Rebirth in Bleach
80 Baishin
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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80 Baishin

"A captain, huh?"

Itsuki looked at the man in front of him that had blades growing out shoulders,

"You must be Baishin."

Baishin had menacing smirk plastered on his face as his hand morphed into a series of blades and shot a swarm of them at Itsuki. The swarm of blades landed where Itsuki was standing causing an explosion and dust to appear surrounding the area. As the dust cleared, Itsuki had appeared next to Baishin as he started speaking,

"400 years ago, you caused the death of sixty-three seated officers and…"

Baishin was shocked at Itsuki's speed as he jumped away from him. Itsuki didn't mind as he continued,

"…they were able to only seal you after they sent a total of six captains, of which two lost their lives."

Baishin still had his smile but the edge of it was twitching and fear was present in his eyes. Seeing a calm look on Itsuki, Baishin stepped back,

'Where did this monster come from? For now, I need to retreat.'

Various black portals appeared surrounding them and one behind Baishin as he disappeared into it. However, the rest of the black portals saw the emergence of hollows in various sizes. Suddenly, a shout came from behind Itsuki,

"Sit upon the frozen heavens, Hyorinmaru!"

Following that, a gigantic eastern ice dragon made his way crushing all the surrounding hollows. Landing next to Itsuki, Toshiro looked at his fellow captain,

"Where's Baishin?"


"Escaped?! From you?!"

"He used some weird teleportation ability."

Itsuki turned around and disappeared, leaving Toshiro with a disbelieving look. Back when Ichigo invaded soul society, Itsuki was able to hold Yamamoto back by himself. Although, most of the captains weren't there to witness it, they felt the influx of reiatsu and strength behind each of their blows.

Toshiro himself didn't even know if he could defeat Itsuki if the situation called for it. He didn't know how many captains it would take just to take him down. So, for someone to escape under his eyes, said a lot of the opponent's strength. It wasn't that Itsuki was weak, it was just that Baishin had the skill to evade Itsuki.

Itsuki didn't care as to what Toshiro was thinking, after calling and sending Seikyo somewhere, he was currently making his way to where Baishin was previously sealed. He had allowed Baishin to escape before because he wanted to know how he had merged with his zanpakuto. Apart from him, only two people were known to have merged with their zanpakuto, Ichigo and Aizen. He wanted to know the process so he could find a way to quicken the assimilation of the hollow and the Sokyoku. Currently, only about 50% of the Hollow was fully absorbed and 40% of the Sokyoku. Still, both of this had a tremendous boost to his overall reiatsu, and he was able to control his hollow powers better. His regeneration had increased, using less reiatsu to active at a faster speed and his Hierro had gotten tougher.

In a ruined temple, Baishin had just appeared from the portal as he sighed,

"Where did that monster come from? Has the capabilities of the Gotei 13 increased?"

"Calling me a monster, how mean."

Not expecting someone here, Baishin turned around only to see an apathetic Itsuki standing there.


Meanwhile, Itsuki thought,

'Should not have said that, doesn't fit me at all.'

Baishin was shocked and once more tried to escape, but this time he felt a sudden pain on his waist and was sent flying into a pile of rubble. Feeling a sense of déjà vu, Baishin got up only to try escaping once more by opening another black portal. What destroyed his hopes was what Itsuki said next,

"Bakudo #79, Kuyo Shibari."

Nine black holes appeared with eight surrounding Baishin and one on his chest, completely immobilising him. Baishin was shocked with being suddenly incapacitated by such a powerful kido. He tried to break free by releasing all his reiatsu at once, but it proved to be useless. Slowly, turning his head, sweat rained down his face as his flabbergasted eyes displayed what he thought of the absurdity of the current situation.

He was someone who had pride in his strength. Looking at Itsuki, he shouted,

"How?! Y-you haven't even released your seal! You can only use a small portion of your strength!..."

By the end of it he was shouting his lungs out. Itsuki couldn't be bothered with him as slowly moved next to him and unsheathed Ryurai. Turning on his mystic eyes, he coldly looked at Baishin. Sensing a change in the atmosphere, Baishin looked up and accidently glanced at Itsuki's eyes. That one glance caused him to lose the last of his courage as he started trembling in fear.

Itsuki didn't care and just brought his sword up to his neck,

"Now, normally I have two options, either I kill you…"

Hearing this Baishin had no doubt that the monster in front of him was capable of doing that, no matter how hard his physical defence was.

"…or I seal you again. However, you wouldn't want for me to do the latter would you."

A small strand of hope appeared within Baishin when he heard this. Itsuki continued,

"You attacked Ichigo to absorb his reiatsu…"

Hearing this Baishin nodded,

"…most likely to use his reiatsu to cause an explosion, separating you and your zanpakuto, even at the cost of your own death."

Baishin was shocked to hear the unknown captain expose his plan as a bitter smile appeared on his face. He had somehow merged with his zanpakuto to further his swordsmanship only to end up in an uncontrollable rampage, killing his fellow brothers in arms. He didn't want this, he just wanted to split apart from his zanpakuto and get away from this curse.

Itsuki looked at the unfortunate man as a small smile appeared,

"Now, if I kill you now, you would naturally split apart from your zanpakuto. But I can also do that without killing you…"

Baishin eyes widened once more in surprise because no matter what he did, he wasn't able to reverse the effects of merging with his zanpakuto. Itsuki continued,

"…that, however, is your choice. Would you rather die like a coward or remain alive and atone for your crimes?"

This sent Baishin's head into disarray for a short moment. Itsuki didn't rush him and waited for his answer. A gust of wind flew by as Seikyo landed on Itsuki's shoulder and also looked at Baishin. A short while later, Baishin looked up with a determined expression,

"I'll choose the second option, but I don't think soul society would take me back."

Hearing this, a small smile appeared on Itsuki's face that sent a small chill across Baishin's body,

"Who said anything of returning to soul society."


Itsuki didn't listen to Baishin's protests as he sent a strike across Baishin's body. Baishin lost consciousness while a katana materialised beside him. Looking at the two, Itsuki called out,

"Ichinose, take him and fill him in the details."

With a warp of light, Baishin and his sword disappeared. Itsuki had sent Seikyo off to retrieve Ichinose Maki. Giving Seikyo a pat in the head, he then sent her off to observe another target. After sending everyone off Itsuki rubbed his throat as he thought to himself,

'The amount I have to talk just to recruit someone. Luckily, I told Ichinose to fill him in the details, otherwise…'

Itsuki's thoughts was then interrupted with a shout,


Turning around he saw Soi Fon appear alongside various members of the Onmitsukido. Each one of them had incomparable respect when looking at Itsuki. Itsuki nodded before ordering,

"Report to soul society that the situation has been dealt with. Baishin is dead."


With a shout the two of the members disappeared to tell anyone that was currently in the living world, while another took out a device to report to Soul Society. Itsuki then looked at Soi Fon and nodded at her, he needed to return to his date with Rangiku.

- Unknown Location -

A groan left a man currently lying on a makeshift futon. Opening his eyes, Baishin felt the loss of weight on his shoulders as he hurriedly tried to feel his shoulders. Noticing the absence of the blades, a joyful smile plastered his face before turning into a frown as he remembered what Itsuki said last.

'What does he mean by not returning to soul society.'

Although Baishin felt grateful to Itsuki, he didn't know that he wouldn't be returning to soul society. Baishin then looked around and noticed that he was in a small room of sort. There was a small kitchen next to a door, another set of doors leading to a bedroom and one more leading to a toilet. He could tell this because they were all slightly opened.

Suddenly he heard the sound of doors opening and a stoic voice directed at him,

"Oh, you're awake."

Looking up, he saw a man enter wearing strange clothing.

'That seems to be what people are wearing nowadays.'

As this thought flashed through his head, Ichinose continued,

"Itsuki-Sama, told me to debrief you."

Although Baishin wanted to escape, his fear of Itsuki and his curiosity got the better of him.

'Why would someone with that calibre of strength, save me and keep it a secret.'

"What do you think it was like before Soul Society existed."

Baishin looked visibly confused at this question,

"What do you mean? There was nothing, soul society came into existence with the birth of the soul king."

Ichinose shook his head,

"Indeed, that is what's written on the history books. However, this explanation is far from the truth, it is the lies they've been feeding us…"

Baishin had a premonition that what he was about to hear would change his worldview, and indeed, Ichinose didn't disappoint.
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"…What if I told you that the Soul King wasn't born, or an experiment conducted by soul society to regulate the flow of souls. What if it was a living sentient being that was neither dead or alive, form a world before the existence of Soul Society. A man whose limbs were amputated and left there for millions of years just to fulfil his purpose and one man's desire to create the perfect world in his view."

Baishin thought that he would have enough shocks for one day, but he knew that more were still to come.


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