the man's plight as she was dreamingly staring at Itsuki. After giving their order, Itsuki looked at her,


"I didn't expect that from you?"

Itsuki was visibly confused,

"What do you mean?"

"You quite possessive."

Itsuki looked back at his interactions with the girls and realised he was indeed possessive.

"You won't call me a hypocrite?"

Rangiku gently shook her head,

"I've gotten quite attached to my sisters, so I don't really mind. Although, I did at first wanted you as my own, and wondered 'How it would've been if I told you my feelings earlier?'. But that is all just a 'what if' situation."

Rangiku looked deeply at Itsuki's eyes as she smirked,

"Plus, I feel superior to them due to my assets."

Emphasising on the word 'assets', she finished it off with a flirtatious wink, Rangiku leaned back while a smile appeared on Itsuki's face. Itsuki just opened his mouth when a meek voice was heard,

"Here is one normal cheeseburger and one mega cheeseburger with fries and drink."
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Rangiku looked shocked as she looked closely at the youth,

"You are, a Shinigami?"

"Yes, nice to meet you, Captain Minamoto, Lieutenant Rangiku. I'm Yamada Hanataro from the 4th division. Currently on a secret mission."

"Well, why are you working here?"

"Some events happened and before I knew it, I was working here."

Rangiku nodded as Hanataro was called to the front.

Itsuki took a bite out of his mega cheeseburger before turning to Rangiku. Swallowing the food, he opened his mouth again before being interrupted once more.


The loud shout halted what he was going to say as the commotion in a nearby table died down. The two had noticed Ichigo and his group enter but ignored them. Once the commotion died down, Itsuki opened his mouth again, but was once more interrupted by another loud shout,

"Damn you, Ichigo!"

Itsuki once more closed his mouth but this time with an annoyed expression on his face and his eyebrows slightly twitching. Rangiku had a helpless smile on her face as she turned around,

"Hey, you guys! Can you please shut up; we're trying to talk here!"


Before they could investigate, Hanataro came with their orders. Seeing that no one was going to interrupt them now, Itsuki once again started speaking,


Suddenly, loud explosions interrupted him again. This time, no annoyed expression was seen on his face but rather a calm and calculative look.

'I finally try to start talking more, then why…'

Rangiku was also shocked by the sudden explosion as she vigilantly looked at the presence.

Renji was shooting a normal human gun at the man but proved useless and was injured by a blade shot out by the man. Ichigo entered his Shinigami form and started fighting him but immediately fell back.

The man suddenly appeared behind him and was about to grab Ichigo by his shoulder when a kick landed on his face, sending him flying a few blocks away.

'So, this is what he meant when he said that he increased the specs'

Immediately popping a pill into his mouth, Itsuki emerged from his gigai and disappeared after the rogue Shinigami. The dust cleared from the crater as a middle-aged man appeared. He had grey hair and beard and two red marks on his forehead. His black eyes scanned the vicinity before landing upon Itsuki who had just arrived.

"A captain, huh?"


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